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Gardens, Flowers, outdoor clock, outside, exterior, roman numerals, CEDV01P01_14.0644CEDV01P01_15.0644Chinese Tower, CEDV01P01_16.0644Copenhagen on the right, Slotsholmen Island on the left, CEDV01P01_17.1517The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, CEDV01P01_18.0644The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, CEDV01P01_19Round Tower, Copenhagen, Built by Christian 4th, 1648, CEDV01P02_01Elephant Gate, entrance to the Carlsberg, Copenhagen, Laboremus Pro Patria, CEDV01P02_02.0644palace, gate, towers, moat, building, bridge, Elsinore Castle, CEDV01P02_04.0644Palace, moat, building, Elsinore Castle, CEDV01P02_05.0644Canons, ocean, weapons, Elsinore Castle, CEDV01P02_06.1517inside, indoor, chandelier, fireplace, Elsinore Castle, CEDV01P02_07.0644Parquet Floor, Inside the palace, people, chandelier, Elsinore Castle, CEDV01P02_08.1517Elsinore Castle, CEDV01P02_08B.1517golden chandelier, CEDV01P02_09.0644cottage, home, house, building, cottagecore, CEDV01P02_10.0644royalty, building, palace, building, Frederiksborg castle, Hillerod, CEDV01P02_12.0644Frederiksborg castle, Hillerod, CEDV01P02_14.0644Horse statue, statuary, fall colors, art, artform, Copenhagen, autumn, CEDV01P02_15.0644palace, dome, landmark building, Frederikskirken (Marmorkirken), Copenhagen, 1950s, CEDV01P02_16.1517Amalienborg royal castle, Copenhagen, Denmark, CEDV01P02_17.0644Borsen (former stock exchange), Copenhagen, CEDV01P02_18.1517Borsen (former stock exchange), Copenhagen, CEDV01P02_18B.1517Nyhavn, Copenhagen, CEDV01P02_19.0644Guard at amalienborg in Copenhagen, CEDV01P03_01Gefion fountain Copenhagen, CEDV01P03_02.1517The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, Statue, Statuary, Sculpture, Girl, female, feminine, woman, lady, Bronze, Art, Exterior, Outdoors, Outside, harbour, Women, artform, CEDV01P03_03The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, CEDV01P03_04Entrance Tower, for Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod, CEDV01P03_05.0644Frederiksborg castle hillerod, now museum for national art, CEDV01P03_06.0644Stained Glass Window, CEDV01P03_07.0644Stained Glass Window, CEDV01P03_08.0644Fredensborg castle royal summer residence, Fredendsborg, landmark, CEDV01P03_09.0644Hissen (lift), Luma, Restaurang Gondolen, Skywalk, Elevator, unique landmark, Stockholm, CEDV01P03_10.0644The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, CEDV01P03_11.0644Harbor, homes, houses, hill, shore, shoreline, coast, coastal, CEDV01P03_12.1517homes, buildings, hill, shore, shoreline, coast, coastal, CEDV01P03_13.1517church, building, shore, shoreline, coast, coastal, CEDV01P03_14.1517village, sod houses, sod roofs, inlet, mountains, grass, stone wall, fjord, Buildings, CEDV01P03_15.1517village, sod houses, sod roofs, inlet, mountains, grass, stone wall, fjord, Buildings, CEDV01P03_15B.1517village, houses, inlet, mountains, grass, coast, coastal, mountain, fjord, Buildings, CEDV01P03_16.0644inlet, mountains, grass, coast, coastal, mountains, fjord, CEDV01P03_17.0644CEDV01P03_18.0644CEDV01P03_19.1517CEDV01P04_01.1517CEDV01P04_02.1517CEDV01P04_03.1517Buildings, Street, CEDV01P04_04CEDV01P04_05The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, CEDV01P04_06Amalienborg Royal Winter Residence, Copenhagen, CEDV01P04_07CEDV01P04_08The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, CEDV01P04_09The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, CEDV01P04_16The Little Mermaid, landmark, Copenhagen Harbor, CEDV01P04_17Fountain, water, statue, statuary, CEDV01P04_18Winter home of the Danish royal family, CEDV01P04_19CEDV01P05_01CEDV01P05_02Queen with Sword, commandments, Tablet, Throne, Wall Mural, outdoors, CEDV01P05_03CEDV01P05_04CEDV01P05_05Egeskov Castle, Funen, CEDV01P05_06Egeskov Castle, Funen, CEDV01P05_07Tivoli, Arch, Building, CEDV01P05_08Shell, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CEDV01P05_09Pedestrian Only street, Gagade, Copenhagen, CEDV01P05_10CEDV01P05_11CEDV01P05_12Jellingstone  with stonecarvings and "runer" jelling, CEDV01P05_13Cars, Castle, building, cobblestone street, CEDV01P05_14Grundtvigs Coppenhagen, CEDV01P05_15Frederiksbord national historic museum, Hillerod, CEDV01P05_16Frederiksbord national historic museum, Hillerod, Water Fountain, aquatics, landmark, CEDV01P05_17The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, CEDV01P05_19Tivoli on the left, main train station on the right, Depot, Copenhagen, skyline, cityscape, CEDV01P06_01Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, Copenhagen, skyline, cityscape, CEDV01P06_02Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, Copenhagen, skyline, cityscape, CEDV01P06_03Town Hall Square, Copenhagen, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, skyline, cityscape, CEDV01P06_04Tower, Town Hall Square, Copenhagen, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, CEDV01P06_05Statue, Water Fountain, aquatics, Town Hall Square, Copenhagen, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, CEDV01P06_06Statue, Water Fountain, aquatics, Town Hall Square, Copenhagen, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, CEDV01P06_07Elsinore Castle, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, Copenhagen, CEDV01P06_08Elsinore Castle, Moat, Water, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, Copenhagen, CEDV01P06_09Cannons, Weapons, Berm, Elsinore Castle, Fort, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, Copenhagen, Artillery, gun, CEDV01P06_10Cannons, Weapons, Berm, Elsinore Castle, Fort, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, Copenhagen, Artillery, gun, CEDV01P06_11Elsinore Castle, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, Copenhagen, CEDV01P06_12Elsinore Castle, Denmark, Pond, Lake, Reflection, Trees, Water, Walls, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, Copenhagen, CEDV01P06_13Our saviors Copenhagen, Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, CEDV01P06_14Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, Copenhagen, CEDV01P06_15Borsen, Tower of the former Stock Exchange, Copenhagen, CEDV01P06_16Vallo Castle, Denmark, CEDV01P06_17CEDV01P06_18CEDV01P06_19CEDV01P07_01CEDV01P07_02CEDV01P07_03CEDV01P07_04CEDV01P07_05CEDV01P07_06CEDV01P07_07CEDV01P07_08CEDV01P07_09The old town, Aarhus, CEDV01P07_10The old town, Aarhus, CEDV01P07_11CEDV01P07_12CEDV01P07_13CEDV01P07_14CEDV01P07_15CEDV01P07_16Frederiksborg castle, Hillerod, CEDV01P07_17Frederiksborg castle, Hillerod, CEDV01P07_18Tower, Bridge, Water, Moat, Frederiksborg castle, Hillerod, CEDV01P07_19Frederiksborg castle, Hillerod, CEDV01P08_01CEDV01P08_02CEDV01P08_03CEDV01P08_04Aarhus, CEDV01P08_05Aarhus, CEDV01P08_06straight pole observation tower, red white, La Spirale, La Ronde, Tower, Montreal Worlds Fair, Expo-67, Expo 67, (Universal and International Exhibition of 1967), Montreal, Canada, 1967, 1960s, CEDV01P08_07sidewalk cafe, buildings, CEDV01P08_08statue, statuary, Fountain, water, art, artform, buildings, Aquatics, CEDV01P08_09The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, Harbor, CEDV01P08_10The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Harbor, CEDV01P08_11Barrel for flowers, lawn, CEDV01P08_12Angel Statue on the Monument for the first sailors in WW1, World War 1 Maritime Monument, Copenhagen, CEDV01P08_13Kronborg castle, Elsinore, CEDV01P08_14Frederiksbord national historic museum, tower, building, palace, Hillerod, CEDV01P08_15Water Fountain, aquatics, statues, Frederiksbord national historic museum, tower, building, palace, Hillerod, CEDV01P08_16Frederiksbord national historic museum, tower, building, palace, Hillerod, CEDV01P08_17Frederiksbord national historic museum, palace, tower, building, statues, Water Fountain, aquatics, Hillerod, CEDV01P08_18Deer, Cow, bas-relief, CEDV01P08_19crosswalk, buildings, arrow, direction, Philips, CEDV01P09_01building, Townhouse Square, Copenhagen, CEDV01P09_02Water Fountain, aquatics, pigeons, buildings, Copenhagen, CEDV01P09_03Palace Hotel, Townhouse Square, building, statue, column, Copenhagen, CEDV01P09_04Pedestrian Street, buildings, Copenhagen, CEDV01P09_05buildings, cars, Central Copenhagen, CEDV01P09_06Thorvaldsens museum, palace, building, copenhagen, CEDV01P09_07Christiansborg Palace, Palace Courtyard Statue, bronze, statuary, female, feminine, woman, lady, art, artform, CEDV01P09_08Gefion fountain, water spray, Copenhagen, Aquatics, CEDV01P09_09Amalienborg royal castle, Copenhagen, Denmark, CEDV01P09_10Frederik's Church, Amalienborg castle, Marble Church, Copenhagen, Amalienborg royal castle, Denmark, CEDV01P09_11Clock Tower, steeple, building, CEDV01P09_12Clock Tower, steeple, building, CEDV01P09_13ivy, house, home, street, Building, domestic, domicile, residency, housing, CEDV01P09_14House, home, Water Fountain, aquatics, Building, domestic, domicile, residency, housing, CEDV01P09_15windmill, trees, CEDV01P09_16buildings, CEDV01P09_17The old town, Aarhus, CEDV01P09_18Palace, wall paintings, building, CEDV01P09_19For Forsikring, Kaaper, Castle, royalty, building, CEDV01P10_01Opera House, Oslo Norway, CEDV01P10_02Townhouse Square, Copenhagen, CEDV01P01_10CEDV01P01_11Townhouse Square, CEDV01P01_12Townhouse Square, CEDV01P01_13Clock Garden, ornate, Tivoli Gardens, landmark, opulant, outdoor clock, outside, exterior, building, roman numerals, CEDV01P01_14night, nighttime, building, lights, Tivoli, CEDV01P05_18Denmark, Viking Land, title card, CEDV01P10_03the Thinker, Danish Museum for Fine Art, CEDV01P10_04water, perfect reflection, lake, CEDV01P10_05Judy Moatz Tour of Scandinavia, July 1961, 1960s, CEDV01P10_06tower, cityscape, landscape, buildings, Town Square, Copenhagen, CEDV01P10_07Grammofonpuader, RCA, Arch, crosswalk, building, Downtown Copenhagen, CEDV01P10_08Flower Garden, Pond, trees, CEDV01P10_09buildings, houses, waterfront, docks, Nyhavn (new harbor), Copenhagen, Harbor, CEDV01P10_10Buildings, cars, Copenhagen, CEDV01P10_11Den Kongelige Porcelainsfabreik, Royal Copenhagen Porcelain, CEDV01P10_12Palace, building, Hotel Dangleterre, d'Angleterre, cars, Copenhagen, CEDV01P10_13Harbor Mermaid, rocks, statue, landmark, CEDV01P10_14Gefion fountain, landmark, Copenhagen, CEDV01P10_15Frederiksborg Palace, national historic museum, Hillerod, Turret, Tower, Castle, CEDV01P10_16Frederiksbord national historic museum, Hillerod, CEDV01P10_17Frederiksbord national historic museum, Hillerod, CEDV01P10_18Concert Hall, CEDV01P10_19Peacock, CEDV01P11_01Peacock, CEDV01P11_02CEDV01P11_03CEDV01P11_04round Water Fountain, aquatics, walkway, flowers, trees, pond, CEDV01P11_05 Pagoda, pond, lake, reflection, CEDV01P11_06CEDV01P11_07CEDV01P11_08Groften, restaurant, copenhagen, CEDV01P11_09water, fountain, building, Aquatics, CEDV01P11_10water, fountain, building, lights, night, nighttime, Aquatics, CEDV01P11_11building, lights, night, nighttime, CEDV01P11_12building, lights, night, nighttime, CEDV01P11_13dragonfly, bridge, lights, night, nighttime, CEDV01P11_14Pagoda, building, lights, night, nighttime, reflection, CEDV01P11_15CEDV01P11_16CEDV01P11_17CEDV01P11_18tin soldiers, Rifles, guns, march, marching, CEDV01P11_19Hans Christian Andersen, statue, statuary, Boy, male, guy, masculine, person, art, artform, Copenhagen, CEDV01P12_01Fairy Tale Tour map, CEDV01P12_02windmill, fields, clouds, CEDV01P12_03Buildings, water, reflection, , CEDV01P12_04Grass thatched home, house, building, bush, hedge, Sod, CEDV01P12_05building, lake, path, walkway, trees, pond, Frederiksborg national historic museum, Hillerod, CEDV01P12_06Frederiksborg national historic museum, Hillerod, CEDV01P12_07Chateau, building, clouds, CEDV01P12_08Rosenkranz Castle, royalty, building, flowers, path, CEDV01P12_09Tailor, Hans Christian Andersen House, Marie S Hansen, CEDV01P12_10Grass thatched home, building, Sod, Odense, CEDV01P12_11Town Hall, building, Copenhagen, CEDV01P12_12double arch, detail, Carlsberg Entrance, Copenhagen, CEDV01P12_13skyline, mast, sea, shore, CEDV01P13_04Violin, CEDV01P13_05CEDV01P13_06Our saviors church, copenhagen, CEDV01P13_07Children in Embrace, Water Fountain, aquatics, bench, park, CEDV01P13_08Building, Kronborg castle, Elsinore, CEDV01P13_09CEDV01P13_10sculpture, art, artform, child, CEDV01P13_11CEDV01P13_12CEDV01P13_13Opulent Wall, CEDV01P13_14Opulent Wallpaper, CEDV01P13_15Opulent Mirror, Candels, Gilded Gild Trim, CEDV01P13_16Opulent Furniture, Chandelier, CEDV01P13_17CEDV01P13_18CEDV01P13_19Woman Smiles, June 1970, CEDV01P14_01map, castle, war, battle, June 1970, CEDV01P14_02stained glass, window, June 1970, CEDV01P14_03Grundtvigs church, Copenhagen, June 1977, CEDV01P14_04Copenhagen harbor, June 1977, CEDV01P14_05Copenhagen harbor, June 1977, CEDV01P14_06Gefion fountain, Copenhagen, June 1977, CEDV01P14_07June 1977, CEDV01P14_08buildings, vanishing point, cobblestone streets, homes, June 1977, CEDV01P14_09Cafe, sweden, June 1977, CEDV01P14_10Harbor, Ronne, Denmark, June 1977, CEDV01P14_11Fredensborg castle, buildings, palace, June 1977, CEDV01P14_12home, house, grass thatched roof, June 1977, CEDV01P14_13home, house, window, curtain, June 1977, CEDV01P14_14Palace, building, June 1977, CEDV01P14_15Tile Floor, palace, grand hall, June 1977, CEDV01P14_16Frederiksbord national historic museum, Hillerod, June 1977, CEDV01P14_17Frederiksbord national historic museum, Hillerod, June 1977, CEDV01P14_18reflection, water, moat, castle, mansion, building, Frederiksbord national historic museum, Hillerod, June 1977, CEDV01P14_19tower, steeple, Frederiksbord national historic museum, Hillerod, June 1977, CEDV01P15_01buildings, town, city, street, SNCF, Air France, UTA, Utrecht, June 1977, CEDV01P15_02Olson Travel Bus, building, cars, telephone booths, June 1977, CEDV01P15_03HM building, office, garden, June 1977, CEDV01P15_04HM building, office, garden, June 1977, CEDV01P15_05Bodeka, building, June 1977, CEDV01P15_06Martini Center, skyscraper, building, Theatre National, June 1977, CEDV01P15_07building, shops, stores, windows, June 1977, CEDV01P15_08Foreground: apartments, background: grundtvigs church, copenhagen, June 1977, CEDV01P15_09grundtvigs church, copenhagen, June 1977, CEDV01P15_10Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, National Monument, Amsterdam, June 1977, CEDV01P15_11Cars, person, buildings, crosswalk, automobile, vehicles, 1960s, June 1977, CEDV01P15_12Buildings, cars, shops, automobile, vehicles, 1970s, June 1977, CEDV01P15_13Buildings, cars, shops, automobile, vehicles, 1970s, June 1977, CEDV01P15_14Metropole, buildings, shops, cars, Cecile, ASLK, CGER, June 1977, CEDV01P15_15Church, Cathedral, Christian, Religion, Religious Building, June 1977, CEDV01P15_16Euro Crest Hotel, June 1977, CEDV01P15_17Palace Hotel, street, cars, building, June 1977, CEDV01P15_18CEDV01P01_08CEDV01P01_09Mermaid, CEDV01P01_07Tivoli Gardens, CEDV01P04_04.0644Mansion on a Hill, clouds, CEDV01P01_05CEDV01P01_06Waterfront, June 1977, CEDV01P15_19Cars, Landmark Building, November 1968, CEDV02P01_01Schumann Theater, Cirkus Schumann, Cirkusbygningen, Copenhagen, November 1968, CEDV02P01_02November 1968, CEDV02P01_03Tivoli Entrance, November 1968, CEDV02P01_04Chinese Pavilion at Tivoli, November 1968, CEDV02P01_05Glass Water Fountain, November 1968, CEDV02P01_06Clock Tower, November 1968, CEDV02P01_07November 1968, CEDV02P01_08November 1968, CEDV02P01_09Large Cranes in the Harbor, Docked, November 1968, CEDV02P01_12Waterfront, beach, trees, November 1968, CEDV02P01_13Angel Of Peace Statue, Copenhagen, November 1968, CEDV02P01_14Gefion Fountain, Oxen Patina, Water Spray,  November 1968, CEDV02P01_15Cars, Building, November 1968, CEDV02P01_16Canal, Waterfront, Buildings, Bridge, September 1968, CEDV02P01_17NYHavn 17, Buildings, Cars, BMW scooter, September 1968, CEDV02P01_18Allegade Street, tall lighthouse tower building, Clock Tower, September 1968, CEDV02P01_19Flower Cup Water Fountain, November 1968, CEDV02P01_10Docks, Waterfront, November 1968, CEDV02P01_11Benneweis World Circus, Clown, Cirkus Schumann, Cirkusbygningen, Copenhagen, CEDV01P01_04
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