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Crying Baby Boy, China, HHPV01P08_08Doctor and girl patient, ear examination, otoscope, ear scope, Female, Woman, HODV01P07_17Doctor and girl patient, ear examination, otoscope, ear scope, Female, Woman, HODV01P07_18Doctor and Girl Patient, Broken Arm, Arm Sling, Pigtails, Smiles, Female, Woman, HODV01P08_03Female Doctor and Girl Patient, Broken Arm, Arm Sling, Pigtails, Female, Woman, HODV01P08_06Doctor and girl patient, Broken Arm, Arm Sling, Pigtails, Female, Woman, HODV01P08_08Doctor and girl patient, Broken Arm, Arm Sling, Pigtails, Female, Woman, HODV01P08_09Doctor and girl patient, Broken Arm, Arm Sling, Pigtails, Female, Woman, HODV01P08_12Doctor and girl patient, smiles, Female, Woman, HODV01P08_14Doctor and girl patient, Smiles, Pigtails, Female, Woman, HODV01P08_15HODV01P10_16Doctor and Patient, Nurse, Doctor, Male, Man, HODV02P01_09Schoolboys, Smiling Teen Boys, Tete, KEDV03P03_03elementary school, Colonia Flores Magon, KEDV03P05_08elementary school, Colonia Flores Magon, KEDV03P08_11School Girl, Smile, Teeth, Hat, Sunny, Daytime, Shirt, Happy, KEDV05P05_06Crying Eyes, the lingering sadness of tears, and the cleansing energy of tears, PABV02P04_01BSnake River Ranch, Wilson, Wyoming, PBAPCD0651_019on the Edge of the cliff calm, PBAPCD0652_027BPBAPCD0652_096PBAPCD0653_134River, Stream, Tumwater, PBAPCD0655_033River, Stream, Tumwater, PBAPCD0655_033BBullfrog Pond, PBAPCD0656_064Bullfrog Pond, PBAPCD0656_065Bullfrog Pond, PBAPCD0656_065BPBAPCD0656_076PBAPCD0656_076Bcliffs, PBAPCD0658_137cliffs, PBAPCD0658_137Bon the rocks in Malibu, PBAPCD0802_027on the rocks in Malibu, PBAPCD0802_035Woman on the beach, Eureka, PBAPCD0802_053PBAPCD0802_053BPBAPCD1185_104Topanga Canyon, California, PBAPCD2927_021Topanga Canyon, California, PBAPCD2927_021Bthe light of darkness day, PBAPCD3344_082Contemplative Woman, a lingering sadness, Sad, Introspective, PBAV01P02_10Contemplative Woman, Sad, Introspective, PBAV01P02_11Contemplative Woman, Sad, Introspective, PBAV01P02_12Contemplative Woman, Sad, Introspective, PBAV01P02_13Contemplative Woman, Sad, Introspective, PBAV01P03_04Smelling a Rose, PBAV01P04_16.1565Smelling a Rose, sadness of being, PBAV01P04_18Woman Smelling a Rose with a slight smile, ears, skin, nose, lips, fingers, collar, PBAV01P05_02Woman reading at lunchtime, PBAV01P05_08Woman sitting and being, PBAV01P05_15Puerto Vallarta, PBAV01P07_07Woman in Sadness, the contemplation of not being, PBAV01P08_14How sad can linger thoughts, PBAV01P08_14Bgirl in thought, necklace, face, being, PBAV01P09_12.1565pensive thought of the Id, PBAV01P09_14Woman writing into her Diary, PBAV01P12_03.1565Woman writing into her Diary, PBAV01P12_05Face of Female in deep thought, PBAV01P12_05BOld Man reading Newspaper, PBAV01P13_02.1565The Thinker, PBAV01P13_19The Thinker, PBAV01P13_19BPBAV01P14_04To much in deep inner thought, PBAV01P14_04BPBAV01P14_17PBAV01P14_19PBAV01P15_06PBAV01P15_18PBAV01P15_19PBAV01P15_19BPBAV02P01_01PBAV02P01_02PBAV02P01_03PBAV02P01_04Woman in Deep Thought, PBAV02P01_05Woman in Deep Thought, PBAV02P01_06Woman in Deep Thought, PBAV02P01_07Boy thinking, PBAV02P01_08Old Woman, bench, Cannes, PBAV02P01_09Cannes, PBAV02P01_10Man in Contemplation, PBAV02P01_11man, male, senior citizen, gray hair, mature, guy, PBAV02P01_12Woman, Sitting, Bench, PBAV02P01_13Man sitting contemplating that which is, PBAV02P01_14Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge, steel truss cantilever bridge, Ottawa River, skyline, cityscape, PBAV02P01_15Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge, steel truss cantilever bridge, PBAV02P01_16tulips, Woman Being in Thought, PBAV02P01_17Woman in Thought, PBAV02P01_18PBAV02P01_19PBAV02P02_04PBAV02P02_05Woman Relaxing on a Curved Bench, PBAV02P02_06Woman Reading, Book, Report, Door, Doorway, Skirt, PBAV02P02_07Woman Reading, Book, Report, PBAV02P02_08Snake River Ranch, Wyoming, PBAV02P02_10Pisa, Italy, PBAV02P02_11woman, female, shorts, legs, Girl, Feminine, lady, Adult, Women, PBAV02P02_12Man Peering into the vastness, PBAV02P02_13Introspective Man, waterfall, PBAV02P02_14Mount Tamalpais, PBAV02P02_15Woman, Table, Candles, Basket, Window, PBAV02P02_16Man, Reading Book, Bed, Pillow, PBAV02P02_17Window, PBAV02P02_18Harar, Ethiopia, PBAV02P02_19Fez, Hat, Man, Backlit, PBAV02P03_01Lonely Woman, feeling the deepness of Now, San Marcos Pass, California, PBAV02P03_02PBAV02P03_03at the top of Sonoma Mountain, PBAV02P03_04the Marina, Golden Gate Bridge, Man Sitting, PBAV02P03_06a person on a dune, sand, PBAV02P03_07female contemplating the craziness of being, PBAV02P03_08PBAV02P03_09PBAV02P03_10Man, Reading Book, bar-Relief, Horse, domino, PBAV02P03_11deep thought, PBAV02P03_12PBAV02P03_13PBAV02P03_14PBAV02P03_15PBAV02P03_16PBAV02P03_17Woman Stitting on a Bench, Pacific Grove, Monterey Bay, PBAV02P03_18Man Contemplating, PBAV02P03_19PBAV02P04_02Woman, Reading, book, PBAV02P04_03Man, Chair, Reading, PBAV02P04_04Man, Chair, Reading, PBAV02P04_05Man, Chair, Reading, PBAV02P04_06Woman Walking, PBAV02P04_07Male, Guy, Masculine, Adult, PBAV02P04_17Man sitting on a park bench, PBAV02P05_01Man feeding a pigeon, shoes, hand, arm, glasses, PBAV02P05_09man sitting on a bench with gloves, PBAV02P05_10Crying Boy with smiling father, Mumbai, PBTV02P04_01PBTV02P08_11PBTV02P08_14smiling boy, happy, father, son, PBTV02P08_15Father, Daughter, smiles, PBTV02P09_01Father, Daughter, smiles, PBTV02P09_01.1565PBTV02P11_03PBTV02P11_07PBTV02P11_08Father, Daughter, Moorea Island, PBTV03P04_04Father, Daughter, Moorea Island, PBTV03P04_06Father, Daughter, Moorea Island, PBTV03P04_07Smiles, Laugh, Laughing, Cheerful, Cheery, Joy, Joyful, Joyous, Happy, Happiness, Happines, Smiling, Smile, jitney, artistic vehicle, PBTV03P06_08Jitney, Smiles, Laugh, Laughing, Cheerful, Cheery, Joy, Joyful, Joyous, Happy, Happiness, Happines, Smiling, Smile, artistic vehicle, PBTV03P06_09Father, Daughter, smiles, helmet, PBTV03P14_03Father, Daughter, smiles, helmet, PBTV03P14_04Father, Daughter, PBTV03P14_05Father, Daughter, PBTV03P14_06Father, Daughter, PBTV03P14_06BbwFather, Daughter, PBTV03P14_06bwPBTV04P02_05Smiling Girl carrying vegetation, woman, deforestation, desertification, PDCV01P07_03Smiling Girl carrying vegetation, woman, deforestation, desertification, PDCV01P07_04Smiling Girl carrying vegetation, Deforestation, PDCV01P07_06Girl carrying vegetation, deforestation, desertification, PDCV01P07_08clothesline, happy lady, smile, Washingline, PDLV01P07_08Happy Woman, Apron, Backyard, Housewife, Adron Ohio, 1940s, PDLV01P08_03the feeling of reliving, PFSV07P09_11Woman, tree, chair, decorations, tinsel, 1940s, PHCV01P01_06carousel, Moorpark, California, 1970s, 4 November 1979, PLGV01P04_12slide, Moorpark, California, 1970s, 4 November 1979, PLGV01P04_13slide, Moorpark, California, 1970s, 4 November 1979, PLGV01P04_14Moorpark, California, 1970s, 4 November 1979, PLGV01P04_15Moorpark, California, 1970s, 4 November 1979, PLGV01P04_15BMoorpark, California, 4 November 1979, PLGV01P04_16Moorpark, California, 1970s, 4 November 1979, PLGV01P04_17slide, Moorpark, California, 1970s, 4 November 1979, PLGV01P04_18rocking horse, Moorpark, California, 4 November 1979, PLGV01P04_19Somalia, PLGV01P05_01Girl running with flower, PLGV01P06_19PLGV01P07_01PLGV02P01_08Three Stooges, PLGV02P07_18PLGV02P07_19PLGV02P07_19BPLGV02P11_15PLGV02P14_05Smiling Girl, happy, fireplace, sweater, PLPPCD2931_029Trio, Giggling, Girls, Mumbai, India, PLPPCD3306_025Trio, Giggling, Girls, Mumbai, India, PLPPCD3306_026Trio, Giggling, Girls, Mumbai, India, PLPPCD3306_027PLPPCD3307_053PLPPCD3307_054PLPPCD3307_055PLPPCD3307_062PLPPCD3307_0881950s, PLPV01P01_11PLPV01P03_02PLPV01P03_07PLPV01P04_01ballerina in tutu, PLPV01P04_02ballerina in tutu, PLPV01P04_03ballerina in tutu, PLPV01P04_04PLPV01P04_10PLPV01P04_11Smiling Japanese Girl, PLPV01P04_16Smiling Japanese Girl, PLPV01P04_17Smiling Japanese Girl, PLPV01P04_19Smiling Japanese Girl, PLPV01P04_19BSmiles, Asian, Girl, Smiling Japanese Girl, PLPV01P04_19CSmiling Japanese Girl, PLPV01P05_01Smiling Japanese Girl, PLPV01P05_02Giggles, Girls, Friends, Smiling Japanese Girl, PLPV01P05_03Girls, Smiling, Sisters, Siblings, Happy, Smiling Japanese Girl, PLPV01P05_04Smiling Japanese Girl, PLPV01P05_09PLPV01P06_07PLPV01P07_08Naomi Birthday Party, PLPV01P07_09PLPV01P07_15PLPV01P10_14PLPV01P10_19BPLPV01P11_01PLPV01P11_08PLPV01P11_09PLPV01P11_18PLPV01P11_19PLPV01P12_01PLPV01P13_06PLPV01P13_10PLPV01P13_14PLPV01P15_02PLPV01P15_03PLPV01P15_05PLPV01P15_06PLPV01P15_07PLPV01P15_08PLPV01P15_09PLPV01P15_10PLPV02P02_04PLPV02P04_03PLPV02P04_13PLPV02P04_17PLPV02P06_13Somalia, PLPV02P08_07Somalia, PLPV02P08_08Three Boys, Smiles, Somalia, PLPV02P08_19Two Happy Friends in Mogadishu Somalia, PLPV02P09_01Two Boys on the Streets of Mogadishu Somalia, PLPV02P09_02Somalia, PLPV02P09_05Two Smiling Friends Gazing to the Side, Somalia, PLPV02P09_09Somalia, PLPV02P09_10Smiling Girl in Mogadishu Somalia, PLPV02P09_11Smiling Boy Carrying a Bowl on his Head, Somalia, PLPV02P09_12Somalia, PLPV02P09_15Somalia, PLPV02P09_16Smiling Girl in Tblisi, PLPV02P12_17boy, male, guy, Ubud, Bali, PLPV03P02_08smiles, joy, cheerful, cheery, smiling, happy, friendly, Face, Boy, Male, Guy, Ubud, Bali, Ubud, Bali, PLPV03P02_12Girl, Smiles, Face, Ubud, Bali, PLPV03P02_13Smiling, Happy, Boy, Ubud, Bali, PLPV03P02_17smile, laugh, laughing, smiling, happy, joy, joyful, smiles, cheerful, cheery, Ubud, Bali, PLPV03P03_02smile, laugh, laughing, smiling, happy, joy, joyful, female, girl, Ubud, Bali, PLPV03P03_05smile, laugh, laughing, smiling, happy, joy, joyful, female, girl, Ubud, Bali, PLPV03P03_06Smiles, Girl, Cute, Happy, China, PLPV03P05_01Asian Girl, smiling, schoolgirl, China, PLPV03P05_02smile, laugh, laughing, smiling, happy, joy, joyful, smiles, cheerful, cheery, friendly, School Children, PLPV03P06_09smile, laugh, laughing, smiling, happy, joy, joyful, smiles, cheerful, cheery, School Children, PLPV03P06_09BWsmile, laugh, laughing, smiling, happy, joy, joyful, female, girl, feminine, fun, Venice, PLPV03P07_15Friends, Girls, Smiles, Mumbai, India, PLPV03P09_05Friends, Girls, Smiles, Mumbai, India, PLPV03P09_06Mumbai, India, PLPV03P09_10Mumbai, India, PLPV03P09_13Trio, Giggling, Girls, Mumbai, India, PLPV03P09_18Giggling, Girl, Mumbai, India, PLPV03P10_05Schoolgirl, Classroom, Uniform, Wharda, PLPV03P11_11Water Truck, Roadside Water Fun, Mumbai, India, PLPV03P12_15Ribs, Water truck releasing water for the children, Roadside, Mumbai, PLPV03P12_16Malnourished Girl, Malnutrition, Hungry, Ribs, Slums, PLPV03P12_17Smiling Boy, face, hands, Khroorow Baug, Mumbai, PLPV03P13_09Girls, Smiles, Happy, Teeth, Khroorow Baug, Mumbai, PLPV03P13_13Smiling Boy at Sunset, Khroorow Baug, Mumbai Back Bay, PLPV03P14_05Group of Children, girls, Mumbai, India, PLPV03P14_08PLPV04P01_02Smiling Girl, Face, Blue Eyes, hair, PLPV04P03_06.0750Girl, Smiles, Eyes, Redhead, Freckles, Cute, PLPV04P03_16.0750Boy, Male, Smiles, Happy Face, Shirt, Teeth, cute, PLPV04P03_18.0215Happy Boy, Male, Smiling Face, tween, PLPV04P04_08.0750Smiling Girl, Female, Smiles, Face, Chin, Hair, PLPV04P04_12Smiling girl, ice cream bowl, PLPV04P04_19PLPV04P05_02.0750PLPV04P08_01Girl, Cute, Pretty, Native, Face, Female, PLPV04P08_03Girl, Cute, Pretty, Native, Face, Female, PLPV04P08_10Cheers, Joy, Smiles, Exuberance, PLPV04P08_12Cheers, Joy, Smiles, Exuberance, PLPV04P08_13Schoolboys, standing, crowd, smiles, friendly, PLPV04P11_14PLPV04P11_15Smiling boy, PLPV04P11_15.0750Smiling African Boy, PLPV04P11_16Smiling African Boy, PLPV04P11_17Smiling African Boy, PLPV04P11_19PLPV04P12_06PLPV04P12_08PLPV04P12_10PLPV04P13_03Smiling Girls, friends, Mozambique, PLPV04P13_16PLPV04P13_17PLPV04P14_01PLPV04P14_08PLPV04P14_19PLPV04P15_04.0215
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