South Hampton, 1950s, CIEV01P01_01.1724Dock, Harbor, Homes, Houses, buildings, Saint George's, 1950s, CIEV01P01_02Queen of Bermuda oceanliner ship, Front Street, waterfront, Hamilton, 1950s, CIEV01P01_03Front Street, buildings, Hamilton, 1950s, CIEV01P01_04Harbor, Docks, Farmlands, Bay, 1950s, CIEV01P01_05Princess Hotel, Pembroke, 1950s, CIEV01P01_06Mansion, Home, House, Hill, Wall, West Whale Bay, 1950s, CIEV01P01_07Royal Yacht Club, Bay, Harbor, Homes, Houses, Buildings, Hamilton, 1950s, CIEV01P01_08.1724Frith's, buildings, shops, sidewalk, Hamilton, 1950s, CIEV01P01_09harbor, Building, Princess Hotel, Hamilton, 1964, 1960s, CIEV01P01_10Catamaran, Bay, Homes, Houses, hill, 1950s, CIEV01P01_11Homes, Houses, Mansion, harbor, dock, 1950s, CIEV01P01_12Bay, waterfront, buildings, docks, Hamilton, 1950s, CIEV01P01_13Watford Bridge, Mangrove Bay, Somerset, 1950s, CIEV01P01_14Saint James Church, Building, Path, clouds, tower, steeple, 1950s, CIEV01P01_15Princess Hotel, waterfront, buildings, bay, harbor, Paget, 1964, 1960s, CIEV01P01_16Spanish Rock Inscription, 1950s, CIEV01P01_17Gun Emplacement, Cannon, Defense, Fort Victoria, Saint George's, Grenada, Artillery, gun, 1950s, CIEV01P01_18.1725Pembroke, 1950s, CIEV01P01_19Shops, Stores, buildings, Hamilton, 1950s, CIEV01P02_01Homes, houses, Ireland Island, 1950s, CIEV01P02_02Buildings, Shops, Business, Hamilton, 1950s, CIEV01P02_03Building, Van, Hamilton, 1950s, CIEV01P02_041950s, CIEV01P02_05Dock, Waterfront, Homes, Houses, buildings, bay, harbor, Saint George, CIEV01P02_06Homes, Houses, buildings, bay, harbor, hill, Saint George, CIEV01P02_07Hamilton City Hall, tower, building, outdoor clock, outside, exterior, CIEV01P02_08Princess Hotel Yacht Basin, Harbor, Docks, waterfront, Hamilton, CIEV01P02_10Bacardi Building, Home, House, Hamilton, CIEV01P02_11Waterfront, Docks, harbor, building, Hamilton, CIEV01P02_12Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Waterfront, Docks, harbor, buildings, Hamilton, CIEV01P02_13Bank Building, Palm Trees, palmtrees, Hamilton, CIEV01P02_14Front Street, Gardens, waterfront, buildings, Water Fountain, Hamilton, Aquatics, CIEV01P02_15Hamilton City Hall, tower, building, Hamilton, outdoor clock, outside, exterior, CIEV01P02_16Cenotaph, Cabinet Offices, Government Building, landmark, tower, Hamilton, CIEV01P02_17Front Street, buildings, road, shops, stores, Hamilton, CIEV01P02_18Front Street, buildings, road, shops, stores, Hamilton, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CIEV01P02_19Front Street, buildings, road, shops, stores, Hamilton, CIEV01P03_01Front Street, buildings, road, shops, stores, Hamilton, CIEV01P03_02Harbor, Docks, waterfront, benches, Saint George, CIEV01P03_03Harbor, Docks, waterfront, hill, Saint George, CIEV01P03_04Harbor, Docks, waterfront, hill, Saint George, CIEV01P03_05Restaurant, building, waterfront, Saint George, CIEV01P03_06CIEV01P03_07CIEV01P03_08CIEV01P03_09CIEV01P03_10CIEV01P03_11CIEV01P03_12CIEV01P03_13CIEV01P03_14Ely's Harbor, Hills, Homes, Boats, trees, CIEV01P03_16Somerset Bridge, smallest drawbridge in the world, CIEV01P03_17Somerset Bridge, smallest drawbridge in the world, CIEV01P03_18Harbor, Somerset, CIEV01P03_19CIEV01P04_01CIEV01P04_02CIEV01P04_03CIEV01P04_04CIEV01P04_05CIEV01P04_06CIEV01P04_07CIEV01P04_08Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CIEV01P04_09Lifering, life preserver, life ring, dock, pier, CIEV01P04_10CIEV01P04_11Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CIEV01P04_12Shore, Bridge, harbor, CIEV01P04_13Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CIEV01P04_14Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CIEV01P04_15Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CIEV01P04_16Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CIEV01P04_17Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CIEV01P04_18Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CIEV01P04_19AS Cooper & Sons Ltd, Archie Brown & Son, buildings, shops, cars, Bermuda, CIEV01P05_01Archie Brown & Son, buildings, shops, cars, Bermuda, CIEV01P05_02Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, docks, benches, CIEV01P05_03Shore, buildings, hills, harbor boats, CIEV01P05_04Shore, buildings, hills, harbor boats, dock, CIEV01P05_05Shore, buildings, hills, harbor, CIEV01P05_06Home, House, car, CIEV01P05_07Shore, buildings, hills, mountains, harbor, CIEV01P05_08Hotel Building, poolside, CIEV01P05_091605 Tercentenary of the first landing of englishmen, Olive Blossom, Monument, CIEV01P06_10CIEV01P06_11Home, house, ivy, building, CIEV01P06_12Ship Mast, landmark, CIEV01P06_13Rock Coast, shoreline, waves, sand, beach, CIEV01P06_14island, Navy Ship, harbor, buildings, CIEV01P06_15Fort, CIEV01P06_16CIEV01P05_10CIEV01P05_11CIEV01P05_12harbor, shore, moorings, CIEV01P05_13harbor, shore, moorings, CIEV01P05_14Reference map, CIEV01P05_16Fort, Canon, fortress, CIEV01P05_17Fort, Canon, fortress, CIEV01P05_18Fort, Canon, fortress, CIEV01P05_19CIEV01P06_01CIEV01P06_02CIEV01P06_03CIEV01P06_04CIEV01P06_05CIEV01P06_06CIEV01P06_07CIEV01P06_08CIEV01P06_09
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