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N32719, JT8D, Falcon Air, Boeing 727-224, 727-200 seriesJohn Denver standing, HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon 50Z-YTE, Air Zimbabwe Airline, Vickers Viscount 754DZ-WJI, Vickers 754D ViscountZ-WJI, Vickers 754D ViscountZ-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754DZ-WKT, Boeing 707-330B, JT3D-7, JT3, Boxes, box, baggage cartHB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50Z-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D, Air ZimbabweHB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50Z-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754DZ-YTE, Air Zimbabwe, Vickers Viscount 754DZ-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D, Dart EnginesHB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50
Z-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D
Code Number:
Z-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D
CN: 243
Seats: 63
Engines: 4x Rolls-Royce Dart 510
First flight: 22/10/1957

1957-1961 OD-ADD - Overseas Holidays & Aircraft Hire leased to Cyprus Airways
1961-1964 JY-ACK - Leased to Jordanian
1964-1970 OD-ADD - Leased MEA
1970-1975 VP-YTE - Air Rhodesia
1975-1976 ZS-JUJ - Aviation Hire & Travel (AHT) Leased to Air Botswana
1976-1979 A2-ABD - (AHT) Leased to United Air
1979-1981 ZS-JUJ - Air Botswana
1981-1983 VP-YTE - Air Zimbabwe
1983-1990 Z-YTE - As:"Air Zimbabwe" stored
1990-1991 9Q-CVF - FILAIR Trans Service Airlift Zaire
Vickers Viscount, Four Engine, Turbo-Prop, Turboprop, Single Aisle, propjet, Fixed wing multi engine, Propliner, Air Zimbabwe AZW, Airline, Harare, Zimbabwe International Airport (HRE), Africa, African, Plane, Avion, History, Technology, Fleet, Livery, Equipment, hull, Public, Airframe, Transport, Fixed-Wing, Commerce, Travel, Airplane, Archive, Airline, Aerospace, Civil Transportation, Passenger Aircraft, Commercial Aviation, Airliner
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Wernher Krutein

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