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UR-82060, Antonov An-225 Mriya, Antonov Airlines
Code Number:
UR-82060, Antonov An-225 Mriya, Antonov Airlines
CN: 19530503763
LN: 01-01
First flight: 21/12/1988, with Buran 13/05/1989
Service Entry: originally 1989, returned to service in 2001
Crew: pilot, co-pilot, four cabin crew
Passengers: 70
Estimated Cost: $300 million ($2005)
Number built: 1
Developed from: Antonov An-124
Powerplant: 6 ZMKB Progress D-18 turbofans, 229.5 kN (51,600 lbf) each

Payload: 250,000 kg (550,000 lb)
Air Cargo Volume: 1,300 meters3 (46,000 cu feet)
Empty weight: 285,000 kg (628,315 lb)
Ma. takeoff weight: 640,000 kg (1,410,000 lb)
Takeoff run: 3,500 meters (11,500 feet) with maximum payload
Door dimensions: 440 640 cm (14.4 21 feet)
Length: 84 meters (275.6 feet)
Wingspan: 88.4 meters (290 feet 2 inches)
Height: 18.1 meters (59.3 feet)
Wing area: 905 meters2 (9,743.7 feet2)
Aspect ratio: 8.6

maximum speed: 850 km/h (460 knots, 530 mph)
Cruise speed: 800 km/h (430 knots, 500 mph)
Range: With maximum fuel: 15,400 km (9,570 miles)
With maximum payload: 4,000 km (2,500 miles)

Service ceiling: 11,000 meters (36,100 feet)
Wing loading: 662.9 kg/meters (135.5 lb/feet )
Thrust/weight: 0.234
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