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the rage, begets a strange sense of calm, XCEV02P06_12.0366well then what is it, that is who i m, am i just that . . . . . . . , XCEV02P06_13.0366looking at the deep essence, i just know, well i think i know, how could you, how could i, i just dont feel anymore . . . . , XCEV02P06_14.0366i feel no more the drip, of essence . . . , XCEV02P06_15.0366for you, i want to deeply suffer . . . , XCEV02P06_16.0366but then patterns of non existence  . . . . . . . , XCEV02P06_17.0366calmely sweep a feeling......., XCEV02P06_18.0366ahhhhhhh, XCEV02P06_19.0366the nature of random existence, XCEV02P07_01.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P07_02.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P07_02BAbstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P07_03.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P07_04.0366Splash of LIquid Pandemonium, XCEV02P07_04BAs particulate reality boils off into the ether, XCEV02P07_05.0366Photonic Quagmire, XCEV02P07_06.0366Detail from Photonic Quagmire, XCEV02P07_06Bmorbific transmutation, the essence of inner acceptance of being nothing, XCEV02P07_07.0366I clebrate that feeling of deep love . . . . . . the embryo . . . . , XCEV02P07_07BThat Essential Place, XCEV02P07_08.0366If for tomorrow you will feel, XCEV02P07_08BAbstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P07_09.0366The Basis for inner doubt, XCEV02P07_10.0366deep moments of rage dispell into the continuum of now, XCEV02P07_11.0366Crooked Face, XCEV02P07_12Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P07_13.0366Delicate Blue, XCEV02P07_14.0366I change nothing . . . , XCEV02P07_15.0366though i want to love  so so so deeply . . . , XCEV02P07_16.0366I scream love!!!,  but i know that our pain is so severe that it is difficult to comprehend . . . .  , XCEV02P07_17.0366where within, can we find self?  I wish you could know, what i do not know., XCEV02P07_18.0366we dont know, nor do i, and if I knew, the only things i would know, is, that i dont know, XCEV02P07_18Bsoft incantations of smooth, XCEV02P07_19.0366never was, never will, there is no such thing as now, XCEV02P08_01.0366Pyroclastic Existence within the Sea, XCEV02P08_02.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P08_03.0366Addiction of Enough, XCEV02P08_04.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P08_04BAbstracia in Etherics: the nature of where and why, XCEV02P08_04CGleaning the Darkness from Within, XCEV02P08_05.0366Abstracia in Etherics: how can it be, XCEV02P08_05BChaotic Storm, XCEV02P08_06detail from Chaotic Storm, XCEV02P08_06BCrystalline Pleasure, XCEV02P08_07.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random reality, XCEV02P08_07BExothermic Manifestation of Fusion, XCEV02P08_08Crystalization of Cold Fusion, XCEV02P08_09Abstracia in Etherics: is it about existence, XCEV02P08_10.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P08_11.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the completion of existence, XCEV02P08_11BAbstracia in Etherics: more than random thought, XCEV02P08_12.0367make myself complete, for completion gives me the gift of now, XCEV02P08_12BAbstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P08_13.0367Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P08_14.0367Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P08_15.0367Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P08_16.0367Metamorphic Crystiliazation, XCEV02P08_17.0367Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P08_18.0367tintanabulation of the particulate matters of which they don't, XCEV02P08_19.0367The rage, XCEV02P09_01.0367the carving heart of tonight, XCEV02P09_02.0367beach at Dutton Avenue, XTFV01P01_01beach at Dutton Avenue, XTFV01P01_02beach at Dutton Avenue, XTFV01P01_03beach at Dutton Avenue, XTFV01P01_04XTFV01P01_05XTFV01P01_06XTFV01P01_08XTFV01P01_09XTFV01P01_10XTFV01P01_11XTFV01P01_12XTFV01P01_13XTFV01P01_14XTFV01P01_15XTFV01P01_16XTFV01P01_17XTFV01P01_18XTFV01P01_19XTFV01P02_01XTFV01P02_02XTFV01P02_03XTFV01P02_04XTFV01P02_05XTFV01P02_06XTFV01P02_07XTFV01P02_09XTFV01P02_10XTFV01P02_11XTFV01P02_12XTFV01P02_13XTFV01P02_14XTFV01P02_16XTFV01P02_17XTFV01P02_18XTFV01P02_19XTFV01P03_01XTFV01P03_02XTFV01P03_03XTFV01P03_04XTFV01P03_05Cannons, Artillery, gun, XTFV01P03_06Cannons, Artillery, gun, XTFV01P03_07XTFV01P03_08XTFV01P03_09XTFV01P03_10XTFV01P03_11XTFV01P03_12XTFV01P03_13XTFV01P03_15XTFV01P03_16XTFV01P03_17XTFV01P03_18XTFV01P03_19XTFV01P04_01XTFV01P04_02XTFV01P04_03XTFV01P04_04XTFV01P04_05XTFV01P04_06XTFV01P04_07XTFV01P04_08XTFV01P04_09XTFV01P04_10XTFV01P04_11XTFV01P04_12XTFV01P04_13XTFV01P04_14XTFV01P04_15XTFV01P04_16XTFV01P04_17XTFV01P04_18XTFV01P04_19XTFV01P05_01XTFV01P05_02XTFV01P05_03XTFV01P05_04XTFV01P05_05XTFV01P05_06XTFV01P05_07XTFV01P05_08XTFV01P05_09XTFV01P05_10XTFV01P05_11XTFV01P05_12XTFV01P05_13XTFV01P05_14XTFV01P05_16XTFV01P05_17XTFV01P05_18XTFV01P05_19XTFV01P06_01XTFV01P06_02XTFV01P06_03XTFV01P06_04XTFV01P06_05XTFV01P06_06XTFV01P06_07XTFV01P06_08XTFV01P06_09XTFV01P06_10XTFV01P06_11XTFV01P06_12XTFV01P06_13XTFV01P06_14XTFV01P06_15XTFV01P06_16XTFV01P06_17Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD0651_089Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD0651_089BWiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD0651_089CThe sense between a certainty and a certainty, XTLPCD0651_103XTLPCD0651_104Arc, Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD0651_105Arc, Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD0651_105BXTLPCD0651_106XTLPCD0652_001XTLPCD0652_002XTLPCD0661_141XTLPCD0661_141BXTLPCD2930_010Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD3344_081Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD3344_081BWiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD3344_085Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD3344_085BWiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD3344_086Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLPCD3344_086BWiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLV01P01_02.2842Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLV01P01_05.2842Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLV01P01_06.2842XTLV01P01_07.2842Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLV01P01_08.2842XTLV01P01_10.2842Wiggly Wag, Squigles, XTLV01P01_11.2842XTLV01P01_15.2842XTLV01P01_16.2842XTLV01P01_19.2842XTLV01P02_03.2842XTLV01P02_05.2842XTLV01P02_11.2842
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