Arch of TriumphRiver Seine, streets, homes, bridges, buildingsCountryside, Village, Homes, FieldsBuilding, Steps, Woman, Columns, StairsFigurines, ColumnsOrnate Ironwork, gate, curves, curvy, gold leaf, spiralSculpture, WomanSculpture, WomanSculpture, WomanSculpture, WomanQuadriga Statue, Chariot, Horses, BronzeQuadriga Statue, Chariot, Horses, BronzePegasus, Pegasus the Flying Horse, Golden statues on the Pont Alexandre III, Paris
Countryside, Village, Homes, Fields
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Countryside, Village, Homes, Fields
Food Grocery Market in Europe, France, Architecture, Archives, Travel, Scenics, Europe, European, Structure, Franco, Country, EEU
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Wernher Krutein

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