Lockheed C-130 HerculesRockwell B-1 Bomber, Barnes, MassachusettsRF-101, Davis-Monthan, McDonnell F-101 VoodooRF-101, Davis-Monthan, McDonnell F-101 VoodooNorth American T-39 SaberlinerDavis-Monthan, Lockheed SR-71, BlackbirdDavis-Monthan, Lockheed SR-71, BlackbirdDavis-Monthan, Lockheed SR-71, BlackbirdStealth Missile, Davis-Monthan, UAVBoeing VC-137B, (707-153B), 58-6971, Davis-MonthanDavis-Monthan,  Boeing VC-137B (707-153B), 58-6971Boeing VC-137B (707-153B), 58-6971 Boeing VC-137B (707-153B), 58-6971Presidential Seal, Boeing VC-137B (707-153B), 58-6971Douglas C-118A, Presidential AircraftDouglas C-118A, Presidential Aircraft
Davis-Monthan, Lockheed SR-71, Blackbird
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Davis-Monthan, Lockheed SR-71, Blackbird
The Lockheed SR-71 was an advanced, long-range, Mach 3 strategic reconnaissance aircraft. The genius of the Lockheed Skunk Works Designer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson was responsible for many of the design's innovative concepts. The main defense for this remarkable aircraft was its high speed and operating altitude, if it detected a missile its strategy for evasion was simply to accelerate. The SR-71 line was in service from 1964 to 1998, with 12 of the 32 aircraft being destroyed in accidents, though none were lost to enemy action.
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