milking machine, FPDV01P02_02milking machine, FPDV01P02_03milking machine, FPDV01P02_04milking machine, FPDV01P02_05milking machine, FPDV01P02_06bucket of milk, FPDV01P02_07milking machine, FPDV01P02_08milking machine, FPDV01P02_09Milk Bottling Plant, Storage Tanks, Metal, Aluminum, FPDV01P01_10Milk Bottling Plant, Pipes, crank handles, machinery, FPDV01P01_11Centrale Del Latte, Cotal, Milk Delivery Truck, Dairy, 1950's, FPDV01P01_12MLEKO, Milk Delivery Truck, Dairy, 1950's, FPDV01P01_13Milk Delivery Truck, Dairy, 1950's, FPDV01P01_14Milk Delivery Truck, Dairy, 1950's, FPDV01P01_15Milk Delivery Truck, tri-wheeler, Dairy, 1950's, FPDV01P01_16Express Dairy, Milk Delivery Truck, building, distribution, 1950's, FPDV01P01_17Milk Bottling Plant, Bottles, Men, workers, uniform, job, avocation, FPDV01P01_18Milk Bottling Plant, FPDV01P01_19Milk Delivery Truck, Dairy, 1950's, FPDV01P02_01Powdered Milk, FPDV01P01_09Cheese Making, FPDV01P02_10Milkman, Milk Distribution, FPDV01P02_11The Dairy Farm, Ice & Cold Storage Co. LTD., FPDV01P02_12Bottles of Milk, China, Chinese, Asian, Asia, FPDV01P02_13Foremost Dairies, Milk Delivery Truck , Bangkok, Dairy, FPDV01P02_14Foremost Dairies, Milk Delivery Truck, motorscooter, three-wheeler, 3-wheeler, triwheeler, Dairy, 1950's, FPDV01P02_15Milk Cart, FPDV01P02_16Bottling Plant, Dairy, women, workers, uniforms, FPDV01P02_17Bottling Plant, Dairy, workers, FPDV01P02_18Villaggio del latte, FPDV01P02_19Latteria, Milk Store, Window, Awning, FPDV01P03_01FPDV01P03_02Warehouse, FPDD01_006Cheese Making, FPDV01P01_07Cheese Making, FPDV01P01_08Cheese Making, FPDV01P01_08BVintage Milk Bottles, FPDD01_013Vintage Milk Bottles, FPDD01_014Vintage Milk Bottles, FPDD01_015Butter Churn, FPDD01_016Milk Cooler from the early 1930's, FPDD01_018Milk Cooler from the early 1930's, FPDD01_019
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