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Land of Lakes on the Beach, EPDD01_001Land of Lakes on the Beach, EPDD01_001BEPDD01_002Expansion, EPDD01_003Expansion, EPDD01_004Expansion in Block Form, EPDD01_005Expansion, EPDD01_006EPDD01_007Color Swatches, EPDD01_008EPDD01_009Cyrilic Tile Expands, EPDD01_010Spiky Modules of Color Spectrum, EPDD01_011Cloudilic Spiral Symmetry, EPDD01_012Earths Spiral in the Clouds, EPDD01_013The Perfect Flame of Tranquility, EPDD01_014EPDD01_015In the Clouds Glorious Shapes, EPDD01_016In the Clouds Glorious Shapes, EPDD01_017In the Clouds Glorious Shapes, EPDD01_018Sand Sea and Sky, 2EPDD01_020Layered Mountains Blanket, EPDD01_021zigging and some zagging, zig zag, EPDD01_022Mountainscape and Cloud, Mountain Range, EPDD01_023The Central Core of Light Beings Incubator, EPDD01_024The Central Core of Light Beings Incubator, EPDD01_025Mother and Child Water Drop Beings, Spirit Light, Embryonic Water Drop Being, EPDD01_026Mother and Child Water Drop Beings, Spirit Light, Embryonic Water Drop Being, EPDD01_027Mother and Child Water Drop Beings, Spirit Light, Embryonic Water Drop Being, EPDD01_027BMother and Child Water Drop Beings, Embryonic Water Drop Being, EPDD01_028Embryonic Water Drop Being, detail of Mother and Child Water Drop Beings, Spirit Light, EPDD01_029Mother and Child Water Drop Beings, Spirit Light, Embryonic Water Drop Being, EPDD01_030Mother and Child Water Drop Beings, Spirit Light, Embryonic Water Drop Being, EPDD01_030Bzodiac of sky spiral nebulosity, EPDD01_031EPDD01_032EPDD01_033Not Quite Here - Not Quite There, Interdimensional Space, Fractulization, EPDD01_034EPDD01_035Tiles of Mosaic Cellulose Confusion, EPDD01_036The Heart of a Supersonic Journey, EPDD01_037The Heart of a Supersonic Journey detail, EPDD01_037BPinpoint Piercing of Heart Energy, EPDD01_038Pinpoint Piercing of Heartfelt Energy, Black Heart, EPDD01_038BDigital Tiles of Mosaic Confusion, EPDD01_039Mother and Child Water Drop Beings, Spirit Light, Embryo, EPDD01_040Water Drop Being, waterlens, EPDD01_029BPrecise Strategem to the Heart and Soul, EPDD01_037CEPDD01_052A Cobra Snake Eagle Bird captures a moment of Self Realization, EPDD01_053Cobra Snake Eagle Bird Face, EPDD01_053BCyborg 256, EPDD01_054Cyborg 257, EPDD01_055Cyborg 258, EPDD01_056EPDD01_057Cyborg 259, EPDD01_058EPDD01_059Spirit Flight Into Infinity, EPDD01_060Celestial Electro Plasma Being, EPDD01_061Electro Transitory Spirit Searching, EPDD01_062A Singularity at the Moment of Expansion, EPDD01_063Spot of Essence, EPDD01_064How Feathered a Cell Can Be Four before it can Be, EPDD01_065Curved Energy Forward, EPDD01_066EPDD01_067Galactic Spring of Delicate Knowledge, EPDD01_068Celestial Closed Loop Energetics, EPDD01_069Let Me Bug You, Cyborg Beetle, EPDD01_070EPDD01_071EPDD01_072EPDD01_073Trilobite Medallion Glow, EPDD01_074Surreal Trilobite Medallion Glow, EPDD01_074BSpirit Flight of a Dove in a Vision Quest, EPDD01_075EPDD01_076On the Shore of Illuminatus, reflection, water, EPDD01_077On the Shore of Illuminatus, reflection, water, EPDD01_077BEPDD01_078Spiralistic Creation of Stratum, EPDD01_079Divide and Multiply, Cells, Round, EPDD01_080The Intersection of Fore and Unto Evermore, Cell Bifurcation, EPDD01_081The Intersection of Fore and Unto Everything, EPDD01_082The Mouth and small tongue, Soft Bendy Colorsoft Abstract, EPDD01_083EPDD01_084EPDD01_085EPDD01_086EPDD01_087EPDD01_088Reflections of a red that shines, EPDD01_089The Vertex of the Coma Light, UFO into a central Obfuscation, EPDD01_090the shades of curvy shapes, may they shire, EPDD01_091UFO Continues a Journey of Evermore, Dreamy, EPDD01_092Abstracted Geometric Patterns, EPDD01_093Tree Abstract Patterns, Limbs, EPDD01_094Golden Dragon reflecting in the Water, Teeth, Tongue, Face, EPDD01_096Golden Dragon, EPDD01_096BBearded Mountain Man Reflecting in Frozen Rocky Water, EPDD01_097Spiky Mandala of Color Spectrum, EPDD01_011BEPDD01_019EPDD01_034BEPDD01_077CEPDD01_092BSpirit Energy Brings Light into the Darkness, EPDD01_098Spikey Fractals Reflecting in a Lake, EPDD01_099Sea of Turbulent Angry Clouds, EPDD01_100Sea of Turbulent Clouds, EPDD01_101Transformers Connected in a Spiral of Power Lines, EPDD01_102Central Lines of Spotted Energy Source Spials into Oblivion, EPDD01_103Central Line and Curve of Spotted Energy Sources, EPDD01_104A Spiral of Abstract Sky, EPDD01_105Nuetrinos Spiral iinto Oblivion, EPDD01_106Nuetrinos Spiral iinto Oblivion, EPDD01_107Morey Eel shapes Swirling, EPDD01_108Many Butterflies Swiring Into the Center, EPDD01_109Butterfly Swirls Into the Center, EPDD01_110Butterfly Spiral Into the Center, EPDD01_111EPDD01_112Bubbles Heading Towards a Circulated Being, EPDD01_113Bubbles Heading Towards Circulated Being, EPDD01_114Energy Fields Spirals from an Inner Bring, EPDD01_115
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