USA, North America, UPDV01P01_01USA, North America, UPDV01P01_02Wind Patterns, USA, North America, Mexico, UPDV01P01_03San Francisco, UPDV01P01_04San Francisco, UPDV01P01_05San Francisco, Marin County, California, UPDV01P01_06San Francisco, Marin County, California, UPDV01P01_07UPDV01P01_08UPDV01P01_09UPDV01P01_10Marin County, UPDV01P01_11San Jose, California, UPDV01P01_12Marin County, UPDV01P01_13UPDV01P01_14San Diego, Coronado, Mission Bay, UPDV01P01_15UPDV01P01_16UPDV01P01_17UPDV01P01_18UPDV01P01_18BUPDV01P01_19UPDV01P02_01UPDV01P02_02Nile River, UPDV01P02_03Nile River, Jet Stream, UPDV01P02_04UPDV01P02_05Arabian Peninsula, UPDV01P02_06Himalayas, UPDV01P02_07Yangtze River, UPDV01P02_08UPDV01P02_09UPDV01P02_10UPDV01P02_12UPDV01P02_13UPDV01P02_14UPDV01P02_15UPDV01P02_16UPDV01P02_17UPDV01P02_18UPDV01P02_19Earth from Space, Climate Change, World Map, UPDV01P03_01World Map, Climate Change, UPDV01P03_03UPDV01P03_04UPDV01P03_04BUPDV01P03_11North America, South America, UPDV01P03_13UPDV01P03_02UPDV01P03_05USA, UPDV01P03_06UPDV01P03_07Mammoth, California, Land Cover Map, UPDV01P03_08UPDV01P03_09UPDV01P03_10World Map, Ocean Temperatures, Climate Change, UPDV01P03_12UPDD01_001Antarctica, Average Temperature Differentials, Climate Change, Continent, UPDD01_002Climate Change, UPDD01_003UPDD01_004Himalayas, Bangladesh, Ganges River, India, China, Climate Change, Bay of Bengal, UPDD01_005Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh, UPDD01_005BPine Beetle Infestation in British Columbia, UPDD01_006Cloud Streets, Climate Change, Bering Sea, UPDD01_007Mystery Plankton Bloom in the Bering Sea, June 6, 2001, Climate Change, UPDD01_008Mystery Plankton Bloom in the Bering Sea, June 6, 2001, UPDD01_009UPDD01_010Sea Ice, Bering Sea, 2012, Climate Change, UPDD01_011Snow Clouds Stream off Lake Michigan, Canada, USA, Winter, Climate Change, UPDD01_012Central Sahara Desert: A Wet Past, Algeria, Libya, rock massifs, sand dunes, dendritic structures, UPDD01_013Typhoon Chaba , UPDD01_014Colorado River, UPDD01_015Desert, UPDD01_015BCotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador, stratovolcano, UPDD01_016Danube River Delta, Black Sea, Chilia (Kilia) lobe, Ukraine, Climate Change, UPDD01_017Danube River Delta, Black Sea, Chilia (Kilia) lobe, Ukraine, Climate Change, UPDD01_017BJebel Uweinat, borders of Egypt, Sudan, and Libya, UPDD01_018Melting Ice in Hudson Bay, Climate Change, UPDD01_019Climate Change, Melting Ice in Hudson Bay, UPDD01_020Hindu Kush, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, glaciers, Climate Change, UPDD01_021The Whole Earth at Night, nighttime, city lights, World Map, UPDD01_022United States of America at Night, nighttime, city lights, UPDD01_023The Shrinking Aral Sea, UPDD01_024Sub-tropical Storm Laura, September 30, 2008, UPDD01_025Snow in Lebanon, Crete, Middle East, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus, Mediterranean Sea, UPDD01_026The whole Earth as it would appear in the nighttime, World Map, nighttime, UPDD01_027Sediment Swirls, Lake Michigan, UPDD01_028Bafing River, Guinea, Mali, Africa, UPDD01_029Bafing River, Guinea, Mali, UPDD01_030Blue Marble, World Map, UPDD01_031World Map, topographical of land masses and the oceans, UPDD01_032Mekong Floods Fill Tonle Sap, Vietnam, September 15, 2001, UPDD01_033Gulf Stream's Brightness Temperature, UPDD01_034One-month composite of cloud optical thickness, The Whole Earth, Globe, world map, UPDD01_035The Whole Earth, Globe, world map, UPDD01_036Thirteen Years of Greening from SeaWiFS, The Whole Earth, Globe, world map, UPDD01_037The Whole Earth, Globe, world map, UPDD01_038world map, MODIS Global Sea Surface Temperature, UPDD01_0392008 Surface Temperature Anomaly, Worldwide measurements, 2008 compared to the 1950-1980 time period, world map, Climate Change, UPDD01_040Europe, European Heat Wave, July 2003, Climate Change, UPDD01_041Fires in Sinaloa, Baja Sur, Mexico, UPDD01_042Fires in Southern California , UPDD01_043North America map, Climate Change, UPDD01_044Heat wave in Northern Europe, June 10, 2008, World Map, UPDD01_045Long Island, New England, Canada,  December 13, 2008, UPDD01_046Long Island, New England, Canada, UPDD01_047Long Island, New England, Canada, UPDD01_048Long Island, New England, Canada, Ice Storm, cloud streets, UPDD01_049UPDD01_050UPDD01_051UPDD01_052Moonlit Tropical Depression Isaac, Nighttime USA, UPDD01_053Antarctic Ozone Hole on September 17, 2001, Antarctica, UPDD01_054Ice Floes, Bergs, Detailed View of Arctic Sea Ice, UPDD01_055British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Pacific Northwest, USA, UPDD01_056British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Pacific Northwest, USA, UPDD01_057Central America, Panama, UPDD01_058lower South America, Andes Mountain Range, Mount Aconcagua, Lake Mar Chiquita, Parana River, UPDD01_059Glacial Lakes of Patagonia, Andes Mountains, Chile, Argentina, UPDD01_060Sediment from the Tigris and Euphrates, Persian Gulf, Iraq, UPDD01_061Globe of the Earth, Mid Atlantic Ocean, UPDD01_062Van Allen Belts, magnetic interaction of the Earth, UPDD01_063UPDD01_064Tien Shan Mountain Range, December 2018, UPDD01_065UPDD01_066Snow Storm over the Rocky Mountains, Dec 20, 2012, UPDD01_067Code Red Air over the Mid-Atlantic States, East Coast, UPDD01_068Phytoplankton, Haze, and Forests in the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver Island, Washington State, UPDD01_069Phytoplankton off the Coast of Washington State, the great Northwest USA, California, Oregon, Washington, British Colombia, Pacific Ocean, UPDD01_070Dust Storm, Mediterranean Sea, Africa, Europe, Italy, Libya, Greece, Corsica, Sicily, Sahara Desert, UPDD01_071Dust Blankets the Mediterranean Sea, Africa, Europe, Italy, Libya, Greece, Corsica, Sicily, Sahara Desert, UPDD01_071BDust Movement Matches Satellite Images, UPDD01_072Dust Movement Matches Satellite Images, UPDD01_072BWinter Storm Sweeps Across Europe, Africa, Mediterranean Sea, UPDD01_073Opaque Skies in the Far East, Haze, Smog, Korea, China, UPDD01_074Lake Michigan, Snow Storm over the Great Lakes, USA, UPDD01_075The Sahara Desert Diverse Landscape, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Chad, Niger, UPDD01_076Lake Michigan, UPDD01_077Lake Michigan, UPDD01_078Southern Europe, European Alps, Italy, France, Switzerland, UPDD01_079Drought in Western Cape, South Africa, Cape of Good Hope, UPDD01_080Lake Tanganyika, Africa, UPDD01_081Aral Sea, Central Asia, UPDD01_082Sundarbans, Bangladesh, Ganges River Delta, India, UPDD01_083Sundarbans, Bangladesh, Ganges River Delta, India, UPDD01_083BUPDD01_084UPDD01_085UPDD01_086
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