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N1038V, Boeing 377-10-26
Code Number:
N1038V, Boeing 377-10-26
CN: 15938
Engines: 4x R-4360-TSB
wfu 1960
N1038V dd 09/49 Clipper Constitution Pan American World Airways
Clipper Hotspur Pan American World Airways 1949
Aero Spacelines, Guppy Series (Pregnant Guppy and Super Guppy), Aero, Stratocruiser, Transport, Transporter, Prop, Propeller, Outsize cargo freight aircraft, Over-sized cargo, propliner, Logistics, Air Cargo, vessel, hull, Plane, Transportation, Commerce, Trade, Civil Aviation, Transport, Business, Fixed Wing, Transporter, Commercial-Shipping, Cargair, planes, Commercial Freighter Fleets, Freight Aircraft, History, Archives

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