Locks, Panama City, 1959, 1950sBombay Harbor, 1950sGatun Locks, Mule Cog Tracks, Colon, 1950sGatun Locks, Building, Colon, 1950sGatun Locks, Colon, 1950s1st Gatun Locks, 1950sGatun Locks, 1950s2nd Gatun Locks, 1950sDock, Saigon Harbor, 1950sTin Ore Barge, Dunggan, 1950sTin Ore Barge, Dunggan, 1950sTin Ore, Dunggan, 1950sCoal, fossil fuel, Dunggan, 1950sdeparture point for ore barges, Lanjut, Harbor, 1950sOverloaded boat, Sri Mentas, near Lanjut, 1950sCorinth Canal, Greece, 1950s
1st Gatun Locks, 1950s
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1st Gatun Locks, 1950s
This series of locks known as the Gatun Locks is the entry/exit into the Atlantic Ocean. There is a set of three lock chambers that raise/lower ships to 26.5 meters (87 feet) above sea level. The dimensions to each individual lock is 320 meters (1050 feet) long and 33.53 meters (110 feet) wide. To fully fill a lock with water requires 15 minutes.
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