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Face of Female in deep thought, PBAV01P12_05BTo much in deep inner thought, PBAV01P14_04BWoman in Deep Thought, PBAV02P01_05Woman in Deep Thought, PBAV02P01_06Woman in Deep Thought, PBAV02P01_07Japanese Woman in Deep Thought, PBAV01P10_13Proflile of a Lady in Deep Thought, Colonia Flores Magon, PORV06P01_13Woman in deep thought, 1950s, PORV28P12_03Woman sitting with Daisy Flowers, Contemplating, deep in thought, RPPC, PBAV02P11_06Woman Daisy Flowers in her hair, Contemplating, deep in thought, RPPC, PBAV02P11_06BWoman Contemplating in deep thought, 1970s, PBAV02P11_09BPBAV01P10_14PBAV01P10_15
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