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Fuel Pumps, 1974, VCPV01P01_18Fuel Pumps, 1974, VCPV01P01_19San Miguel, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_08.0564San Miguel, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_09San Miguel, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_10.0564San Miguel, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_11San Miguel, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_12San Miguel, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_13San Miguel, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_14.0564Bodie Ghost Town, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_15Bodie Ghost Town, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_16Bodie Ghost Town, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_17Bodie Ghost Town, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_18Bodie Ghost Town, Fuel Pumps, decay, VCPV01P02_19.0564Car, Automobile, Vehicle, 1979, 1970s, VCPV01P03_02Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P03_03Gas Prices, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P03_04Gas Prices, Chevron Gas Station, VCPV01P03_05Gaw Pumps, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Three Wheeler, Bijaj, VCPV01P03_06.0564Mobil flying horses, building, house, snow, Mobilgas, VCPV01P03_07Volkswagen, Bug, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P03_08summer, Manhattan, VCPV01P03_09New York City, VCPV01P03_10VCPV01P03_11.0564VCPV01P03_12.0564VCPV01P03_13VCPV01P03_141985 Toyota Camry, Car, Vehicle, Automobile, Benton, 1980s, VCPV01P03_15Grand Junction, VCPV01P03_161989, VCPV01P03_17Gulf Extra Kick no-nox, VCPV01P03_18Narita, VCPV01P03_19near Seoul, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, 1990, VCPV01P04_01Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P04_05VCPV01P04_06VCPV01P04_07VCPV01P04_08VCPV01P04_09Pickup Truck, VCPV01P04_10VCPV01P04_11Sinclair Gas Station, Pumps, Building, Dodge Car, 1950s, VCPV01P04_12LED lights, Pump Price, VCPV01P04_13.0564LED lights, Pump Price, VCPV01P04_13B.0564LED lights, Pump Price, VCPV01P04_14LED lights, Pump Price, VCPV01P04_15VCPV01P04_16near Mount Angel, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P04_17near Mount Angel, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P04_18Gas Pump, Gasoline, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, near Sergiev Posad (Zagorsk), Russia, VCPV01P05_01.0564near Sergiev Posad (Zagorsk), Russia, VCPV01P05_02.0564pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_03pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_04pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_05pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_06.0564pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_07.0564pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_08pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_09.0564pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_10pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_11pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_12pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_13pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_14pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_15pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_16.0564pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_17pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P05_18.0564pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle in Moscow, VCPV01P05_19.0564Gas Station in Judea, VCPV01P06_04Judea, VCPV01P06_05Citgo, traffic signal light, Gas Prices, VCPV01P06_06Gas Prices, VCPV01P06_07Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Gas Line in Moscow, 1992, VCPV01P06_09Gas Pump, Bodie Ghost Town, VCPV01P06_16.0564LCD Price, Pump, VCPV01P06_17Pump Prices, VCPV01P06_18.0564Pump Prices, VCPV01P06_19pumping gas, VCPV01P07_01.0564pumping gas, VCPV01P07_02pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_03pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_04.0564pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_05pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_06pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_07pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_08pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_09pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_10pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_11pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_12pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_13pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_14pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_15.0564pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_16pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_17pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_18pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P07_19.0564pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P08_01Hand pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P08_02.0564pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Gas Filler, VCPV01P08_03Number Input Pad, Credit Card, hand, VCPV01P08_04Number Input Pad, Credit Card, finger, VCPV01P08_05Number Input Pad, Credit Card, finger, VCPV01P08_06Number Input Pad, VCPV01P08_07Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_08Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_09Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_10Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_11Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_12Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_13BP British Petroleum, Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_14BP British Petroleum, Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_15BP British Petroleum, Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_16BP British Petroleum, Gas Prices, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P08_17BP British Petroleum, Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_18BP British Petroleum, Gas Prices, VCPV01P08_19BP British Petroleum, Gas Prices, VCPV01P09_01BP British Petroleum, gas pump and Persons Arm, VCPV01P09_02BP British Petroleum, gas pump Nozzle, VCPV01P09_03.0564Price Gauge, LCD, gas pump, VCPV01P09_04Price Gauge, LCD, gas pump, VCPV01P09_05Pump Prices, Gauge, LCD, gas pump, VCPV01P09_06Number Pad, gas pump, VCPV01P09_07Cow Shaped Pump, Belmont, Vermont, VCPV01P09_08.0564Belmont, Vermont, gas pump, VCPV01P09_08B.0564Arles, gas pump, VCPV01P09_09Airport, Toronto, gas pump, VCPV01P09_10gas pump, VCPV01P09_11gas pump, VCPV01P09_12gas pump, VCPV01P09_13gas pump, VCPV01P09_14Mobil Flying Horse, Pegasus, Mobilgas, VCPV01P09_15Mobil Flying Horse, Pegasus, Mobilgas, VCPV01P09_16Van, Gas Station, PCH, Pacific Coast Highway 1, Bodega Bay, VCPV01P09_17Sinclair, Kingman, VCPV01P09_18Sinclair, Kingman, Mohave County, VCPV01P09_19Sinclair, Kingman, Gas Prices, VCPV01P10_01Tanker Truck, Hose, Nozzle, Filling underground fuel tanks, VCPV01P10_02Tanker Truck, Hose, Nozzle, Filling underground fuel tanks, VCPV01P10_03Tanker Truck, Hose, Nozzle, Filling underground fuel tanks, VCPV01P10_04Tanker Truck, Hose, Nozzle, Filling underground fuel tanks, VCPV01P10_05Tanker Truck, Hose, Nozzle, Filling underground fuel tanks, VCPV01P10_06.0564Tanker Truck, Hose, Nozzle, Filling underground fuel tanks, VCPV01P10_06B.0564Tanker Truck, Hose, Nozzle, Filling the underground tanks, VCPV01P10_07Tanker Truck, Hose, Nozzle, Filling underground fuel tanks, VCPV01P10_08.0564Hose Filling underground tanks, VCPV01P10_10Man Filling underground fuel tanks, Hose, Tanker Truck, VCPV01P10_11Filling underground fuel tanks, Nozzle, Cap, VCPV01P10_12.0564Flying A Gasoline, Broken Down Gas Pump, VCPV01P10_13Highway-89, Gray Mountain, Gas Pumps, VCPV01P10_17Highway-89, Gray Mountain, VCPV01P10_19Shell Gas Station Prices, Gas Prices, VCPV01P11_01Shell Gas Station, Building, Flower Garden, Gas Prices, VCPV01P11_02Shell Gas Station, VCPV01P11_03pumping gas, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P11_04Sorry Pump OUt of Order bag, Morgan Hill, VCPV01P11_05Sorry Pump OUt of Order bag, Morgan Hill, VCPV01P11_06Morgan Hill, VCPV01P11_07Chevron, VCPV01P11_08Gas Dispenser, VCPV01P11_09near Phoenix, VCPV01P11_10Chevron Gas Station, VCPV01P11_11VCPV01P11_12Premium Unleaded Gas Pump, VCPV01P11_13Inspection Seal, VCPV01P11_14Chevrolet Belair, VCPV01P11_15Gas Pump, VCPV01P11_16Gas Pump, VCPV01P11_17Gas Pump, 1994, VCPV01P11_18Gas Pump, VCPV01P11_19Gas Prices, VCPV01P12_01Gas Prices, VCPV01P12_02SpeedMart, VCPV01P12_03Gas Prices Signage, VCPV01P12_04VCPV01P12_05Exxon, put a tiger in your tank, VCPV01P12_11Esso, Gas Pumps, VCPV01P12_12Esso Gas Pumps, VCPV01P12_13Exxon, put a tiger in your tank, Smiling Tiger, VCPV01P12_14Exxon, put a tiger in your tank, Smiles, VCPV01P12_15Exxon, put a tiger in your tank, VCPV01P12_16Exxon, put a tiger in your tank, VCPV01P12_17Chinese Camp Store, Gas Pumps, prices, VCPV01P12_18Florence, VCPV01P12_191964 Ford Thunderbird, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Seligman, 1960s, VCPV01P13_01Gas Pump, Texaco, Seligman, VCPV01P13_02Grease Drums, Seligman, VCPV01P13_03Old rusting gas pump, VCPV01P13_04Old rusting gas pump, VCPV01P13_05Night, nighttime, evening, VCPV01P13_15Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P13_16Shell Gas Station, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P13_17Shell Gas Station, VCPV01P13_18Shell Gas Station, Goyas, VCPV01P13_19Shell Gas Station, VCPV01P14_01Shell Gas Station, VCPV01P14_02Shell Gas Station Price Sign, VCPV01P14_03Shell Gas Station, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P14_04Texaco, VCPV01P14_05Pecos, VCPV01P14_06Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_07Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_07BWGas Pump, VCPV01P14_08Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_08BWGas Pump, VCPV01P14_09MTBE, Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_09BWMTBE, Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_10MTBE, Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_10BWMTBE, Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_11MTBE, Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_11BWMTBE, Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_12MTBE, Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_12BWMTBE, Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_13MTBE, Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_13BWMTBE, Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_14Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_14BWGas Pump, VCPV01P14_15Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_15BWGas Pump, VCPV01P14_16Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_16BWGas Pump, VCPV01P14_17Gas Pump, VCPV01P14_17BWCoca Cola, Soft Drink Machines, Flags, Building, Gas Station, VCPV01P14_18Soft Drink Machines, Flags, Building, Gas Station, VCPV01P14_19Free Compressed Air, Mount Shasta, VCPV01P15_01Free Compressed Air, Mount Shasta, VCPV01P15_021996, Toyota Camry, Mount Shasta, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV01P15_03Mount Shasta, VCPV01P15_04Rolo Tech, Garage Door, sidewalk, VCPV01P15_05Yerevan, Armenia, VCPV01P15_06Oil Cleaning Service Station, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Tbilisi, VCPV01P15_07Electric Vehicle Charging station, VCPV01P15_08Electric Vehicle Charging station, VCPV01P15_09Electric Vehicle Charging station Charger Pod, VCPV01P15_10Charger Pods at an Electric Vehicle Charging station, VCPV01P15_11Chargers at an Electric Vehicle Charging station, VCPV01P15_12Electric Vehicle Charging station, Pod Point, VCPV01P15_13Electric Vehicle Charging station, Pod Point, VCPV01P15_14Cerro Nordst Road, Kern County, VCPV01P15_15Gas Station Building, Cerro Nordst Road, Kern County, VCPV01P15_16near Nippomo, VCPV01P15_17Hydrogen Powered Car, VCPV01P15_18Hydrogen Powered Car, VCPV01P15_19Hydrogen Powered Car, fueling receptacle, VCPV02P01_01propane, exchange, Compressed Gas, VCPV02P01_02propane, exchange, Compressed Gas, VCPV02P01_03propane, exchange, Compressed Gas, VCPV02P01_04Shell Gas Station, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV02P01_05Citgo, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV02P01_06Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Travel Lodge, November 1972, 1970s, VCPV01P01_05Harrison and 8th streets, Refueling Truck, Fueling, VCPV02P01_10Wellington, NZ, VCPV02P01_11Wellington, NZ, McDonalds, Junk Food, VCPV02P01_12Narita, Jomo, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV02P01_13Gulf Oil, Car, Vehicle, Automobile, May 1968, 1960s, VCPV01P01_12Gulf Oil, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Chevy Impala, May 1968, 1960s, VCPV01P01_13Sinclair, Car, Vehicle, Automobile, autumn, Maryland, May 1959, 1950s, VCPV01P01_14OEBI, CALTEX, Kamakura, May 1959, 1950s, VCPV01P01_15elf, Car, Vehicle, Automobile, July 1968, 1960s, VCPV01P01_16Esso, Here's that Tiger, September 1965, 1960s, VCPV01P01_171961 Cadillac, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, 1960s, VCPV01P13_061961 Cadillac, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, 1960s, VCPV01P13_07VCPV01P13_08Superman, Blues Brothers Dancing, Clock, VCPV01P13_09Superman, Blues Brothers Dancing, Clock, VCPV01P13_10Superman, Blues Brothers Dancing, Clock, VCPV01P13_11Blues Brothers Dancing, VCPV01P13_12Blues Brothers Dancing Statues, VCPV01P13_13Atlantic Gas Station, West Virginia, 1950s, VCPV01P01_09Atlantic Gas Station, West Virginia, 1950s, VCPV01P01_10Atlantic Gas Station, Garage, Pumps, building, Pickup Truck, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, May 1961, 1960s, VCPV01P01_11Enco, Car, Automobile, June 1970, 1970s, VCPV01P02_01Citgo, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Hurricane Francis, Del Rey Beach, VCPV02P01_14Citgo, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Hurricane Francis, Del Rey Beach, VCPV02P01_15Enjoy your drive, Mobilgas, Mobil, Hurricane Francis, Boyton Beach, VCPV02P01_16Hurricane Francis, Boyton Beach, VCPV02P01_17Hurricane Francis, Boyton Beach, VCPV02P01_18Hurricane Francis, Boyton Beach, VCPV02P01_19Lafayette Louisiana, VCPD01_001Dead Gas Pump, decay, VCPD01_002Dead Gas Pump, decay, VCPD01_003Dead Gas Pump, decay, VCPD01_004XP-9, Gulf Oil, Dead Gas Pump, decay, VCPD01_005Dead Gas Pump, decay, VCPD01_006Dead Gas Pump, decay, VCPD01_007Dead Gas Pump, decay, VCPD01_008VCPD01_009Union 76 Gas Station, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, 1960s, VCPV01P01_04VCPV01P01_06Chevron Gas Pump, VCPV01P01_07Shell Gas Station Pumps, VCPV01P01_08Highway-89, Gray Mountain, Thrift Way Gas Pumps, VCPV01P10_18Chevron, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VCPV02P01_07Halloween Pumpkin, VCPV02P01_08Nozzle into Tank, VCPV02P01_09Gas Pump, Crawford Texas, VCPV02P02_01Gas Pump, Crawford Texas, VCPV02P02_02Gas Pump, Crawford Texas, VCPV02P02_03Gas Pump, Crawford Texas, VCPV02P02_04Gas Pump, Crawford Texas, VCPV02P02_05Standard Stations Inc., boat motif building, art deco, art-deco, 1950s, VCPV02P02_06Union 76, Minute Man Service, Gas Pumps, January 1966, 1960s, VCPV01P01_01
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