Bridgetown, Cars, Buildings, 1960s, CIRV01P02_01Careenage, Bridgetown, Harbor, Buildings, 1960s, CIRV01P02_02Trafalger Square, Cars, 1960s, CIRV01P02_031605-1905, Holetown, Monument plaque, CIRV01P02_04St. Johns, coast, road, shore, shoreline, CIRV01P02_05MS Rotterdam, Bridgtown, coast, CIRV01P02_06CIRV01P02_07Sam Lord's Castle, Georgian mansion, parish of Saint Philip, CIRV01P02_08Bridgetown, shore, coast, coastline, clouds, CIRV01P02_09Bridgetown, shore, coast, coastline, Harbor, CIRV01P02_10CIRV01P02_11CIRV01P02_13CIRV01P02_14CIRV01P02_15Bougainvillea, CIRV01P02_16House, home, villa, Building, domestic, domicile, residency, Ocean, coast, CIRV01P02_17Palm Trees, beach, shore, ocean, CIRV01P02_18Pier, grass hut, beach, ocean, shore, CIRV01P02_19Shore, Coast, Ocean, road, roadway, homes, CIRV01P03_01Ornate Cieling, Lamp, decorative, CIRV01P03_02house, home, mansion, Building, CIRV01P03_03Bougainvillea, Palm Trees, CIRV01P03_04bougainvillea, CIRV01P03_05Colony Club, CIRV01P03_06Swimming Pool, clouds, flowers, poolside, Colony Club, CIRV01P03_07Parasol, Hotel, shore, Ocean, Colony Club, CIRV01P03_08Swimming Pool, Poolside, CIRV01P03_09CIRV01P03_10Cumulus Cloud, shoreline, shore, beach, CIRV01P03_11Cumulus Cloud, shoreline, shore, beach, CIRV01P03_12Beach, water, homes, shoreline, CIRV01P03_13
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