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Dawson City, 1950s, CCYV01P02_01.1531River, Dawson City, 1950s, CCYV01P02_02Dawson City, 1950s, CCYV01P02_03Dawson City, 1950s, CCYV01P02_03BCars, automobile, vehicles, Dawson City, 1970s, CCYV01P02_04Dawson City, CCYV01P02_05.1531Saint Andrews Church, Dawson City, CCYV01P02_06Saint Andrews Dawson City, CCYV01P02_06.1531Saint Andrews Church Building, Dawson City, CCYV01P02_06BBunk House, Housing, Stairs, Balcony, Dawson City, CCYV01P02_07.1531Klondike, Snow, Cold, CCYV01P01_14Housing, Building, Truck, Man, Shadow, CCYV01P01_15Maple Leaf, Canada Border, Dodge Van, CCYV01P02_08Entering Yukon Territory, CCYV01P02_09Housing, Cars, Oldsmobile, Mountains, Forest, CCYV01P02_10Whitehorse, White Pass & Yukon Route, Log Building, Lodge, CCYV01P02_11Whitehorse, White Pass & Yukon Route, Log Building, Lodge, Depot, Train Station, CCYV01P02_12Whitehorse, White Pass & Yukon Route, Log Building, Lodge, Train Station, CCYV01P02_13Seaplane Dock, Road, Trees, Forest, CCYV01P02_14River, Footbridge, Suspension Bridge, CCYV01P02_15River, Footbridge, Suspension Bridge, CCYV01P02_16River, Footbridge, Suspension Bridge, CCYV01P02_17CCYV01P02_18Log Cabin, Audery McLauglin National Park, NorthwestTel, CCYV01P02_19Whitehorse, CCYV01P03_01Log Cabin, Building, Whitehorse, CCYV01P03_02Church, Log Cabin, Whitehorse, CCYV01P03_03Casca Restaurant, Gold Rush Inn, building, cars, Whitehorse, CCYV01P03_04Mining Museum, Whitehorse, CCYV01P03_05Miner, Prospector Statue, Shovel, Man, Bronze, Dog, Landmark, Whitehorse, CCYV01P03_06Capital Hotel, Buildings, Whitehorse, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CCYV01P03_07Barber Shop, fishing clown, hippie, Whitehorse, CCYV01P03_08White Pass & Yukon Route, Train Depot, Station, Whitehorse, CCYV01P03_09signage, Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake, Alaska Highway, CCYV01P03_10signage, Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake, Alaska Highway, CCYV01P03_11Nisutlin Bay Bridge, Alaska Highway, Truss Bridge, River, CCYV01P03_12Montague House, rest house on the early stagecoach route, log cabin, Dawson City, CCYV01P03_13Montague House, rest house on the early stagecoach route, log cabin, Dawson City, CCYV01P03_14Montague House, rest house on the early stagecoach route, log cabin, Dawson City, CCYV01P03_15Montague House, rest house on the early stagecoach route, log cabin, Dawson City, CCYV01P03_16Tantalus Butte Mural, river, eagle, faces, salmon, mountain, CCYV01P03_17Tantalus Butte Mural, CCYV01P03_18Yukon Map, CCYV01P03_19Dawson Hardwar, Van, Trailer, Buildings, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_01Klondike Kates, building, dirt road, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_02Tremblay's Store, awning, car, dirt road, building, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_03Post Office, Building, Tower, Turret, Doorway, Dawson City, Castle, CCYV01P04_04building, dirt road, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_05Midnight Sun Hotel, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_06Diamond Tooth Gerties, Gambling Hall, building, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_07Carnegie Library, Masonic Lodge, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_08Carnegie Library, Masonic Lodge, building, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_09Firehouse, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_10Church, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_11Downtown Hotel, Van, The Old Poke, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_12Sod Roof, Log Cabin, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_13Grand Palace Theater, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_14river, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_15river, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_16Highway, river, forest, hills, mountains, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_17Home, House, building, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_18building, home, house, Dawson City, CCYV01P04_19Robert W Service, Bard of the Klondike, Dawson City, CCYV01P05_01Robert W Service, Bard of the Klondike, Dawson City, CCYV01P05_02Home, House, Building, Dawson City, CCYV01P05_03Jack London Centre, Log Cabin, Dawson City, Yukon, 1898, CCYV01P05_04Jack London Centre, Log Cabin, Dawson City, 1898, CCYV01P05_05Dawson City, CCYV01P05_06Canyon Creek Bridge, CCYV01P05_07Canyon Creek Bridge, Wooden, CCYV01P05_08Caribou Hotel, Carcross, Whitehorse, Railroad Crossing, CCYV01P05_09Bridge, Whitehorse, CCYV01P05_10Edgewater Hotel, automobile, vehicles, Cars, Whitehorse, CCYV01P05_11Post office, buildings, street, Dawson City, CCYV01P05_12Walkway, Dawson City, CCYV01P05_13Gaslight Follies, landmark building, Dawson City, CCYV01P05_14Montague House, rest house on the early stagecoach route, log cabin, Dawson City, CCYV01P05_15River, town, Dawson City, CCYV01P05_16Discovery Claim, Klondike Gold Rush, CCYV01P05_17Jack London Log Cabin, Sled, building, landmark, CCYV01P05_18Entering Yukon Territory, Canada, CCYV01P05_19City of Whitehorse, logo, CCYV01P06_01White Pass and Yukon Route, building, landmark, Whitehorse, CCYV01P06_02Main Street, Murdoch's, Whitehorse, CCYV01P06_03The Klondike, Balcony, landmark building, CCYV01P06_04Beaver Creek Maintenance Camp, CCYV01P06_05Golden North Hotel, building, dome, landmark, CCYV01P06_06Welcome To Yukon, Alsaka Highway, Van, Canoe, girl, trees, CCYV01P06_07Whitehorse, flag banners, CCYV01P06_08Whitehorse Public Library, building, CCYV01P06_09Hougens, Main Street, buildings, cars, automobile, vehicle, shops, stores, Whitehorse, 1960s, CCYV01P06_10Nisutlin Bay Bridge, Truss Bridge, Alaska Highway, Yukon River, CCYV01P06_11Log Cabin, Dawson City, CCYV01P06_12cars, Alaska Hotel, Woolworths, store, building, Dawson City, 1960s, CCYV01P06_13IDA, Alaska Highway, cars, buildings, Dawson City, 1960s, CCYV01P06_14Arctic Circle Crossing, Dempster highway, Dawson City, CCYV01P06_15Ogilvie River signage, Dawson City, CCYV01P06_16Saint Andrew's Church, built 1901, building, Dawson City, CCYV01P06_17building, Dawson City, CCYV01P06_18Dawson City, CCYV01P06_19window, Dawson City, CCYV01P07_01Dawson City, CCYV01P07_02Dawson City, CCYV01P07_03Dawson City, CCYV01P07_04Dawson City, CCYV01P07_05Gaslight Follies, building, Dawson City, CCYV01P07_06Fence, Home, House, Trees, Log Cabin, Dawson City, CCYV01P07_07building, dilapidated, spooky, haunted, Dawson City, CCYV01P07_08Dawson City, CCYV01P07_09Dawson City, Yukon River, CCYV01P07_10Dawson City, Yukon River, CCYV01P07_11Arch Truss Bridge, CCYV01P01_13CCYD01_001
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