The Arm of a Scar that just feels Right, XCEV01P10_07.0365the simple Tongue of Id, XCEV01P10_07BVixinish Lady, Woman Torso, XCEV01P10_08.0365Vixinish Lady, Woman Torso, XCEV01P10_08Band wherever you are, Inside or within the Deep Darkness of now, XCEV01P10_09.0365OOOOOO show me Light, XCEV01P10_10.0365Finesse Within the Trobatic Realm, XCEV01P10_11.0365Dark Yellow Beingness, The moonlight glow into whispy clouds, XCEV01P10_12.0365Trinsomatic Belligeration, XCEV01P10_13.0365Somewhat Constructive Movement of the Unknown, XCEV01P10_14.0365Whispy Attenuation of the Blue, XCEV01P10_18.0365Whispy Attenuation of the Blue, Close-up, XCEV01P10_18BWaving Kelp Forest in the See, XCEV01P10_19.0365Sun Spotacular Congruency, XCEV01P11_01.0365Striations Of Flow, XCEV01P11_02.0365Orangic Mobilization from Black Part One, XCEV01P11_03.0365dot and flo, lines and curves, narrow, XCEV01P11_04.0365Orangic Mobilization from Black Part Two, XCEV01P11_05.0365Mentaculation of a Flinoric Being, XCEV01P11_06.0365Sometimes an Occasional It, XCEV01P11_07.0365Finding to See Nothing for Memory, XCEV01P11_08.0365Yes I Id, XCEV01P11_09.0365Magmatic Interpolative Cooling, Telemantary Coagulation of Is, XCEV01P11_10.0365Can you?, XCEV01P11_11.0365Is it Enough, XCEV01P11_12.0365Pre-emptive Multiplication of the Id, XCEV01P11_13.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P11_14.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P11_15.0365Precious Essence detail, XCEV01P11_15BI need you in my LIfe to Stay, you are running to Play, with each other in ways, that light fire, XCEV01P11_16.0365the rage . . . , XCEV01P11_17.0365is felt in the mind......., XCEV01P11_18.0365to a place where my only blessing ....., XCEV01P11_19.0365allows my inner glow to shine ....., XCEV01P12_01.0365Stellar Depth of Knowingness, XCEV01P12_02.0365understanding how crazy it is to not......, XCEV01P12_03.0365when the pain of reaching . . . . , XCEV01P12_04.0365into the inner self ......, XCEV01P12_05.0365you can  not regress into the spirit that is not you . . . . . , XCEV01P12_06.0365the boulevard of mis underknowing ........, XCEV01P12_07.0365within whom the self is begot into nothingness........., XCEV01P12_08.0365honey,    just know, that your are nothing ....., XCEV01P12_09.0365the spirit moves in circles of the scenes of self passing by .. . . . . , XCEV01P12_10.0365it is wise, for time within your self ragve......., XCEV01P12_11.0365to come out into your own illusion of what you might think of revolution. of anhilation. and the elation of . . . . . , XCEV01P12_12.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P12_13.0365Interfractility of conectivity of Lovetivity, XCEV01P12_14.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P12_15.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P12_16.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P12_17.0365Symbiotic connectivity of that with is know . . . . . , XCEV01P12_18.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P12_19.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P13_01.0365for where there are blessed be thy, XCEV01P13_02.0365the sound, XCEV01P13_03.0365of throwing the earth into . . . . . . , XCEV01P13_04.0365chimes of .......creation, XCEV01P13_05.0365just know, that creation exists not.......  for that place that we know is not........   compassion, XCEV01P13_06.0365and she feels it so deeply, XCEV01P13_07.0365Crackling Hell Seathing a Burn, Magmatic Osmotic assimilation of the Unknown, XCEV01P13_08.0365Question of Form, XCEV01P13_09.0365a feeling of desire, XCEV01P13_10.0365sometimes it feels like love, XCEV01P13_11.0365sometimes it feels like air, XCEV01P13_12.0365the feeling makes me quiver, XCEV01P13_13.0365in this place that just is, XCEV01P13_14.0365I don't really know it, but, XCEV01P13_15.0365I love it, and, XCEV01P13_16.0365i want it, but, XCEV01P13_17.0365i am afraid of it, XCEV01P13_18.0365the fear, XCEV01P13_19.0365gives me that warning, XCEV01P14_01.0365that if i knew, XCEV01P14_02.0365what i dont know, XCEV01P14_03.0365I would hear the voice from deep within, XCEV01P14_04.0365that voice is magic, XCEV01P14_05.0365and it can be grounding, XCEV01P14_06.0365through the opiate of peering within the unknown, XCEV01P14_07.0365draws forth a blindness, XCEV01P14_08.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P14_09.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P14_10.0365The Eye of the Great Mystery, XCEV01P14_11.0365a dove and swan combine, XCEV01P14_12.0365Ameobic Transformations, Poem for the All, XCEV01P14_13.0365of omni presence, XCEV01P14_13Bfly with me, and with glee, XCEV01P14_14.0365Deep in the Labrynths of the Ocean Floor, XCEV01P14_15.0365Amoebic Journey Through the Borealis, XCEV01P14_16.0365that inner singularity, An Amoebe attempting formatic Identity, XCEV01P14_16Bof which i can not define, XCEV01P14_17.0365Trans-contemplative flight of the abstracted Comet, XCEV01P14_17Bbecause i feel it, Tintinnabulated Bells of Existentialism, XCEV01P14_18.0365and i feel it so within, XCEV01P14_19.0365that confusion and, XCEV01P15_01.0365mystery, XCEV01P15_01Ballow the random existence of now, XCEV01P15_02.0365to rule all that , XCEV01P15_03.0365contemplative paranormal and now, XCEV01P15_04.0365to allow myself to be, XCEV01P15_05.0365HELP ME, HELL, XCEV01P15_06.0365AND HEAVEN, XCEV01P15_07.0365XCEV01P15_08.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P15_09.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the deep in glow with purpose, XCEV01P15_10.0365Hell, Earth, and Heaven, XCEV01P15_11.0365Molecular Phase Transition, XCEV01P15_12.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P15_13.0365Particulate Matters None, XCEV01P15_14.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P15_15.0365Convergence of Primary Quanta One, Cacophony of Form, XCEV01P15_16.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P15_16BWhy - opines and inquiry into the Great Mystery, XCEV01P15_17.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P15_18.0365Fenestration of Portals into Light Being, XCEV01P15_19.0365Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV01P15_19BI fight for life, as if it were my own, XCEV02P01_01.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P01_02.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P01_03.0366Abstracia in Etherics: why can it be bird eye flindronic etrine, XCEV02P01_04.0366The contanibulation of isthmus to form face eye, XCEV02P01_05.0366The Eye of a Feather, XCEV02P01_06.0366The Orangic Globular Dalintalic finess of mass versus distintiction, Formation of Which has Substance Knot, XCEV02P01_07.0366when we look around, and find persecution, burning in our soul, the avoidence, XCEV02P01_08.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P01_09.0366Delirium Of Time In Space, XCEV02P01_10.0366as u see the look in your eyes ......, XCEV02P01_10Bis it not the rage, XCEV02P01_10Cthe distraction begins to strum a thousand words of . . . . . , XCEV02P01_11.0366Orange Drift in Blue, XCEV02P01_11BMeteoric Falling Star Chasm, XCEV02P01_12.0366Meteoric Falling Star Chasm #3, XCEV02P01_12BCollection of Ordered Brownian Motion #1, XCEV02P01_13.0366Collection of Ordered Brownian Motion #2, XCEV02P01_13BAbstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P01_14.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P01_15.0366The Eye of Shine, XCEV02P01_16.0366Wingle Tingle, XCEV02P01_17.0366wind drips, XCEV02P01_18.0366the nature of orangic frothbulation, XCEV02P01_19.0366turning my back into the stars of . .. . , XCEV02P02_01.0366ok make fun of this . . . . , XCEV02P02_02.0366trillions of years ago . . . , XCEV02P02_03.0366the infetesimal strata of the steps along the way . . . . . . ., XCEV02P02_04.0366there is a secret of which the forest seeks an answer . . . , XCEV02P02_05.0366turning my path into rage . . . . . , XCEV02P02_06.0366My memory dips far into the rage, and yet the calm, the peace . . . . , XCEV02P02_07.0366the sanity that I want, . . . , XCEV02P02_08.0366how can I tell you . . . . , XCEV02P02_09.0366When I Open My Heart, XCEV02P02_09Bthe swirl, the help of the inner part of me ........, XCEV02P02_10.0366that knoweth . . . . , XCEV02P02_11.0366that helps is not what it is. but that it is not what ........, XCEV02P02_11Boh gosh, it brings me back to the purple rage ......, XCEV02P02_12.0366from that which i can not escapeth from........, XCEV02P02_13.0366i feel the gentle rain . . .    which bringeth along my persoonal state of insanty . . . .v , XCEV02P02_14.0366Whispering Man with the Moon, XCEV02P02_15.0366unto me the beggining of that which i do not know . . .  neither do you . . . ., XCEV02P02_16.0366the dream of now, into dots, and points, that sitll now matter how pround, mean nothing, XCEV02P02_17.0366Depth of Independence, XCEV02P02_18.0366the osmotic embryonic fluidity of the Id, XCEV02P02_19.0366i want you to know, that tonight, give me everything, all, XCEV02P03_01.0366Orange Dots in a Black Field, XCEV02P03_02.0366Sun Plays with Dark Matter, XCEV02P03_03.0366Mardi Gras, XCEV02P03_04.0366the beggining, XCEV02P03_05.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P03_06.0366Finding patternistic behaviours within meaning, XCEV02P03_07.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P03_08.0366From the Sunshine to the Moonglow, XCEV02P03_09.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P03_10.0366minblanotory placement of this, XCEV02P03_11.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P03_12.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P03_13.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P03_14.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P03_15.0366Let me go into a Million Pieces, XCEV02P03_16.0366like never of thecklo sef, XCEV02P03_17.0366the dot of existence, XCEV02P03_18.0366may we be the nothingness within all, XCEV02P03_19.0366how do i find within thee the pattern of all that is., XCEV02P04_01.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P04_02.0366The nature of a wound, XCEV02P04_03.0366red deep meat, a gash in the spirit, XCEV02P04_03BA Crawling insight into the Crevasse, XCEV02P04_03CIf I could write the abstract as if it were real, XCEV02P04_04.0366Golden sprinkled fields of capstone evidence, XCEV02P04_05.0366Tear thru the Paper of of Reality, XCEV02P04_06.0366A Taste of the Tear Through Reality, XCEV02P04_07.0366It never finds without YOU, XCEV02P04_08.0366Grappeling with form, XCEV02P04_09.0366finding the essence within the chaotic form, XCEV02P04_10.0366the Center, XCEV02P04_11.0366Precursor to Gazing Past the Strata of Being, XCEV02P04_12.0366Arc of a Complex Dream, XCEV02P04_13.0366Can Erase the Strangeness of Sleepless Days, XCEV02P04_14.0366Tethered Balloon: In transition through the incredible journey!, XCEV02P04_15.0366Abstracia in Etherics: the nature of random existence, XCEV02P04_16.0366patterns of luquid nidraneous aggregate, XCEV02P04_17.0366bow the curve .. and the circles, XCEV02P04_18.0366Greenlings in Transition, XCEV02P04_19.0366
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