44-31004, Mary Alice II, B-25J, Mobile, Alabama44-31004, Mary Alice II, B-25J, Mobile, Alabama44-31004, Mary Alice II, B-25J, Mobile, AlabamaMiG-15, Tallahasee, Florida, head-onMiG-15, Tallahasee, FloridaMiG-15, Tallahasee, FloridaMiG-15, Tallahasee, FloridaFU993, F-86D Sabre Dog, Mobile, AlabamaFU-993, F-86D Sabre Dog, USAFFU-993, F-86D Sabre Dog, USAF, Mobile, Alabama, Panorama, USAFFU-993, F-86D Sabre Dog, USAFFU-993, F-86D Sabre Dog, USAFF-86D Sabre, Mobile, Alabama, USAFFU-993, F-86D Sabre Dog, Mobile, Alabama, USAFF-86D Sabre Dog, FU-993, Mobile, Alabama, USAFBoeing B-52 Stratofortress, Mobile, Alabama
MiG-15, Tallahasee, Florida
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MiG-15, Tallahasee, Florida
The MiG-15 was developed by the Soviet Union following WW II. It began appearing in service in 1949 and by 1952 it had been provided to a number of Communist satellite nations, including North Korea where it was used extensively against United Nations forces.

Span: 33 feet 1 1/2 inches
Length: 33 feet. 3 5/8 inches
Height: 11 feet 2 inches
Weight: 11,270 lbs. max.
Armament: Two 23mm cannons and one 37mm cannon, plus rockets or 2,000 lbs. of bombs
Engine: VK-1 of 6,000 lbs. thrust (copy of British Rolls-Royce Nene engine)
Maximum speed: 670 mph.
Cruising speed: 525 mph.
Range: 500 miles
Service Ceiling: 51,000 feet
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