Red Fort

Red Fort, New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P02_07.3337Red Fort, New Delhi, Ivory Mosque in background, 1951, 1950s, CAIV01P02_08Red Fort, New Delhi, Ivory Mosque in background, 1951, 1950s, CAIV01P02_08.0626Jahangra Mahal, Agra Fort, Uttar Pradesh, 1950s, CAIV01P03_07.0626Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_09.3337Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_10.3337Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_11.3337Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_12Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_12.0626Red Fort, Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P05_13.0626Red Fort, CAIV02P03_04Red Fort, CAIV02P07_01Red Fort, CAIV02P07_03Red Fort, CAIV02P07_04Humayun Mosleum, Delhi, CAIV03P13_03Junagarth Fort, Bikaner, CAIV03P13_07Waterfront, Docks, Fort Saint-Nicolas de Marseille, Landmark, CEFV04P10_03.2586Bricks, Entryway, Arch, Fort Point, building, detail, CSFV02P06_17.1741West Side, Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point, CSFV18P11_15Tarrant County Courthouse, Red Building, Fort Worth, landmark, CTXV01P10_05.1746Tarrant County Courthouse, Clock Tower, Red Building, Fort Worth, landmark, outdoor clock, outside, exterior, CTXV01P10_06.1746Tarrant County Courthouse, Clock Tower, Red Building, Fort Worth, landmark, CTXV01P10_07.1747Tarrant County Courthouse, Clock Tower, Red Building, Fort Worth, landmark, CTXV01P10_08.1746Tarrant County Courthouse, Clock Tower, Red Building, Fort Worth, landmark, CTXV01P10_09.1747Tarrant County Courthouse, Clock Tower, Red Building, Fort Worth, landmark, CTXV01P10_09B.1747Scales of Justice, Angel, Courthouse, Brick Building, Art-Deco, bar-Relief statue, street, Fort Worth, CTXV01P10_17.1746Shoe Shine, Fort Worth, CTXV01P10_19.1746Brick, Building, CTXV02P09_05Brick, Building, CTXV02P09_05.1747Government Building, CTXV02P09_06.1747Brick Wall, NWGV01P02_14.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P02_15.2876Tile Wall, NWGV01P02_16.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_04.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_04BBrick Wall, NWGV01P04_05.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_07.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_09.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_10Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_10BBrick Wall, NWGV01P04_11.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_12.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_14.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_15.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_17.2876Brick Wall, NWGV01P04_18Fort Point, Brick Wall, NWGV01P06_11.2876Fort Point, Brick Wall, NWGV01P06_12.2876Fort Point, Brick Wall, NWGV01P06_13.2876Fort Point, Brick Wall, NWGV01P06_14.2876Fort Point, Brick Wall, NWGV01P06_15.2876Fort Point, Brick Wall, NWGV01P06_16.2876Fort Point, Brick Wall, NWGV01P06_17.2876Fort Point, Brick Wall, NWGV01P06_18.2876Fort Point, Brick Wall, NWGV01P06_19.2876Fort Point, Brick Wall, NWGV01P07_02.2876Fort Point Lighthouse, TLHV01P15_10Fort Point Lighthouse, West Coast, California, Pacific Ocean, TLHV01P15_11Fort Point Lighthouse, West Coast, California, Pacific Ocean, TLHV01P15_12Red Fort, Building, landmark, CAIV02P07_02Red Fort, landmark, CAIV02P07_05Red Fort, CAIV02P07_06Scaffolding, Red Brick Building, Fort Point, San Francisco, ICCV08P03_14Citadel, fort, wall, homes, houses, red rooftops, Castle, turret, July 1974, CEOV03P03_16Forte Airport Services Catering Truck, TAAV01P12_05Water Fountain, aquatics, Castle, Fort, Building, Statue, Monument, Landmark, CEGV05P07_19Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P14_17Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P14_18Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P14_19Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_01ornate details, building, opulant, Red Fort, Delhi, CAIV02P15_02ornate Flower, Marble, opulent, Red Fort, Delhi, CAIV02P15_03Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_04Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_05Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_06Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_07Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_08Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_09Red Fort, Delhi, building, CAIV02P15_10Red Rooftops, Fort Baker, Angel Island, Barracks, Marin County, CSBV09P07_11Harbor Entrance Skyline, waterfront, Rif Fort, Willemstad, Seawall, wall, Curacao, CIAV01P03_10Mortars, building, weapon, Entrance Archway, Fort Ticonderoga, CNZV02P03_11Mortars, building, weapon, Fort Ticonderoga, CNZV02P03_12Buildings, Fire, Red Roof, Fort Baker, Marin County, California, DAFV08P13_091999 Lance Haxmat, Hazardous Materials Response Unit 1, Fort Meade, Maryland, DAFV10P14_11Red Fort, Cars, Truck, Palace, 1950s, CAIV04P09_10Fort Lucinda Train Depot, Casino, Building, Boulder, CSNV06P09_01
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