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Salsa, 1950s, EDNPCD1185_016Salsa, 1950s, EDNPCD1185_016BSalsa, 1950s, EDNPCD1185_017Salsa, 1950s, EDNPCD1185_018Salsa, 1950s, EDNPCD1185_019Salsa, 1950s, EDNPCD1185_020Salsa, 1950s, EDNPCD1185_021High Heels, shoe, pumps, shadow, feet, woman, female, EDNV01P03_19High Heels, Pumps, Shadow, Foot, Feet, EDNV01P03_19Bdisco lights, EDNV01P04_05disco lights, 1970s, Ben Jonson Inn, San Francisco, EDNV01P04_06disco lights, EDNV01P04_07disco lights, swirl, arms, joy, EDNV01P04_11disco lights, EDNV01P04_12disco lights, EDNV01P04_15disco lights, EDNV01P04_17disco, disco lights, EDNV01P04_19disco lights, EDNV01P03_15disco lights, EDNV01P03_16disco lights, EDNV01P03_17disco lights, EDNV01P03_18disco lights, EDNV01P04_01disco lights, Round, Circular, Circle, EDNV01P04_02disco lights, Round, Circular, Circle, EDNV01P04_03disco lights, EDNV01P04_04EDNV01P04_08EDNV01P04_09EDNV01P04_10EDNV01P04_13EDNV01P04_14EDNV01P04_16EDNV01P04_18EDNV01P05_01EDNV01P05_02Pepsi, EDNV01P05_03EDNV01P05_04EDNV01P05_05EDNV01P05_06Man Woman Dancing, orchestra, EDNV01P05_07disco dancing, crowded, lights, EDNV01P05_08EDNV01P05_10EDNV01P05_14Cowboy, Western, EDNV01P05_15EDNV01P05_16Man Woman Dancing, EDNV01P05_17EDNV01P05_18EDNV01P05_19Hazy, EDNV01P06_01Mariachi Band, Accordion, men, guitar, dancing, EDNV01P06_02Mariachi Band, Accordion, men, guitar, dancing, EDNV01P06_03Mariachi Band, Accordion, men, guitar, dancing, EDNV01P06_04Mariachi Band, Accordion, men, guitar, dancing, EDNV01P06_05Mariachi Band, Accordion, men, guitar, dancing, EDNV01P06_06Mariachi Band, Accordion, men, guitar, dancing, EDNV01P06_07EDNV01P06_08Mariachi Band, stores, Bass Fiddle, dancing, EDNV01P06_09Bass Fiddle, Man, Woman, Dance, EDNV01P06_10New Years Party, EDNV01P06_11Hugging, New Years Party, EDNV01P06_12EDNV01P06_13wild, crazy, legs, leggy, EDNV01P06_14Arms, Legs, Feet, Hands, EDNV01P06_15Legs, Leggy, Grass, EDNV01P06_16Moscow, EDNV01P06_17Moscow Dance, EDNV01P06_18Moscow, EDNV01P06_19Ballerina, Ballet, Tutu, EDNV01P03_10Ballerina, Ballet, Tutu, EDNV01P03_11Ballerina, Tutu, Ballet, Pinky, EDNV01P03_11BPink Ballerina, Ballet, Tutu, EDNV01P03_12Ballerina, Ballet, Tutu, EDNV01P03_12BBallerina, Ballet, Tutu, Backyard, Legs, Arms, EDNV01P03_13Ballerina, Ballet, Tutu, cute, Backyard, Stockings, Slippers, 1960s, EDNV01P03_14Cheerleaders, Uniform, Legs, Leggy, Panorama, Majorette, EDNV01P03_01Cheerleaders, Fluffy, Slippers, Fuzzy Panties, EDNV01P03_02Cheerleaders, High heels, Pom Pom, Majorette, EDNV01P03_03Bow, Hair, Smiles, Ribbon, Ballerina, Majorette, EDNV01P03_04Knees, Cheerleaders, Majorette, Shoes, Chair, 1960s, EDNV01P03_05Cheerleaders, Majorette, Cheering, EDNV01P03_06Ballerina, Cute, Legs, Slippers, EDNV01P03_07Ballerina, Panorama, EDNV01P03_08Ballerina, Ballet, Tutu, 1960s, EDNV01P03_091950s, Man, Woman, Dress, dancing, EDNV01P02_04Ballerina, Tutu, Frontyard, Home, Lawn, Roses, 1950s, EDNV01P02_05Ballroom Dancing, Man, Woman, 1940s, EDNV01P02_15Ballerina, Ballet, Tutu, 1950s, EDNV01P02_17Ballerina, Ballet, Tutu, Legs, Shoes, 1950s, EDNV01P02_18Ballerina, Ballet, Tutu, Cute, 1950s, EDNV01P02_19Christmas Dance, US Navy, Sailors, Occupied Japan, 1950s, EDNV01P02_01Ballerina, Ballet, Tutu, 1950s, EDNV01P02_16Dancing Man and Woman, Twirl, Twirling, 1950s, EDNV01P07_01Swirl, Female, Woman, Legs, Leggy, 1950s, EDNV01P07_01BWoman, Dancing, Costume, Dress, Smiles, EDNV01P02_13Boy and Girl, Smiles, Suit, Tie, Dress, Formal, 1950s, EDNV01P02_14Close Dancing, Embrace, 1950s, EDNV01P07_02Close, smiles, arms, shirt, 1950s, EDNV01P07_03Man, Woman, Fun, 1950s, EDNV01P07_04Man, Woman, Fun, 1950s, EDNV01P07_051950s, Hands, Arms, Legs, Short Pants, EDNV01P01_15Hips, Arms, Smiles, Hula Dance, Grass Skirt, 1950s, EDNV01P01_16Hula Dance, Grass Skirt, 1950s, EDNV01P01_16BHips, Hula Dance, Grass Skirt, 1950s, EDNV01P01_17Hula Dance, Grass Skirt, 1950s, EDNV01P01_17BHula Dance, Grass Skirt, 1950s, EDNV01P01_18Hula Dance, Grass Skirt, 1950s, EDNV01P01_18BHula Dance, Grass Skirt, Necklace, 1950s, EDNV01P01_19Standing, Legs, Tutu, Ballerina, 1950s, EDNV01P02_06Skirt, Ballerina, tutu, 1950s, EDNV01P02_06BSkirt, Ballerina, Stockings, Slippers, tutu, 1950s, EDNV01P02_07Skirt, Ballerina, Arms, 1950s, EDNV01P02_07BSkirt, Ballerina, smiles, 1950s, EDNV01P02_07CSandles, Socks, Ballet, 1950s, EDNV01P02_08Ballet, 1950s, EDNV01P02_08BBallet, 1950s, EDNV01P02_08CBallerina, Ballet, 1950s, EDNV01P02_09Ballet, happy girls, 1950s, EDNV01P02_09BBallet, 1950s, smiling girls, EDNV01P02_09C1950s, girl, boy, cute, adorable, EDNV01P02_10Ballet, Ballerina, 1950s, EDNV01P02_11Ballet, Ballerina, 1950s, EDNV01P02_11BBallerina, Smiles, Ballet, 1950s, EDNV01P02_11CInterdit, EDNV01P07_06Ballerina, Ballet, slippers, fireplace, 1950s, EDNV01P07_07Ballerina, Ballet, 1950s, EDNV01P07_07BBallerina, Ballet, 1950s, Underarm, Sequin, EDNV01P07_07CBallerina, Ballet, 1950s, Fireplace, EDNV01P07_08Ballerina, Ballet, Sequin, 1950s, EDNV01P07_09Bethnic, costume, dress, female, women, EDNV01P12_08Girl, Posing, Ballerina, Tutu, slippers, 1950s, EDNV01P01_09Ballerina Girl, Tutu, slippers, 1960s, EDNV01P01_10Ballerina, Tutu, slippers, 1960s, EDNV01P01_11Dutch Girl, hat, dress, 1960s, EDNV01P01_12Jane of the Jungle, Leopard Skin Suit, Bone, 1960s, EDNV01P01_13Leopard Skin Suit, Bone, Jane, 1960s, EDNV01P01_13BGirl, Costume, Hat, Shirt, Stockings, Slipper, 1960s, EDNV01P01_14Girl, Costume, Ribbon, Bow, Car, 1950s, EDNV01P02_12Boy, Hat, Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Gun, Cowboy, EDNV01P07_10Boy, Hat, Striped Jacket, Pants, Shoes, Vaudville, EDNV01P07_11Girl, Hat, Guns, Dress, Costume, Cowgirl, Ballerina, 1960s, EDNV01P07_12Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P07_13Girl, Cute, Costume, Dress, Ballerina, EDNV01P07_14Girl, Costume, Dress, Ballerina, EDNV01P07_15Girl, Costume, Hat, Wand, Baton Twirler, Majorette, Ballerina, EDNV01P07_16Girl, Costume, Chair, Sitting, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P07_17Girl, Costume, Tutu, Shoes, Ribbon, Ballerina, EDNV01P07_18Girl, Costume, Baton, Patriotic, Cheerleader Twirler, Majorette, Ballerina, EDNV01P07_19Girl, Costume, Slippers, Ribbon, Tutu, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_01Girl, Costume, Ribbon, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_02Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_03Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Stockings, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_04Girl, Costume, Tutu, Bare Feet, Barefoot, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_05Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_06Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_07Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_08Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_09Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_10Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_11Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_12Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_13Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_14Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_15Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Stockings, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_16Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Stockings, Glasses, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_17Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Stockings, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_18Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P08_19Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_01Girl, Costume, Hula Hoop, Tutu, Hoola Hoop, Hulahoop, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_02Girl, Costume, Hula Hoop, Tutu, Hoola Hoop, Hulahoop, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_03Girl, Costume, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_04Girl, Costume, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_05Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, BumbleBee, Bumble Bee, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_06Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_07Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, BumbleBee, Bumble Bee, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_08Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_09Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_10Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_11Girl, Costume, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_12Girl, Costume, Skirt, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_13Girl, Costume, Dress, Slippers, Ribbon, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_14Girl, Costume, Hat, Slippers, Tutu, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_15Girl, Costume, Tutu, Hat, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_16Girl, Costume, Butterfly, Wings, Antenna, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_17Girl, Costume, Butterfly, Wings, Antenna, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_18Girl, Costume, Butterfly, Wings, Antenna, Ballerina, EDNV01P09_19Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_01Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_02Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_03Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_04Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_05Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_06Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_07Girl, Costume, skirt, ribbon, slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_08Girl, Costume, Dress, Halo, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_09magic wand, Angel with Halo, Slippers, Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_10Angel with Halo, Slippers, Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_11Girl, Costume, Hat, Patriotic, Wand, Baton, Boots, Twirler, Majorette, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_12Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_13Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_14Girl, Costume, Long Dress, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_15Girl, Costume, Long Dress, Ballerina, arms, smiles, cute, teen, teenager, hair, standing, EDNV01P10_16Girl, Costume, Long Dress, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_17Girl, Costume, Long Dress, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_18Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P10_19Ballerina, Girl, Costume, EDNV01P11_01Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_02Girl, Costume, Sequin, Dress, Stockings, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_03Girl, Costume, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_04Girls, Costume, Group, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_05Girl, Costume, Group, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_06Girl, Costume, Group, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_07Girl, Costume, Group, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_08Girl, Costume, Group, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_09Girl, Costume, Group, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_10Girl, Costume, Group, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_10BGirl, Costume, Group, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_11Girl, Purple Costumes, Group, Tutu, Slippers, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_12Boy, toy gun, cowboy, hat, pants, shoes, EDNV01P11_13Nightclub, Dancing, Bakersfield, EDND01_001Nightclub, Dancing, Bakersfield, EDND01_002Dutch Girl, Costume, Smile, Slipper, 1950s, EDNV01P01_08Girl, Dance, Ballerina, cute, tutu, piano, smile, headpiece, 1950s, EDNV01P01_07Girl, Dance, Ballerina, cute, tutu, piano, smile, headpiece, 1950s, EDNV01P01_07BTeen Dance Party, Formal, Chiffon Dress, decorations, Peggy Sue, 1950s, EDNV01P01_05Girl, Funny, EDNV01P01_06Girl, Funny, Mod outfit, pants, EDNV01P01_06BBallerina Girl, tutu, cute, funny, green, 1950s, EDNV01P01_01Ballerina Girl, tutu, cute, funny, green, 1950s, EDNV01P01_02Ballerina Girl, tutu, cute, funny, pink, 1950s, EDNV01P01_03EDNV01P03_19CGabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_01Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_02Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_03Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_04Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_05Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_06Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_07Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_08Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_09Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_10Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_11Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_12Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_13Gabrielle Roth Dance Workshop, Esalan, EDN35V06P28_14Gabrielle Roth, Esalan, EDN35V06P29_01Gabrielle Roth, Esalan, EDN35V06P29_02Gabrielle Roth, Esalan, EDN35V06P29_03Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_01Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_02Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_03Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_04Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_05Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_06Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_07Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_08Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_09Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_10Hands of Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_11Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_12Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_13Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_14Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_15Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_16Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_17Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_18Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_19Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_20Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_21Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_22Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_23Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_24Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_25Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_26Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_27Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_28Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_29Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_30Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_31Hand of Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_32Gabrielle Roth Profile, EDN35V06P31_33Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_34Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_35Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_36Gabrielle Roth, EDN35V06P31_37Butterfly Girl, tippy-toes, Wings, 1950s, EDNV01P01_041950s, EDNV01P11_141950s, EDNV01P11_151950s, EDNV01P11_161950s, EDNV01P11_17Fairy Princess, Smiles, Crown, Ballerina, EDNV01P11_18Ballerina Girl, Dress, Slippers, Tiara, 1950s, EDNV01P11_19Ballerina Girl, Dress, Slippers, Tiara, 1950s, EDNV01P11_19BBallerina Practicing in a White Dress, 1950s, EDNV01P12_01Ballerina Practicing in a White Dress, 1950s, EDNV01P12_02Cat and Ballerina in a White Dress, EDNV01P12_03
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