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Market Street Van & Storage, Semi-trailer truck, Semi, 1940s, PDMV01P02_01Market Street Van & Storage, Piano, Ramp, 1940s, Semi-trailer truck, Semi, PDMV01P02_02Grand Piano, Market Street Van & Storage, Semi-trailer truck, Semi, 1940s, PDMV01P02_03Ford Truck, U-Haul Moving Van, 1970s, PDMV01P02_14hirepool, Trailer, PDMV01P02_15PDMV01P02_16PDMV01P02_17PDMV01P02_18PDMV01P02_19Commercial-shipping, refrigerator, delivery, PDMV01P03_01U-Haul Van, boxes, box, PDMV01P03_02long term storage, PDMV01P03_04boxes, box, storage, PDMV01P03_05Semi-trailer truck, boxes, box, hand cart, Semi, PDMV01P03_06Moving Van, Semi-trailer truck, boxes, box, hand cart, Semi, PDMV01P03_07Semi-trailer truck, boxes, box, hand cart, PDMV01P03_08long term storage, PDMV01P03_09long term storage, PDMV01P03_10long term storage, PDMV01P03_11long term storage, container, PDMV01P03_12long term storage, container, PDMV01P03_13Latch, lock, door, lever, long term storage, container, PDMV01P03_14long term storage, container, PDMV01P03_15long term storage, container, PDMV01P03_16long term storage, container, PDMV01P03_17long term storage, container, PDMV01P03_18classic trunk, PDMV01P03_19boxes, box, PDMV01P04_01boxes, box, PDMV01P04_02boxes, box, PDMV01P04_03boxes, box, PDMV01P04_04boxes, box, PDMV01P04_05long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_06long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_07long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_08long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_09long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_10long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_11long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_12long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_13long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_14long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_15long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_16long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_17long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_18long term storage, boxes, box, PDMV01P04_19mail delivery van, Castro District, PDMV01P05_01pickup truck, mattress, table, loaded, overload, PDMV01P05_02pickup truck, mattress, table, loaded, overload, PDMV01P05_03U-haul, box, boxes, car, loaded, PDMV01P05_04Luggage, suitcase, bags, overloaded, PDMV01P05_06Ryder Van, Ford, Truck, PDMV01P05_07Woman, Box, boxes, PDMV01P05_08boxes, box, truck, loading, PDMV01P05_09boxes, box, truck, loading, PDMV01P05_10boxes, box, truck, loading, PDMV01P05_11boxes, box, truck, loading, PDMV01P05_12Lee's Household Movers, Santa Ana, loading, PDMV01P05_13Lee's Household Movers, Santa Ana, PDMV01P05_14boxes, box, PDMV01P05_15boxes, box, Boom Box, Jesus Painting, table, glue, kitchen, PDMV01P05_16U-haul van, PDMD01_001U-haul van, PDMD01_002PDMD01_003PDMD01_004housewife, Kitchen Utensils, 1940s, PDMV01P02_04Plymouth, Chevy Impala Station Wagon, La Mirada, California, 1950s, PDMV01P02_05Moving Sign, Front Yard, Suburbia, La Mirada California, PDMV01P02_06U-Haul Truck, Moving Van, December 1978, 1970s, PDMV01P02_13Bridgeporte Sales Office, Signage, PDMV01P05_17boxes, box, hand cart, PDMV01P03_03Boxes, Box, package, PDMD01_005PDMD01_006U-Haul Trailer, Van, Houses, PDMV01P02_07U-Haul Truck, Uhaul, PDMD01_007Moving a Carpet, rug, cars, PDMD01_008Moving a Carpet, rug, cars, PDMD01_009U-Haul Trailer, SUV, PDMD01_010U-Haul Trailer, pickup truck, PDMD01_011U-Haul Trailer, pickup truck, PDMD01_012Allied Moving Van, Semi, home, house, driveway, mailbox, realtor sign, suburbia, street, July 1964, 1960s, PDMV01P02_08Avis Moving Van, Car, 1950s, PDMV01P02_09North American Van Lines Inc., Kirkwood, Moving Van, 1950s, PDMV01P02_10Moving Van, 1950s, PDMV01P02_11North American Moving Van, car, home, house, PDMV01P02_12PDMD01_013PDMD01_014U-Haul Van, Valley Ford Road, PDMD01_015U-haul with car trailer, PDMD01_016Country Squire Station Wagon, LEMS Moving Trailer, 1950s, PDMV01P01_19Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_017Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_018U-Haul Van, Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_019Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_020Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_021Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_022Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_023Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_024Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_025Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_026Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_027Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_028Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_029Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_030Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_031Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_032Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_033Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_034Hoarding Result, Junk, PDMD01_0351959 Plymouth Sport Fury on Interstate I-40, U-Haul Trailer, 1950s, PDMV01P05_18
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