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N937AS, Alaska Airlines ASA, McDonnell Douglas MD-83, JT8D, June 1986, JT8D-219Douglas DC-9-15, Fuel Trucks, Refueling, N93S, Ground Equipment, Fueling, tanker, Jetway, Airbridge, JT8D, March 1975, 1970sOzark Air Lines OZA, landing, September 1985N82NA, National Airlines NAL, Landing, Smoke, Martenne, CF6-50C2, Douglas DC-10-30, March 1976, CF6, milestone of flightN1818U, Douglas DC-10-10, United Airlines UAL, CF6-6K, CF6, September 1975, 1970sDouglas DC-10, Air Florida FLZPP-VMB, Varig, Douglas DC10-30, CF6-50C2, CF6CC-CJS, LAN Chile, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, CF6, June 1986, 1980sGhana Airways, 9G-ANA, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, GE CF6-50C2, CF6N573SC, DC-10-10, CF6, Sun Country Airlines, CF6-6KSun Country Airlines, May 2001Logan International Airport, N15069, Douglas DC-10-30, CF6-50C2, CF6, Continental Airlines COAJA8538, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-40B-2171, McDonnell Douglas, MD-11, China Eastern Airlines CES, SFO, CF6-80C2D1F, CF6N1068T, Great American Airways, Douglas DC-9-15, JT8D-7A/B, JT8D, March 4 1987JA8510, Lockheed L-1011-385-50 Tristar, Widebody Trijet
Douglas DC-10, Air Florida FLZ
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Douglas DC-10, Air Florida FLZ
Douglas, DC-10, Tri-Jet, twin aisle, wide body, Trijet, Jet, Fanjet, Long Range, Three engine jet, Jetliner, Fixed wing multi engine, Turbofan, wide-body, McDonnell Douglas, Air Florida FLZ, Plane, Avion, History, Technology, Fleet, Livery, Equipment, hull, Public, Airframe, Transport, Fixed-Wing, Commerce, Travel, Airplane, Archive, Airline, Aerospace, Civil Transportation, Passenger Aircraft, Commercial Aviation, Airliner

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