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Zimbabwe International...

John Denver standing, HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon 50, TAFV02P11_07Z-YTE, Air Zimbabwe Airline, Vickers Viscount 754D, TAFV02P11_08Z-WJI, Vickers 754D Viscount, TAFV02P11_09Z-WJI, Vickers 754D Viscount, TAFV02P11_09BZ-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D, TAFV02P11_10Z-WKT, Boeing 707-330B, JT3D-7, JT3, Boxes, box, baggage cart, TAFV02P11_14HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P11_15Z-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D, Air Zimbabwe, TAFV02P12_01HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_02HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_08Z-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D, TAFV02P12_09Z-YTE, Air Zimbabwe, Vickers Viscount 754D, TAFV02P12_11Z-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D, Dart Engines, TAFV02P12_12HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_14Boeing 707, TAFV02P12_16ET-AHK, Mobile Stairs, Boeing 727-260, Rampstairs, ramp, JT8D, 727-200 series, TAFV02P12_18Z-YTE, Air Zimbabwe, Vickers 754D Viscount, TAFV02P13_02Z-YTE, Air Zimbabwe, Vickers 754D Viscount, TAFV02P13_03Z-YTE, Air Zimbabwe, Vickers 754D Viscount, TAFV02P13_03BAerial View of Zimbabwe International Airport in 1985, TAFV02P13_05HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P11_11HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P11_12HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P11_13HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_03HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_04Douglas DC-3, Harare, Zimbabwe, TAFV02P12_05HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_06HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_07Z-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D, TAFV02P12_10HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_13HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_15HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_17HB-IEC, Dassault Falcon-50, TAFV02P12_19Vickers Viscount, TAFV02P13_01Vickers Viscount, TAFV02P13_04Z-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D, TAFV02P11_10BZ-YTE, Vickers Viscount 754D, TAFV02P12_09BZ-WKT, Boeing 707-330B, JT3D-7, Boxes, box, baggage cart, JT3D, TAFV02P11_14BAir Zimbabwe Vickers Viscount 754D, TAFV02P12_11BZ-YTE, Air Zimbabwe, Vickers 754D Viscount, TAFV02P13_02B
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