N108BN, Boeing 707-138B, Braniff International Airways, JT3D-3B sIII, JT3DDouglas DC-9, Refueling Truck, Ground Equipment, 1974, 1970'sN87MD, McDonnell Douglas MD-87N708PS, PSA, Pacific Southwest Airlines, Douglas DC-9-31, JT8D-7B, JT8DN934F, Douglas DC-9-32CF, American International Airways, JT8D-7B s3, JT8DN813NY, McDonnell Douglas MD-82, JT8DHS-PGP, Boeing 717-23S, Bangkok Air, BR715N727JE, Boeing 727-30C, Jet East International, JT8D, AirstairPK-OCG, Boeing 737-293, Airfast Indonesia, 737-200 series, JT8D-7A, JT8DN708AW, Boeing 737-112, Sierra Pacific Airlines, 737-100 series, JT8D-9A, JT8DN218US, Carnival Air Lines, Boeing 737-201, 737-200 series, JT8D, JT8D-9A9M-MBF, Boeing 737-2H6, Malaysia Airlines MAS, 737-200 seriesPH-TVH, Boeing 737-222, 737-200 series, JT8D, JT8D-9A s3N461GB, Boeing 737-293, Air California ACL converting to American Airlines AAL, 737-200 series, JT8D-7A, JT8DN501NG, Boeing 737-2T5, NICA, Nicaragua Airlines, 737-200 series, JT8D-15 s3, JT8DN728AL, Boeing 737-297, 737-200 series, Aloha Airlines
N813NY, McDonnell Douglas MD-82, JT8D
Code Number:
N813NY, McDonnell Douglas MD-82, JT8D
CN: 48066
LN: 1019
First flight: 31/07/1981
Engines: 2x PW JT8D-217C

09/11/1981 AirCal N479AC
01/05/1985 New York Air NYA N813NY leased from ILFC
01/01/1986 Frontier Airlines N813NY leased
01/11/1986 Continental Airlines COA N813NY leased
01/12/1991 Continental Airlines COA N16813
13/11/2002 Bouraq Indonesia Airlines PK-IME
13/02/2005 Star Air PK-ALH
01/04/2006 Dubrovnik Airline 9A-CDE
McDonnell Douglas, DC-9, Twin Engine, Jet, Single Aisle, Fanjet, Narrow Body, Narrowbody, Medium Range, Turbofan, Jetliner, Fixed wing multi engine, Turbojet, New York Air NYA, Airlines, Fixed-Wing Airliner, Passenger Plane, Aircraft, Airline, Airplane, Commercial Aviation, Transport, Travel, Technology, Aerospace, Civil Transportation, Fleet, Livery, Equipment, Airframe, Commerce, Avion, terminal building

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