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Veins with Cholestrol deposits, HABV01P02_04Veins with Cholestrol deposits, HABV01P02_05Veins with Cholestrol deposits, HABV01P02_06Veins with Cholestrol deposits, HABV01P02_07Veins with Cholestrol deposits, HABV01P02_08blood vessel wall, HABV01P02_09HABV01P02_10HABV01P02_10BHeart, HABV01P02_11Heart, HABV01P02_12Heart, HABV01P02_13Heart cross section, HABV01P02_14Heart cross section, HABV01P02_14BHeart, HABV01P02_15Heart, HABV01P02_16Heart, HABV01P02_17Heart, cross section, HABV01P02_18Heart, cross section, HABV01P02_19Heart, cross section, HABV01P03_01Heart, Cardio, HABD01_001Heart, Cardio, HABD01_002Heart, Cardio, HABD01_003Heart, HABD01_004Heart, HABD01_005Heart, HABD01_006Heart, Cardio, HABD01_007
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