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Moscow, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VBSPCD2930_028Moscow, head-on, VBSPCD2930_028BMoscow, VBSPCD2930_028CMoscow, VBSPCD2930_028DBus Stop, VBSPCD3306_013New York City, VBSV01P01_03level F traffic, Lombard Street, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VBSV01P01_04.0562803 GG Transit, VBSV01P01_05VBSV01P01_06.0562VBSV01P01_06B.0562Somalia, VBSV01P01_07Mogadishu, Somalia, VBSV01P01_08Mogadishu, Somalia, VBSV01P01_08.0562double decker, VBSV01P01_09double decker, VBSV01P01_09.0562double decker head-on, VBSV01P01_09B.0562Munich, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, 1981, 1980s, VBSV01P01_11.0562Moscow, VBSV01P01_12.0562Moscow, VBSV01P01_12B.0562the Kremlin, Moscow, VBSV01P01_13.0562Moscow, VBSV01P01_14.0562Communist Banner, Worker, Moscow, VBSV01P01_14B.0562Hong Kong, 1982, 1980s, VBSV01P01_17Double-decker Bus, Tunnel, Hong Kong, 1982, 1980s, VBSV01P01_19Double-decker Bus, Hong Kong, 1982, 1980s, VBSV01P02_01Passengers boarding a Bus, Crowds, Atianza, 1950s, VBSV01P02_02Bus Stop, Bus Shelter, VBSV01P02_08Bus Stop, Bus Shelter, VBSV01P02_09Rideo Bus, Livermore, California, VBSV01P02_12Row of Buses, AC Transit, 1983, 1980s, VBSV01P02_13Bus Stop, Bus Shelter, VBSV01P02_19Mumbai, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VBSV01P03_06.0562Mercedes Benz Bus, VBSV01P03_09.0562Paris, VBSV01P03_12Paris, VBSV01P03_12.0562Paris, VBSV01P03_12Bdouble decker, VBSV01P06_14.0562double decker, VBSV01P06_14B.0562Tete, VBSV01P03_16.0562Tete, VBSV01P03_16B.0562Interstate Highway I-10, Cars, Automobiles, Vehicle, VBSV01P03_19Pleasanton, VBSV01P04_09Pleasanton, VBSV01P04_10Pleasanton, VBSV01P05_05BART Bus, VBSV01P05_19Hacienda Business Park Bus, VBSV01P06_03Pleasanton, VBSV01P06_09Bishop Ranch, San Ramon, VBSV01P06_10Washington DC Metro Bus, VBSV01P06_13Double Decker, London, VBSV01P06_17.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P06_19.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P06_19B.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_01Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_06.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_06B.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_11Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_11.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_11B.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_13Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_15Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_17Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_18.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P07_18B.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P08_01.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P08_04Double Decker, London, VBSV01P08_04.0562Double Decker, crescent building, arc, London, VBSV01P08_05.0562Double Decker, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, London, VBSV01P08_06.0562Double Decker, London, VBSV01P08_06B.0562Double Decker, Westminster Shopping Center, building, cars, London, VBSV01P08_07.0562Groupe Cityrama, 1959 Citroen U55 Cityrama Currus, Paris, Hyperfuturistic Double-decker, curved wrap around glass windows, December 1962, 1960s, VBSV01P08_08Groupe Cityrama, Citroen U55 Cityrama Currus, Paris, Hyperfuturistic Double-decker, curved wrap around glass windows, December 1962, 1960s, VBSV01P08_08BMAN Diesel, Switzerland Bus, VBSV01P08_09Bombardier B Series Snowmobile, Bombardier B-12, Snow Track, Columbia Ice Glacier, Canada, Tour, off-road locomotion, 1950s, VBSV01P08_11Bombardier B Series Snowmobile, Bombardier B-12, Snow Track, Snowcoach, Columbia Ice Glacier, Icefields, Canada, Tour, off-road locomotion, VBSV01P08_16.0168Yellow Bombardier B12 Snow Track, 520, Snowcoach, Columbia Icefields Snowmobile Tours, Glacier, Canada, Tour, rectangular windows, off-road locomotion, VBSV01P08_16B.0168VBSV01P08_17VBSV01P08_17BNeoplan, Shuttle bus, VBSV01P08_19GMC Bus, VBSV01P09_12Waiting Passengers, Line-up, Neoplan, Shuttle bus, VBSV01P09_13Boarding Passengers, Neoplan, Shuttle bus, VBSV01P09_14Neoplan, Shuttle bus, Bus Stop, VBSV01P09_16Waiting Passengers, Neoplan, Shuttle bus, VBSV01P09_19Neoplan, Shuttle bus, VBSV01P10_05Boarding Passengers, Shuttle Bus, Neoplan N 216 H Jetliner-Coach, Shuttle bus, VBSV01P10_07GMC bus, 156, Puerto Vallarta, VBSV01P11_01.0562GMC bus, 156, Puerto Vallarta, VBSV01P11_01B.0562VBSV01P11_02.0562Jitney, colorful, artistic vehicle from the Philippines, VBSV01P11_09.0168MUNI bus, VBSV01P11_10Samtrans, 1648, Highway 101, Potrero Hill, VBSV01P11_12.0562Golden Gate Transit, VBSV01P11_18Atacama Desert, VBSV01P12_01.0562VBSV01P12_09VBSV01P12_12.0562Doubledecker bus, VBSV01P12_13VBSV01P12_14MASA Bus, Cancun, Mexico, VBSV01P12_16.0563MASA Bus, Cancun, Mexico, VBSV01P12_17Isla Mujeres, VBSV01P13_04Isla Mujeres, VBSV01P13_06Articulated Bus, Orlando, VBSV01P13_13Airport Transport, VBSV01P13_14Airport Transport, VBSV01P13_15.056347 Van Ness, MUNI, 5307, Electric Trolleybus, bus, VBSV01P13_16Ford Bus, Tijuana, Colonia Flores Magone, VBSV01P13_17Ford Bus, Tijuana, Colonia Flores Magone, VBSV01P13_18.0563Ford Bus, Tijuana, VBSV01P13_19.05638318, Downtown Los Angeles, VBSV01P14_07MCI bus, Orange Belt Stages, El Dorado County, California, VBSV01P14_10.05634859, VBSV01P14_11.0563Trolley, Statue, VBSV01P14_12VBSV01P14_13.0563VBSV01P14_14.0563Marin Airporter, MCI Bus, Calistoga, Napa County, VBSV01P14_19Americoach, Old Embarcadero Freeway, 1989, 1980s, VBSV01P15_04Cablecar Bus, VBSV01P15_06Cablecar Bus, VBSV01P15_06.0563Golden Gate Transit bus, VBSV01P15_08.0563Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary, VBSV01P15_11Bombardier B12 Snow Track, Half-track, Snowmobile, Columbia Ice Glacier, Icefields, Canada, Tour, off-road locomotion, VBSV01P15_12Bombardier B12 Snow Track, Half-track, Tour, off-road locomotion, Columbia Ice Glacier, Icefields, Canada, VBSV01P15_12.0168Tour, off-road locomotion, snow coach, Columbia Ice Glacier, Icefields, Canada, VBSV01P15_13.0563Columbia Ice Glacier, Icefields, Canada, Tour, off-road locomotion, snow coach, VBSV01P15_14.0563Columbia Ice Glacier, Icefields, Canada, Tour, off-road locomotion, snow coach, VBSV01P15_14B.0563Columbia Ice Glacier, Icefields, Canada, Tour, off-road locomotion, snow coach, VBSV01P15_15Ord Mountains, Highway, road, California, VBSV01P15_16Trolley-1, 785, VBSV01P15_19.0563Ford Schoolbus, VBSV02P01_03.0563MUNI, VBSV02P01_04MUNI, VBSV02P01_04.0563Van Minibus, VBSV02P01_07Van Minibus, VBSV02P01_08VBSV02P01_09VBSV02P01_10Santa Rita Union School District, VBSV02P01_11Santa Rita Union School District, VBSV02P01_11BDina Bus, Highway-1, Sierra de la Laguna, Baja California Sur, VBSV02P01_13VBSV02P01_14CTA, sightseeing bus, intersection, cars, taxi, crosswalk, VBSV02P01_15CTA, crosswalk, looking down, VBSV02P01_17CTA, crosswalk, looking down, VBSV02P01_18.0144CTA, crosswalk, looking down, VBSV02P01_18B.0144GMC Bus, cars, intersection, busy Downtown, CTA, VBSV02P01_19GMC Van, Sacramento River, California, VBSV02P02_03GMC Van, Sacramento River, California, VBSV02P02_04.0563MUNI, Boys Hitching a Ride, VBSV02P02_08.0563MUNI, Boys Hitching a Ride, VBSV02P02_08B.0563Overloaded Truck, people, street, highway, Bayad Taluka, Gujarat, VBSV02P02_10Overloaded Truck, people, street, highway, Bayad Taluka, Gujarat, VBSV02P02_10Bscarf in the wind, Bayad Taluka, Gujarat, VBSV02P02_11Kathmandu Valley, Araniko Highway, VBSV02P02_13Araniko Highway, road, roadway, VBSV02P02_15Detroit, VBSV02P02_16Snow Chains, Yosemite, VBSV02P02_17VBSV02P02_19.0563Double Decker, VBSV02P03_07Las Vegas Shuttle, VBSV02P03_10.0563VBSV02P03_15VBSV02P03_17San Bernardino, VBSV02P04_02.0563VBSV02P04_03Model 706, White Motor Company, Red Jammers, Glacier National Park, Montana, VBSV02P04_06.0144Model 706, White Motor Company, Red Jammers, Glacier National Park, Montana, 1950s, VBSV02P04_06B.0144Model 706, White Motor Company, Red Jammers, Glacier National Park, Montana, VBSV02P04_07buses in Kamakura, Interior, Inside, passengers, VBSV02P04_10buses in Kamakura, Interior, Inside, passengers, VBSV02P04_11.0563buses in Kamakura, Interior, Inside, passengers, VBSV02P04_12.0563buses in Kamakura, Interior, Inside, passengers, VBSV02P04_14Road up to Mount Fuji, VBSV02P04_18.0563Bus, San Feliue, Costa Brava, Spain, VBSV02P05_01Overhead electric cables, sunset, VBSV02P05_03Overhead electric cables, sunset, VBSV02P05_03.0563Overhead electric cables, sunset, VBSV02P05_04.05635147, MUNI, 1 California, VBSV02P05_06overloaded bus in Hati, VBSV02P05_07.0563VBSV02P05_11VBSV02P05_12.0563Miniature Train, Parking Shuttle, Key West, Florida, VBSV02P05_15TWA Bus, VBSV02P05_17Road of the Streamliners, General Motors motorcoach, Union Pacific, art deco, art-deco, VBSV02P05_18General Motors motorcoach, Union Pacific, Road of the Streamliners, art deco, art-deco, VBSV02P05_19General Motors motorcoach, Union Pacific, Road of the Streamliners, art deco, art-deco, VBSV02P06_02Yosemite Bound bus, VBSV02P06_03Bus in La Habana, VBSV02P06_05inside a bus, seats, passengers, people, VBSV02P06_06Bus over the Moscow River, VBSV02P06_07.0563Articulated Bus, VBSV02P06_08Bus over the Moscow River, VBSV02P06_09.0563Articulated Bus, 3604, VBSV02P06_10Articulated Bus, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VBSV02P06_11VBSV02P06_12VBSV02P06_13.0563Electric Trolleybus, Kremlin Kup, 1991, VBSV02P06_155519, Full Bus, Articulated Bus, VBSV02P06_17.0563smokey bus, highway, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Fiat 124, exhaust pollution, smoke, VBSV02P07_01VBSV02P07_03VBSV02P07_04.0563VBSV02P07_05Woman, Window, bus, VBSV02P07_06VBSV02P07_08Articulated Bus, VBSV02P07_09Electric Trolleybus, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VBSV02P07_10Brno, VBSV02P07_13.0563Jitney, Ende Flores, VBSV02P07_14VBSV02P07_16Pusan, South Korea, VBSV02P07_17VBSV02P07_18.0563Jitney, artistic vehicle, Ermita, Manila, 1989, 1980s, VBSV02P07_19.0168schoolbus head-on, Highway 118, Texas, VBSV02P08_01.0563Ben Gurion Airport, 1993, VBSV02P08_02Bus Stop, VBSV02P08_03Bus on the Highway, Chugach Mountains, forest, highway-4, VBSV02P08_04VBSV02P08_05Highway-28, North Carolina, VBSV02P08_06Highway-15, Kentucky, VBSV02P08_07north of Alamogordo, bus head-on, General Motors Bus, VBSV02P08_10Highway-54 north of Alamogordo, Velma-Wayne, General Motors Bus, VBSV02P08_10.0563northern New Mexico, VBSV02P08_14bus head-on, Monument Valley, road, highway, geologic feature, butte, VBSV02P08_16Monument Valley, road, highway, geologic feature, butte, VBSV02P08_17Monument Valley, road, highway, geologic feature, butte, VBSV02P08_17BMonument Valley, road, highway, VBSV02P08_19.0563School Bus, Kayenta, northern Arizona, VBSV02P09_01northern Arizona, School Bus, Kayenta, VBSV02P09_01Bnorthern Arizona, VBSV02P09_05Guatemala, International Bus head-on, VBSV02P09_06.0563crowds, VBSV02P09_07.0563VBSV02P09_08streaking bus, speed, VBSV02P09_09VBSV02P09_11.0563VBSV02P09_15winter, Manhattan, VBSV02P09_16Football Game buses, Candelstick Park, VBSV02P09_18Kennedy Space Center, VBSV02P10_03.0563Kennedy Space Center, VBSV02P10_04Traffic Jam, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, VBSV02P10_08Sierra Trailways, Interstate Highway I-80, Sierra-Nevada Mountains, California, VBSV02P10_11Line 115, Playa Del Rey, 2594, VBSV02P10_12Tepoztlan, head-on, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Morelos, Mexico, VBSV02P10_13overcrowded truck, people, furniture, VBSV02P10_16.0563overcrowded truck, people, furniture, VBSV02P10_16B.0563MASA - Somex Bus, head-on, Highway 125, VBSV02P10_17.0563MASA - Somex Bus, head-on, Highway 125, VBSV02P10_17B.0563MASA - Somex Bus, head-on, Highway 125, VBSV02P10_17BOvercrowded, People, Puerto Angel, VBSV02P10_19Matapalo, Highway, road, dust, Highway-12, VBSV02P11_0129 Sunset, MUNI, 4559, VBSV02P11_02Bus Stop, Poster, Pleasure in Pain, VBSV02P11_03Road, Kingston, Ontario, VBSV02P11_05Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge, steel truss cantilever bridge, Ottawa River, skyline, cityscape, Gatineau, Quebec, Crowds, People, VBSV02P11_069412, Ottawa, Canada, Crowds, People, VBSV02P11_07Crowds, People, VBSV02P11_10Crowds, People, Twilight, Dusk, Dawn, VBSV02P11_11STCUQ, building, horse and buggy, VBSV02P11_12Playa Del Rey, 2523, VBSV02P11_13.0563rain, inclement weather, bad, wet, slippery, Rainy, Bad Driving Conditions, Dangerous, Precipitation, Exterior, Outdoors, Outside, VBSV02P11_14Market Street, MUNI, VBSV02P11_15School Bus Rear End, Diet Coke Billboard, warning, VBSV02P11_16Parked Buses, Kentucky, VBSV02P11_17.0563VBSV02P11_18VBSV02P15_10Luxor, VBSV03P01_01Luxor, VBSV03P01_02Luxor, VBSV03P01_03Trolleybus, VBSV03P01_04Overhead Power, MUNI, VBSV03P01_05Greyhound, VBSV03P01_06Hollywood Trolley, VBSV03P01_07Atwater, California, VBSV03P01_08VBSV03P01_09VBSV03P01_10VBSV03P01_11Alaska Hiway Tours, GM Bus, Whitehorse, VBSV03P01_12Hong Kong, VBSV03P01_13Overhead Power, VBSV03P01_14Overhead Power, VBSV03P01_15Overhead Power, VBSV03P01_16VBSV03P01_17Metrobus, VBSV03P01_19Mount Tamalpais, VBSV03P02_01Barbed Wire Fence, VBSV03P02_02Interstate Highway I-280, from Potrero Hill, VBSV03P02_03Up With People, Denver, VBSV03P02_04Denver, VBSV03P02_05Denver, VBSV03P02_06Denver, VBSV03P02_07VBSV03P02_08Denver RTD, VBSV03P02_09Denver RTD, VBSV03P02_10Denver, VBSV03P02_11Denver, VBSV03P02_12Denver, VBSV03P02_13Denver, VBSV03P02_14VBSV03P02_15Bus Stop, VBSV03P02_16VBSV03P02_17VBSV03P02_18Potrero Hill, VBSV03P02_19
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