Water cooled engine

Curtiss JN-4, Jenny, MYOV01P05_16Curtiss JN-4, Jenny, MYOV01P05_17Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, MYOV01P05_18Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, milestone of flight, MYOV01P05_18BCurtiss JN-4 Jenny, 34094, MYOV01P05_19Curtiss JN-4, Jenny, MYOV01P09_05Curtis Jenny, JN-4, TABV01P04_01Curtiss JN-4, 43, flying, flight, airborne, TABV01P07_075C5002, 5002, Curtiss JN-4, TABV01P07_085C5002, 5002, Curtiss JN-4, TABV01P07_095C5002, 5002, Curtiss JN-4, TABV01P07_105C5002, 5002, Curtiss JN-4, TABV01P07_11Curtiss JN-4, TABV01P07_125C5002, 5002, Curtiss JN-4, Windsock, TABV01P07_135C5002, 5002, Curtiss JN-4, TABV01P07_14Spinner, Prop, Propeller, Radiator, 5C5002, 5002, Curtiss JN-4, TABV01P07_15Spinner, Prop, Propeller, Curtiss JN-4, TABV01P07_16Spinner, Prop, Propeller, Curtiss JN-4, TABV01P07_17Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, MYOV01P05_18BWJenny Biplane Airmail Stamp, Six Cents, Philatelic Endowment Fund, GCPV01P09_06Six Cent Stamp, Curtiss Jenny, Air Mail, 1918, GCPV01P10_1824 Cent Stamp, 1918, Air Mail, GCPV01P11_06Curtiss Jenny, US Mail, flying, flight, airborne, TABV01P07_07BN6898C, 34135, Curtiss JN4D, MYOV01P02_05Four-Blade Propeller, MYOV01P01_03Curtiss JN-4 silhouette, shape, TABV01P07_07MCurtiss JN-4 outline, line drawing, TABV01P07_07O
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