Short SC.5 Belfast, Royal Air Force Transport CommandRussian Aircraft An-12 Taking-offAntonov An-12Formation Flight, ASW, flight, flying, airborneFormation Flight, ASW, flight, flying, airborne0-15292, USAF, Grumman U-16 Albatross5-115, Lockheed C-130, Italian Air Force5-115, Lockheed C-130, Italian Air ForceT-1302, A.U.R.I., Lockheed C-130, Indonesian Air Force, Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara, PentagonTactical Air Command, TAC, Logo, Emblem, Lockheed C-130, Noseart, shield, lightning bolt, USAF, United States Air ForceXV304, Lockheed C-130, Royal Air Force Air Support Command404, Lockheed C-130, S.A. Air Force, Ford Truck, South Africaski-equipped Hercules Lockheed LC-130F, City of Christchurch, VXE-6, USN, skibirdVXE-6, JD 8318, Lockheed UV-1L / C-130BL / LC-130F, Tail, USN0-70518, Lockheed C-130, USAFLockheed C-130, Satellite Capture nose, Retrieval, USAF
0-15292, USAF, Grumman U-16 Albatross
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0-15292, USAF, Grumman U-16 Albatross
Grumman, U-16 Albatross, Floatplane, Seaplane, SAR, Search and Rescue, Airplane, Aviation, Plane, Aircraft, Prop, Propeller, Piston, Fixed wing multi engine, Seaplane, Amphibian, Pontoons, Flying Boat, Floatplane, amphibious, float plane, airplane, aircraft, Air Force, Military, Weapons, Armament, History, Archive, Aviation, Aerospace
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