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If at any time you believe that Photovault has not followed the above policy, please email us.

Our mission at Photovault is to provide the highest quality images possible at a reasonable price and to see you get the image you want.

You have the right to be completely satisfied and we will work with you to see that you get what you paid for. Please email customer service to discuss the situation with a technical representative.

Q. What if I receive the wrong image or the image is technically not what I expected (ie. more green than I expected, not as colorful, etc.?)

A. If for any technical reason you are not completely satisfied with the image you have received or in the case that you have received the wrong image, Photovault will gladly replace the image.

Please let us know within forty-eight hours of receiving the image and we will fix the problem as quickly as possible by readjusting the image(s) to your specifications. If you have received the wrong image(s), we will re-send the image(s) you should have received, within twenty-four hours.

You will be given credit for each image in question and may choose another; no cash refunds will be granted, nor will Photovault replace any image(s) for reasons other than technical in nature.

Image(s) must be replaced simultaneous to their return, no return of images will credit the existing PhotoPoints package balance once deducted.