XL640, Royal Air Force Transport Command, AntaresXR367, 367, Short SC.5 Belfast, Sikorsky367, Short SC.5 BelfastShort SC.5 Belfast, Royal Air Force Transport CommandShort SC.5 Belfast, Royal Air Force Transport CommandRussian Aircraft An-12 Taking-offAntonov An-12Formation Flight, ASW, Canadair CP-107 Argus Maritime Patrol, Lockheed P-2 Neptune, clouds0-15292, USAF, Grumman U-16 Albatross5-115, Lockheed C-130, Italian Air Force5-115, Lockheed C-130, Italian Air ForceT-1302, A.U.R.I., Lockheed C-130, Indonesian Air Force, Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara, PentagonTactical Air Command, Logo, Emblem, Noseart, shield, TAC lightning bolt, USAF, United States Air ForceXV304, Lockheed C-130, Royal Air Force Air Support Command404, Lockheed C-130, S.A. Air Force, Ford Truck, South Africaski-equipped Hercules Lockheed LC-130F, City of Christchurch, VXE-6, USN, skibird
Russian Aircraft An-12 Taking-off
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Russian Aircraft An-12 Taking-off
Antonov 12, An-12, Cub, Ukraine, Transport, Transporter, Aircraft, Airplane, Plane, Turbo-prop, Turboprop, Fixed wing multi engine, multi-engine, four engine, Air Force, Military, Weapons, Armament, History, Archive, Aviation, Aerospace, Armed Service
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