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Bald Eagle, Oil Tanker Ship, Homer Alaska, ABFV01P06_06.3339Seagull, ABGV01P03_18Seagull, ABGV01P15_02.3341Seagull, ABGV01P15_03.3341Honda outboard engines, ABGV03P02_16Pelican, buoy, ABLV01P01_15.3342Pelican, buoy, ABLV01P01_15B.3342Pelican, ABLV01P10_09.3342Cormorants, ABLV02P01_12Canadian Goose, Geodesic Dome, Vancouver, ABWV01P14_17Cars, automobile, vehicles, ACFV01P02_19.4098Scooter, Vespa, Bali, Indonesia, pig, Hog, funny, humorous, hilarious, sow, ACFV01P03_05Scooter, Vespa, Bali, Indonesia, pig, Hog, funny, humorous, hilarious, sow, ACFV01P03_06Scooter, Vespa, Bali, Indonesia, ACFV01P03_07Scooter, Vespa, Bali, Indonesia, ACFV01P03_08Scooter, Vespa, Bali, Indonesia, ACFV01P03_09Cows, Cattle, ACFV01P03_16.4098ACFV01P06_07.4098ACFV01P06_08Cow, Road, Mvvountains, ACFV01P09_03.4098Cow, Hills, Fields, Mountains, ACFV01P09_04sheep, International Harvester Truck, 1950s, ACFV03P05_12Dirt Road and Cows, Beef Cows, unpaved, ACFV03P10_07Mountains, cows, fog, road, Nepal, ACFV03P12_01Cows, India, Horns, lake, road, , ACFV03P12_02Brahma Bull, Tamil Nadu, India, wagon, cart, ACFV03P15_19Golden Retriever, Surfer, Surfboard, Valley Ford, Sonoma County, California, ADSPCD0661_034Doggie Rest Stop, Fire Hydrant, Funny, Hilarious, Tire, Cab-over Engine Truck, Cab Forward, ADSV01P09_08.1710Dogs in a Sidecar, Three-wheeler, Tri-wheeler, Motorcycle, 1950s, ADSV01P14_10.1710Beagle wearing a leather helmet, goggles, funny, cute, ADSV03P02_14Beagle wearing a leather helmet, goggles, funny, cute, ADSV03P02_15Beagle wearing a leather helmet, goggles, funny, cute, ADSV03P02_16Beagle wearing a leather helmet, goggles, funny, cute, ADSV03P02_17Beagle wearing a leather helmet, goggles, funny, cute, ADSV03P02_18Beagle wearing a leather helmet, goggles, funny, cute, ADSV03P02_19Beagle wearing a leather helmet, goggles, funny, cute, ADSV03P03_01Beagle wearing a leather helmet, goggles, funny, cute, ADSV03P03_02Beagle wearing a leather helmet, goggles, funny, cute, ADSV03P03_03Dog in a Car, Chocolate Labrador Retriever, ADSV03P05_17dog in a car, ADSV03P06_04Dachshund, Wiener Dog, Toyota Cressida, small dog breed, cars, automobiles, vehicles, ADSV03P06_11Poodle, bicycle trailer, ADSV03P08_19ADSV03P09_08Teton Mountain Range, Horse, Snake River Ranch, AHSPCD0651_025Teton Mountain Range, Horse, Snake River Ranch, AHSPCD0651_025BTeton Mountain Range, Horse, Snake River Ranch, AHSPCD0651_026Cowboy on a horse, Teton Mountain Range, Horse, Snake River Ranch, AHSPCD0651_027Horse crossing the road, Taos, cars, automobiles, vehicles, AHSV02P04_10.1711Horse crossing the road, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Taos, AHSV02P04_10B.1711Reindeer, AMAV01P14_18Deer Caught in the Headlights, AMAV02P08_04Deer Caught in the Headlights, AMAV02P08_05Deer Caught in the Headlights, AMAV02P08_05BBaboon, Africa, AMPV01P12_13Baboon, Africa, AMPV01P12_14Baboon, Africa, AMPV01P12_15Baboon, Africa, AMPV01P12_16Baboon, Africa, AMPV01P12_17Marmot, Road, Sierra-Mountains, AMRV01P05_18Bear, Car, automobile, vehicle, 1940s, AMUV01P01_01Seals basking on a Navigation Buoy, AOSV01P06_01.4101Seals basking on a Navigation Buoy in Alaska, AOSV01P06_02.4101Navigation Buoy, AOSV01P06_03.4101Navigation Buoy, AOSV01P06_04.4101Navigation Buoy, AOSV01P06_05.4101Navigation Buoy, AOSV01P06_06.4101Navigation Buoy, AOSV01P06_07Navigation Buoy, AOSV01P06_07BNavigation Buoy, AOSV01P06_07CNavigation Buoy, AOSV01P06_08.4101Navigation Buoy, AOSV01P06_09.1567Navigation Buoy, AOSV01P07_16Navigation Buoy, Long Beach, California, AOSV02P02_12Navigation Buoy, Long Beach, California, AOSV02P02_13Navigation Buoy, Long Beach, California, AOSV02P02_14Navigation Buoy, Long Beach, California, AOSV02P02_15Road, street, roundabout, Minicar, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1950s, CACV01P01_16.06251950s, CACV01P01_17.06251950s, CACV01P01_17B.0625CACV01P01_18.0625CACV01P02_01.0625CACV01P02_01.0895Island of Bali, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1980s, CADV01P04_08.3337Island of Bali, CADV01P04_09.0625Boat, cliffs, cave, water, trees, Kupang Timor, CADV01P06_08.0895Traffic Circle, cars, Skyline, Building, Skyscraper, Downtown, smog, highrise, Jakarta Cityscape, automobile, vehicles, CADV01P07_09.0625Manila, CAFV01P02_06.0625Harbor, skyline, ships, CAGV01P03_01.0630Cars, Shops, Stores, Downtown, Retro, 1950s, CAGV01P03_02Cityscape, Skyline, Building, Skyscraper, Downtown, CAGV01P04_12Merlion Statue Singapore, Skyline, Buildings, Skyscrapers, Downtown, CAGV01P04_13Fountain, Palm Trees, Bridge, Merlion Statue Singapore, Skyline, Buildings, Skyscrapers, Downtown, CAGV01P04_18The Anderson Bridge, truss, Singapore, CAGV01P04_19Esplanade Bridge, Cityscape, Skyline, Building, Skyscraper, Downtown, Arch Bridge, statues, Marina Bay, CAGV01P05_01Esplanade Bridge, Arch Bridge, statues, Cityscape, Skyline, Building, Skyscraper, Downtown, Marina Bay, CAGV01P05_02Cityscape, Skyline, Building, Skyscraper, Downtown, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CAGV01P05_03CAGV01P06_02buildings, temple, waterfront, Bangkok, CAHV01P01_08.0895Prang, Boats, Riverside, Docks, Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, CAHV01P02_16.0626Buildings, Tores, shops, Bangkok, Car, Street, automobile, vehicles, 1960s, CAHV01P03_17.0626Temple Spire, Boats, Riverside, Docks, Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, CAHV01P04_01.0626Traffic, Taxi Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1960s, CAHV01P06_06.0626Gate of India, cars, 1950s, CAIV01P06_04.0626Cars, automobile, vehicles, New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P06_18.3337Building, 1950s, CAIV01P07_09.3337Cars, automobile, vehicles, Mumbai, 1980s, CAIV01P13_16.3337Cars, City Street Scene, Intersection, crowded, vespa, automobile, vehicles, Mumbai, CAIV01P13_16BCars, City Street Scene, Intersection, crowded, vespa, Mumbai, CAIV01P13_16CCars, nighttime, street scene, Mumbai, CAIV01P14_07.3337Mumbai, CAIV01P14_07BMumbai, CAIV01P14_15.0627Mumbai, CAIV01P14_17.3337Mumbai, night, Exterior, Outdoors, Outside, Nighttime, CAIV01P14_17BMovie Theater, billboards, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, CAIV02P01_10.3337Motor Scooters, Vespa, buildings, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, CAIV02P01_11.3337Elephant, sidewalk, Vespa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, CAIV02P01_12.0627Unique Building, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, CAIV02P02_04.0627Vespa Scooters, buildings, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, CAIV02P02_13Shanty Town, stores, shops, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, CAIV02P02_16.0627Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, India, 1960s, CAIV02P04_16.0627CAJV01P01_03.3338Buildings, skyline, cityscape, road, Tokyo, CAJV01P01_14.0628Mount Fuji, CAJV01P02_01.0628Miyajima, Harbor, buildings, mountains, CAJV01P02_17.0628Highrise Buildings, shops, Ginza District, Tokyo, CAJV01P04_13Tokyo, CAJV01P04_17.3338Imperial Palace, Bridge, Tokyo, CAJV01P06_14Imperial Palace, Bridge, Tokyo, CAJV01P06_17.3338Tokyo Tower, highrise buildings, cityscape, skyline, Tokyo, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CAJV01P07_10.3338Street, parked cars, Ginza District, automobile, vehicles, Tokyo, CAJV01P10_18.3338Interserction, crosswalk, Ginza District, Tokyo, CAJV01P11_09.0628Buildings, cars, forest, Nikko, CAJV02P04_16.3338Torii Gate, CAJV02P09_04.0629arch bridge, pond, garden, Buddhist Shrine, building, Gotemba, CAJV02P11_19.0629Garden, arch bridge, pond, peaceful, Buddhist Shrine, building, Gotemba, Equanimity, CAJV02P12_01.0629Garden, pond, arch bridge, water, trees, Buddhist Shrine, Gotemba, CAJV02P12_05.0629Freeway, street, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Osaka, CAJV03P01_05.3339arch foot bridge, Gardens, 1950s, CAJV03P02_05.0629cityscape, air pollution, skyline, Kyoto, 1950s, CAJV03P02_10.3339The Sacred Bridge (Shinkyo), Daiya River, Nikko, CAJV03P04_05.0629The Sacred Bridge (Shinkyo), Daiya River, Nikko, Arch, CAJV03P04_06.0629The Sacred Bridge (Shinkyo), Daiya River, Nikko, Arch, CAJV03P04_07The Sacred Bridge (Shinkyo), Daiya River, Nikko, Arch, CAJV03P04_07.3339The Sacred Bridge (Shinkyo), Daiya River, Nikko, Arch, CAJV03P04_09.0629The Sacred Bridge (Shinkyo), Daiya River, Nikko, Arch, landmark, CAJV03P04_10.3339The Sacred Bridge (Shinkyo), Daiya River, Nikko, Arch, CAJV03P04_12.0629The Sacred Bridge (Shinkyo), Daiya River, Nikko, Arch, CAJV03P04_13.3339bridge, CAJV03P04_14.0629Bridge, CAJV03P04_15.3339Freeway Overpass, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CAJV03P08_07Freeway Overpass, CAJV03P08_07BTokyo Skyline, cityscape, buildings, CAJV03P09_02.3339Seto Ohashi Bridge, CAJV03P09_09.3339Seto Ohashi Bridge, Cable Stay Bridge, Okayama and Kagawa prefectures, CAJV03P09_10.0630Seto Ohashi Bridge, Cable Stay Bridge, CAJV03P09_11.0630Taiko arch bridge, footbridge, Hachiman Shrine, Kamakura, 1952, CAJV03P09_17.0635Moat, bridge, Imperial Palace, Imperial Park, 1950s, CAJV03P10_12.0635stores, shops, 1950s, CAJV03P10_17.0635river, bridge, buildings, homes, Sasebo Saga, 1950s, CAJV03P11_03.0635Sacred Bridge, Lantern, Nikko, Taiko arch bridge, 1950s, CAJV03P12_10.0635Shisimage, 1950s, CAJV03P12_14.0635Miyamoshita, Footbridge, Taiko Arch Bridge, Gardens, 1950s, CAJV03P12_15.0635Garden, Taiko Bridge, Cherry Blossoms, water, springtime, 1950s, CAJV03P13_05.0635The inundation of color words and message, van, traffic, Ginza District, CAJV03P13_11.0635Gardens, Taiko arch bridge, pond, water, rocks, trees, reflection, lake, CAJV04P03_16Yodogawa Kyoryo Bridge, Osaka, Steel Truss Pedestrian and railroad Bridge, Japan, CAJV04P06_10Yodogawa Kyoryo Bridge, Osaka, Steel Truss Bridge, CAJV04P06_11Osaka, arch bridge, cars, CAJV04P06_13Osaka, arch bridge, cars, CAJV04P06_16Osaka, CAJV04P06_17Osaka, Pipeline Bridge, arch, skyline, river, CAJV04P06_18CAJV04P08_16CAKV01P02_01N Seoul Tower, Communication, Seoul, CAKV01P02_11.0630Tugboats, harbor, CAKV01P02_11BBare Trees in the round, circle, CAKV01P05_07BRiver, Boats, Canal, houses, homes, buildings, CAMV01P01_10Shell Gas Station, building, street, 1950s, CAMV01P01_17Street Scene, buildings, shops, Penang, CAMV01P03_08Sultan Abdul Samad building, Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur, CAMV01P04_09Street Scene, Coca Cola Sign, Chinatown, CAMV01P04_16Street, Truck, Flags, Buildings, Pokhara, flags, CANV01P01_02.0630Building, ornate, bus stop, Kathmandu, opulant, CANV01P01_12.3339Buildings, Pagoda, River, Bridge, Kathmandu, CANV01P01_16.0630Buildings, River, Bridge, Kathmandu, CANV01P01_17.0630Street, road, triwheeler, buildings, shops, sidewalk, Kathmandu, CANV01P04_12.0630building, statue, arc, Kathmandu, CANV01P06_12.0631Scooter, Van, Street, Kathmandu, CANV01P07_04.3339Shops, stores, Buildings, Kathmandu, CANV01P07_07.3339Village, River, Bridge, forest, trees, woodland, Araniko Highway, CANV01P07_15Buildings, Araniko Highway, CANV01P07_18Road, Bridge, Village, Araniko Highway, CANV01P07_19Footbridge, River, Person, Walking, Suspension Bridge, Rapids, CANV01P11_07.3340Footbridge, river, suspension bridge, stepped terrace, Rice, CANV01P11_08Footbridge, suspension bridge, stepped terrace, Rice, CANV01P11_09.3340Foot Bridge, Footbridge, river, suspension bridge, stepped terrace, Rice, Kenja, CANV01P11_10.0631Buildings, cityscape, bridge, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, CAPV01P10_07.3340Desert, lone tree, well, road, Saudi Arabia, CAPV01P13_08.0631Old City, Sanaa, Yemen, CAPV01P13_17Bridge, Esfahan, landmark, 1950s, CARV01P01_10.3340Bridge, Esfahan, 1950s, CARV01P01_11.0631Esfahan, Bridge, 1950s, CARV01P01_13.0631landmark, CARV01P08_10.3340landmark, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CARV01P08_12.0632Esfaha, Bridge-of-33-arches, landmark, CARV01P10_03.0632Esfaha, Bridge-of-33-arches, CARV01P10_16.0632Water, Esfaha, Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge, Zayandeh River, Isfahan, CARV01P10_17.3340Aqueduct, Istanbul, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1950s, CAUV01P02_06.0632Cars, automobile, vehicles, Istanbul, 1950s, CAUV01P02_11.3340Istanbul, CAUV01P03_13Mosque, Minaret, landmark, Istanbul, CAUV01P07_02.3340Hanoi, CAVV01P04_05Tiem Com, Fastfood, Hanoi, CAVV01P04_13Saigon, CAVV01P04_14Saigon, CAVV01P04_15Tel Aviv, Mediterranean Sea, harbor, boats, jetty, CAZV01P03_14.0632Tel Aviv, Mediterranean Sea, harbor, boats, jetty, cars, buildings, jetty, CAZV01P03_15.0632north of Tel Aviv, highway-4, road, CAZV01P03_19.3340Highway, cars, buildings, automobile, vehicles, Acre, Akko, CAZV01P09_01.3341Mediterranean Sea, Acre, Akko, CAZV01P12_12.0633Nahariya, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CAZV01P12_17.0633Jericho road, highway, CAZV01P15_07.3341West Bank, Jericho road, highway, CAZV01P15_08.3341Old City Wall, Jerusalem, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CAZV02P03_07Cars, Highway into Jerusalem, Bus, Buildings, street signal light, arrows, CAZV02P12_17Road, Camel, CAZV02P13_01.0895The Old City, Western Wall, Wailing Wall or Kotel, Jerusalem, Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CAZV02P14_10.3341The Old City, Western Wall, Wailing Wall or Kotel, Jerusalem, Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CAZV02P14_14.3341cars, street, automobile, vehicles, Marlboro cigarettes, buildings, shops, stores, Jaffa, CAZV03P02_10Harbor, Docks, Sunset, Jaffa, CAZV03P02_11.0895Jaffa, Harbor, Docks, Sunset, CAZV03P02_12.0895Jaffa, Harbor, Docks, Sunset, CAZV03P02_13.1509Jaffa, Harbor, Docks, Sunset, CAZV03P02_14.3342Jaffa, Harbor, Docks, Sunset, CAZV03P02_15.1509Jaffa, Harbor, Docks, Sunset, CAZV03P02_16.0895Jaffa, Harbor, Docks, Sunset, CAZV03P02_17.0895Jaffa, Harbor, Docks, Sunset, CAZV03P02_18.0895Jaffa, Harbor, Docks, Sunset, CAZV03P02_19.1509Taxi Cabs, Crosswalk, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CBAV01P01_02Buenos Aires, CBAV01P01_08.1509San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P01_09.3342Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Obelisk, Street, Landmark, Plaza de la Rep?blica, (Republic Square), Buenos Aires, CBAV01P01_14S-Curve, People, Crosswalk, San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, CBAV01P01_18Boeing 737-200, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P02_09Road, Cars, Puerto Iguazu, CBAV01P02_11Zarate Brazo Largo Bridge, Cable Stay Bridge, Parana River, RN12, CBAV01P02_14Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Obelisk, Street, Landmark, Plaza de la Republica, (Republic Square), CBAV01P02_16Statues, Landmark, Building, Statue, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P02_17Taxi, Vespa, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P02_18Crosswalk, Cars, Buenos Aires, automobile, vehicles, CBAV01P02_19Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Obelisk, Street, Landmark, Plaza de la Rep?blica, (Republic Square), Buenos Aires, CBAV01P03_04Mita, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P03_05Buenos Aires, CBAV01P03_06Buenos Aires, La Boca, CBAV01P03_14Docks, Buenos Aires, La Boca, water pollution, CBAV01P03_15Taxi Cabs, Motorcycle, Cars, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P03_18Cars, Crosswalk, Arrows, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P03_19Crosswalk, Street, San Carlos de Bariloche, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P04_02Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Obelisk, Street, Landmark, Plaza de la Rep?blica, (Republic Square), Buenos Aires, CBAV01P04_05CBBV01P06_19.0635CBBV01P08_01CBBV01P08_02National Theatre, building, Cars, automobile, vehicles, San Jose, 1950s, CBCV01P02_02.0635shops, stores, San Jose, CBCV01P04_07Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1950s, CBGV01P03_04.0635CBGV01P03_06.0635Cars, automobile, vehicles, Guatemala City, 1950s, CBGV01P03_09Cars, automobile, Guatemala City, vehicles, 1950s, CBGV01P03_10.1509Lake Atitlan, palm trees, palmtrees, Boat, Dock, Water, CBGV01P04_11.1510Overdose of billboards, Guatemala City, cars, automobiles, vehicles, 1970s, CBGV01P05_01Guatemala City, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CBGV01P05_02Homes, buildings, cars, street, hill, Chichicastenago, Guatemala, automobile, vehicles, CBGV01P05_14Antigua, CBGV01P05_19buildings, street, cars, Santiago, CBHV01P01_05.1510buildings, street, cars, Santiago, CBHV01P01_06.0635Cars, street, Bell tower, colonial church, buildings, La Serena, CBHV01P01_10.0635Cars, automobile, vehicles, buildings, La Serena, CBHV01P01_13Antofagasta, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1970s, CBHV01P01_18Banana Loading Pier, Puerto Armuelles, 1950s, CBJV01P03_11.1510Aldens, Cars, automobile, vehicles, shops, stores, 1950s, CBJV01P03_13.06361950s, CBJV01P03_14.0636National Palace, Taxis, PCC Trolley, cars, automobiles, vehicles, Zocolo, 1953, 1950s, CBLV01P02_05.0636Cars, automobile, vehicles, March 1973, 1970s, CBLV01P03_07.1510Skyline, Road, crosswalk, buildings, CBLV01P04_16.0636Cars, automobile, vehicles, CBLV01P08_12.0636Bay, shore, coastline, 1960s, CBMV01P01_01.1510Cancun, Dusk, Dawn, Twilight, CBMV01P05_10.1511Cancun, Night Lights, CBMV01P05_14.0636Cancun, Night Lights, CBMV01P05_15.1511Cancun, Volkswagen, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CBMV01P05_18.0636cars, automobiles, vehicles, CBMV01P05_19.0636CBMV01P09_07.1511Motel, car, building, 1960s, CBMV02P02_16.0636Harbor, docks, boats, CBMV02P06_17.0637Harbor, docks, boats, buildings, CBMV02P06_18.0637CBMV02P06_19.1512CBMV02P07_11.0637Harbor, Cabo San Lucas, CBMV02P07_19.0637Harbor, Cabo San Lucas, CBMV02P08_01.0637Beach, Sand, Catamaran, Cabo San Lucas, CBMV02P10_10.1512
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