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The Gloster Meteor was the only turbojet powered aircraft flown in combat by the Allies during World War Two. Though to weak and pathetic as a straight wing jet fighter to be pitted against the swept wing ME-262, it was used to go after the pulse-powered V-1 buzz bomb. Pilots with their superior speed would simply "cozy up" to the german vengance weapon and tip the wings of the un-piloted vehicle and send it tumbling to its downfall.

The fear of showing this new found "secret" kept the RAF from utilizing the enormous potential of a turbojet powered fighter aircraft. At the very least, had the germans any chance of continuing the war, this aircraft would have been the necessary stepping stone to counteract the menace of the new enemy swept wing jet fighter. Why it took the allies many more years to understand the advantage of the swept wing is to this day a contentious point of debate. Even in the early 50's the allies were still designing fighters with the useless straight wing until finally they were overwhelmed by the superiority of the russian MiG-15 during the Korean War.
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