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LN-FOG, FRED OLSENPT-MDG, Di Gregorio Expresso, DIGEX, Boeing 727-44C, JT8D, JT8D-7BN295M, tfa, Convair CV-240-5, Trans-Florida Airlines, R-2800N15553, Business Express, BEX, Beech 1900C-1, PT6A, PT6A-65BN3580, ALM CargoN669F, EMS, Lockheed L-188AF ElectraN360Q, TPi, Lockheed L-188C(F) ElectraA7-ABK, Boeing 747-SR81, CF6-45A, CF6Wien Interior Cargo Plane, Lockheed L-100G-HLFT, Short Belfast C.1, milestone of flightN4993U, Cargosur, Canadair CL-44JRP-C-8023, Canadair CL-44-O Conroy SkymonsterN780BA, Boeing 747-409LCF, Dreamlifter, PW4056, PW4000, oversize, huge, behemoth, LCF, Everett WashingtonN50217, Boeing 747-8R7F, Phoenix - Mesa Gateway Airport (KIWA), June 22nd 2010, 747-8 seriesN103BB, TradeWindsFedEx, Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
N669F, EMS, Lockheed L-188AF Electra
Code Number:
N669F, EMS, Lockheed L-188AF Electra
CN: 1116
LN: 501-D13A
Built: 1960
Lockheed, L-188 Electra, Four Engine Turbo-Prop, Turboprop, Propjet, Prop, Fixed Wing Multi Engine, Propliner, Logistics, Air Cargo, vessel, hull, Plane, Transportation, Commerce, Trade, Civil Aviation, Transport, Business, Fixed Wing, Transporter, Commercial-Shipping, Cargair, planes, Commercial Freighter Fleets, Freight Aircraft, History, Archives

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