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McDonnell F-101B VoodooMcDonnell F-101B VoodooF-102A Delta Dagger, USAFF-102A Delta Dagger, USAFF-102A Delta DaggerF-102A Delta Dagger head-on, 1950sF-102A Delta Dagger, milestone of flight, 1950sF-102A Delta Dagger, 1950s, USAFLockheed F-104B StarfighterLockheed F-104B StarfighterLockheed F-104B Starfighter, USAFLockheed F-104B Starfighter, USAF, photo-object, object, cut-out, cutoutLockheed F-104B Starfighter, USAFRepublic F-105 ThunderchiefRepublic F-105 ThunderchiefRepublic F-105 Thunderchief
F-102A Delta Dagger head-on, 1950s
Code Number:
F-102A Delta Dagger head-on, 1950s
CN: 56-1247
Strike Range: 497 miles
Top Speed: 825 mph (1.25 Mach)
Engines: Pratt & Whitney J-57-P-23
Service Ceiling: 54,000 feet

First flight: 24/11/1953
Introduced: April 1956
Retired: 1979
Primary users: United States Air Force, Greece, Turkey
Number built: 1,000
Unit cost: US$1.2 million
Developed from: Convair XF-92
Developed into: F-106 Delta Dart, front view
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