Hampton Roads, USS Independence (CV-62), May 1979, 1970sUSS Barnstable County (LST-1197), Newport class of amphibious ships, Chesapeake BayFreight, Liberty Ship, vesselReplenishment Ship, 28, Navy Base, Guam, vessel, hullJapanese Type-C Class Midget Submarine Ha-51, Navy Base, Guam, WW2, 1940sPiasecki HUP-1 RetrieverUSS Lake Champlain (CV-39, later CVA-39 and CVS-39), 1945-1970, Brooklyn Navy Yard, USN, United States Navy, 1950s, vessel, hull, 1940s16-2771, 16, VP-4, (YD 587) P-3C, Lockheed P-3C-III Orion, USN, United States Navy, 16277116-2771, Lockheed P-3C-III Orion, 16, VP-4, (YD 587) P-3C, USN, United States Navy, 162771Bottom of a Grumman A-6 Intruder611, Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King, Flight, Flying, AirborneS-3 Refueling an EA-6 Prowler
Piasecki HUP-1 Retriever
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Piasecki HUP-1 Retriever
Meteorology, Weather, Sunsight, Sunsite, Sunclipse, Skies, Clouds, Helicopter, VTOL, Helo, Chopper, Rotary Wing, Rotorcraft, Rotarywing, Whirlybird, Aviation, aircraft, Transportation, Transport, Navy, Military, Armament, Killingry, Weaponry, warfare, Naval, Weapon, Maritime, History, Archives, Historic, Armed Force

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