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John Deere, Hydro 185, steered lawn mower, VCFV01P02_03John Deere, Turbo 7720, VCFV01P02_04McCormick Standard, Diesel Tractor, W-D9, VCFV01P02_05Tractor lineup, VCFV01P02_061947 Allis-Chamers Tractor, VCFV01P02_07International, 8-16 HP, Kerosene Tractor, Metal spiked wheels, VCFV01P02_081947 Allis-Chamers, VCFV01P02_091923 Fordson, VCFV01P02_101923 Fordson, VCFV01P02_111949, John Deere tracked vehicle, VCFV01P02_121936 International Harvester Farmall F-12, VCFV01P02_13John Deere tracked vehicle, VCFV01P02_15John Deere, VCFV01P02_16Massey-Harris Pony, 1953, VCFV01P02_17Massey-Harris Pony, 1953, VCFV01P02_18John Deere Model B, 1935, VCFV01P03_01John Deere Model B, 1935, VCFV01P03_02VCFV01P03_041934, Farmall Model F-20, International Harvester, VCFV01P03_051945 'C' Allis Chalmers, 1940s, VCFV01P03_07Best 30, CL Best Tractor Co., Tracked, VCFV01P03_09Oliver OC-4, Crawler Tractor, tracked vehicle, VCFV01P03_10John Deere, 1941, 1940s, VCFV01P03_121936 Sears Garden Tractor, VCFV01P03_13plow, VCFV01P03_15New Holland, TMM125, TMM 125, VCFV01P03_16New Holland, TC33 tractor, VCFV01P03_17VCFV01P03_18VCFV01P03_19Steam Roller, VCFV01P04_01Steam Roller, VCFV01P04_02Caterpillar Model Fifteen, Tracked Vehicle, VCFV01P04_03Caterpillar Tracked D2, VCFV01P04_04VCFV01P04_05Tractor, VCFV01P04_06John Deere Tractor, VCFV01P04_07John Deere Tractor, VCFV01P04_08John Deere Tractor, VCFV01P04_09VCFV01P04_10VCFV01P04_11Panther Tracked Vehicle, VCFV01P04_12Caterpillar head-on, VCFV01P04_13Caterpillar, VCFV01P04_14VCFV01P04_15Holt, VCFV01P04_16Massey-Harris, Twin Power 101 Junior, VCFV01P04_17Cletrac, VCFV01P04_18Cletrac, hand crank starter, radiator grill, VCFV01P04_19Caterpillar, Model 30, 1927, VCFV01P05_01Caterpillar, Model 30, 1927, VCFV01P05_02Caterpillar, Model 30, 1927, VCFV01P05_04Caterpillar, Model 30, 1927, VCFV01P05_05Caterpillar, Model 30, 1927, VCFV01P05_06Ford 4600, grill, VCFV01P05_07New Holland, Stacker, Combine, VCFV01P05_08Deere 8960, VCFV01P05_09Hand Crank Starter, McCormick, VCFV01P05_10Caterpillar Thirty, VCFV01P05_11Gibson D Tractor, VCFV01P05_12Massey-Harris Pacer, VCFV01P05_13Farmall Tractor, VCFV01P05_14John Deere, VCFV01P05_15Minneapolis Moline, MM Universal Tractor, VCFV01P05_16Minneapolis Moline, MM Universal Tractor, VCFV01P05_17Tractor in the Snow, Cold, Ice, Chill, Chilly, Chilled, Frigid, Frosty, Frozen, Icy, Snowy, Winter, Wintry, VCFV01P05_18Steam Traction, 1957, 1950s, VCFV01P01_11Ford 981 Select Speed, Ford Motor Company Road Show, woman posing on a tractor, December 1959, 1950s, VCFV01P01_10Thresher, VCFV01P01_08Lauson Tractor, Rumely Oilpull, Massey, VCFV01P01_09Allis Chalmers Tractor, teen boy, 1950s, VCFV01P01_12Steam Traction, railroad trench digger, Coultville California, 1965, 1960s, VCFV01P01_13Rumely Oilpull Tractor, Steam Traction, confederate battle flag, Advance-Rumely Company, 1950s, VCFV01P01_14Aultman Taylor, 30-50, Steam Traction, The Aultman and Taylor Machinery Company, 1950s, VCFV01P01_15Steam Traction, 1950s, VCFV01P01_161913 The New Huber, Steam Traction, Penngrove Power and, 1950s, VCFV01P01_17Rumely, Steam Traction , 1950s, VCFV01P01_18Swartz Valley Express, 4600, Pennsylvania, 1950s, VCFV01P01_19Steam Traction, 1950s, VCFV01P02_01Steam Traction, 1950s, VCFV01P02_021906 Russell Steam Traction Engine, VCFV01P06_011906 Russell Steam Traction Engine, VCFV01P06_02Fordson Model F Crawler, FORDSON-track Tractor, VCFV01P06_04VCFV01P06_05Willamette Boiler Winch, VCFV01P06_06Hay Rake, Shadow, Sand, Wheat Ridge Colorado, 1973, VCFV01P06_07Tiller, Plow, west of Dallas Texas, VCFV01P06_08Tractor tracked front shovel, west of Dallas Texas, VCFV01P06_09Roto Tiller, Plow, west of Dallas Texas, VCFV01P06_10Farm Equipment, State Fair, Louisville Kentucky, September 16 1959, 1950s, VCFV01P01_06Tractors, Farm Equipment, State Fair, Louisville Kentucky, September 16 1959, 1950s, VCFV01P01_07Joliette, VCFV01P05_19Farmall, 1949, 1940s, VCFD01_001CASE Tractor, hand crank starter, wheelled, VCFD01_003Oliver, VCFD01_004Farmall, VCFD01_005Fordson, VCFD01_006Fordson, VCFD01_007Fordson, VCFD01_008Boy, county fair, Massey-Harris Tractor, E22, 1945, 1940s, VCFV01P01_05Barn, Tractors, VCFV01P01_03Barn, Tractors, VCFV01P01_04Advance Rumely, Laporte Indiana, Steam Tractor, VCFV01P06_11Advance Rumely, Laporte Indiana, Steam Tractor, VCFV01P06_12Rumely Oil Pull Steam Tractor, # 1175, VCFV01P06_13Steam Tractor, Verne Croute, Watkins Glen, New York, VCFV01P06_14Steam Tractor, gears, wheels, VCFV01P06_15McCormick Farmall Cub, International Harvester, VCFD01_009Farm Tractor, VCFD01_010VCFV01P01_01VCFV01P01_02VCFV01P07_03Steam Powered Tractor, VCFV01P07_04VCFV01P07_06VCFV01P07_07Jophn Deere Tractor, Lawn Mower, VCFV01P07_08Case Steam Roller, VCFV01P07_09
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