billboard billboard, parked cars, EPBV01P10_15Napa Valley, California, FAVV02P08_19Napa Valley, California, and the wine is bottled poetry, FAVV02P08_19BSign, signage, billboard, FAVV01P13_16Rutherford Vintners, FAVV02P07_07Rutherford Vintners, FAVV02P07_08Flora Springs Vineyards, FAVV02P07_09Flora Springs Vineyards, FAVV02P07_10Flora Springs Vineyards, FAVV02P07_11Flora Springs Vineyards, FAVV02P07_12Flora Springs Vineyards, FAVV02P07_13Napa Valley, California, FAVV02P08_18Welcome to Long Island Wine Country, FAVD01_072Welcome to Long Island Wine Country, FAVD01_073Tours and Tasting, Franciscan Winery, Napa Valley, 1978, 1970s, CNCV03P13_06
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