Pipe Truck

BAVC, Dump Truck, Sewer Pipe installment, Potrero Hill, Mississippi-17th street, diesel, ICCV03P01_16Mack Truck, ICTV01P03_09Pipe Truck, tubes, flatbed trailer, VCTV03P14_05.0569Pipe, flatbed trailer, VCTV03P14_06Concrete Pumper, elbow pipes, Interstate Highway I-25, Denver, VCTV04P13_02Pipes, VCTV05P05_13Pipes, Semi, flatbed trailer, VCTV05P05_14Pipe Truck, Semi, VCTV05P06_13Pipe Truck, VCTV05P06_14Pipe Truck, VCTV05P06_15Pipe Truck, VCTV05P06_16Pipes, Patagonia, Argentina, VCTV06P01_12Pipe, flatbed trailer, VCTV06P03_01Oversize load, Flatbed Trailer Truck, wide, desert, north of Bishop, US Highway 395, pipe, tube, VCTV06P04_15Port Arthur, Texas, Oil Pipes, Semi-trailer truck, Semi, VCTD01_069Port Arthur, Texas, Oil Pipes, VCTD01_069BBWPort Arthur, Texas, Oil Pipes, VCTD01_069BWPipes, Dump Truck, diesel, ICCV01P13_19Sewer Pipe installment, ICCV03P01_01Dump Truck, Excavator, Crawler, Dirt, Sewer Pipe Installation, Potrero Hill, diesel, ICCV03P02_04Green River, Interstate Highway I-70, Emory County, Utah, VCTD02_299
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