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N273R, L749A, 1976, 1970s
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N273R, L749A, 1976, 1970s
Lockheed Constellation, Propliner, Connie, 4 Engine, Radial Piston Powered, Prop, Fixed wing multi engine, Reciprocating, Propeller, Plane, Avion, History, Technology, Fleet, Livery, Equipment, hull, Public, Airframe, Transport, Fixed-Wing, Commerce, Travel, Airplane, Archive, Airline, Aerospace, Civil Transportation, Passenger Aircraft, Commercial Aviation, Airliner

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G-OTVS, Britten-Norman BN-2T-4S IslanderN26215, Nord 262A-44, National Commuter Airlines, 1983, Aerospatiale N 262, Fregate, 1980sN301CE, Chicago Express WDY, SAAB 340B, ATA Connection, 340 seriesG-BJHS, Short S/25 Sunderland V, ML814, Short S-25 Sunderland 5(AN), flying, flight, milestone of flightLockheed Constellation, September 1959, 1950sN273R, L749A, 1976, 1970sG-AOHM, Vickers Viscount 802C, British Air FerriesG-AMOC, British European Airways, BEA, Vickers Viscount 701, 1959, 1950sEI-AJI, Vickers 808 Viscount, St GallN9744C, Reeve Aleutian Airlines, RAA, Lockheed L-188P(F) ElectraG-CEXP, Handley Page HPR-7 Dart Herald 209D-BAKA, WDL Aviation, Fokker F27-100 FriendshipF-BVTE, Fokker F27-200 Friendship, July 1977, 1970sG-BOAC, British Airways BAW, Concorde SSTN4118A, GAF Nomad, Swift Aire, SFO
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