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N940NS NASA, Boeing 377-10-26,
Code Number:
N940NS NASA, Boeing 377-10-26,
CN: 15938
Engines: 4x R-4360-TSB
Built: 1949
Converted to Aero Spacelines 377SG Super Guppy, preserved KDMA
Aero Spacelines, Guppy Series (Pregnant Guppy and Super Guppy), Aero, Stratocruiser, Transport, Transporter, Prop, Propeller, Outsize cargo freight aircraft, Over-sized cargo, propliner, Logistics, Air Cargo, vessel, hull, Plane, Transportation, Commerce, Trade, Civil Aviation, Transport, Business, Fixed Wing, Transporter, Commercial-Shipping, Cargair, planes, Commercial Freighter Fleets, Freight Aircraft, History, Archives

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