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N422AU, Mini Guppy, R-4360 Radial Engines
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N422AU, Mini Guppy, R-4360 Radial Engines
This "MG" or Mini Guppy was yet another version of the Guppy Series of transports built by Aerospacelines of Santa Barbara. It was constructed with a swing-tail to ease the loading of cargo. It utilized the original Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major piston engines. This variant had a maximum load of 14,500 kg (32,000 pounds), and a cruise speed of 400 km/h (250 mph). Its volumenous cargo bay was 5.5 meters (18 feet) in diameter, and a maximum of 27.9 meters (91 feet 6 in) long, with a 22.3 meter (73 feet 2 in) constant section.

This aircraft first flew on May 24, 1967. Aero Spacelines operated it for several years, ferrying such contract cargo as NASA's infamous Pioneer 10 Spacecraft, until 1974 when it was sold to American Jet Industries. American Jet Industries sold it to Aero Union in 1980, who subsequently sold it to Erickson Air Crane eight years later. Erickson used the Mini Guppy to haul heavy equipment until 1995, at which point it was laid to rest at the Tillamook Air Museum in Tillamook, Oregon.
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