Phone Booth

Red Home, House, Building, Phone Booth, cars, Brick, CCOV01P11_09.0639London, Telephone Booths, CEEV02P09_17.0896London, Telephone Booths, CEEV05P03_01Pier fire, San Francisco, Phone Booth, DAFV01P14_16Telephone Booths, newspaper stands, Pier fire, San Francisco, DAFV02P01_10Public Phone, Booth, Nighttime, PDPV01P01_01Woman, Talking, Public Phone, Booth, PDPV01P02_18Woman, Talking, Public Phone, Booth, PDPV01P02_19stuffing phone booth, PDPV01P03_01stuffing phone booth, PDPV01P03_02stuffing phone booth, PDPV01P03_03stuffing phone booth, PDPV01P03_04Man, Male, Public Phone, Booth, PDPV01P03_14Phone, Booth, Public, Earthquake, PDPV01P03_15Phone, Booth, Public, Earthquake, PDPV01P03_16Phone, Public, Booth, Man, Male, PDPV01P03_17Phone Booth, PDPV01P04_13Phone Booth, PDPV01P04_14Phone Booth, PDPV01P04_16Phone Booth, PDPV01P04_17Phone Booth, PDPV01P04_18Phone Booth, PDPV01P04_19.0146Phone Booth, PDPV01P05_04Phone Booth, PDPV01P05_05Phone Booth, PDPV01P05_07Phone Booth, PDPV01P05_08Phone Booth, PDPV01P05_09Phone Booth, PDPV01P05_10Phone Booth, PDPV01P05_17Phone Booth, PDPV01P05_17BPhone Booth, PDPV01P06_01Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_02Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_03Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_04Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_05Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_06Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_07Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_08Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_09Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_10Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_11Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_11BPhone Booth, 1950s, PDPV01P06_11BWPub, Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_19Pub, Phone Booth, PDPV01P07_02Phone Booth, PDPV01P07_15Phone Booth, PDPV01P07_16Phone Booth, PDPV01P07_17Phone Booth, PDPV01P07_18Phone Booth, PDPV01P07_19Public Phone, Booth, PDPV01P08_15Public Phone, Booth, Door, PDPV01P09_04Public Phone, Booth, Lamp, Door, PDPV01P09_05Public Phone, Booth, Lamp, Door, PDPV01P09_06Public Phone, Booth, PDPV01P09_16London Phone Booth, British, TMTV01P09_12Taco Bell, VCAV02P13_07Burger King, VCAV02P13_08Burger King, VCAV02P13_09Burger King, VCAV02P13_10Telefon, Public Phone, Booth, PDPV01P10_05Red Telephone Booth, CEEV05P11_05Mile 1523 Alaska Highway, Phone Booth, CNAV01P15_16Sourdough Bar and Liquor Store, Tunnel, Phone Booth, dodge van, cars, houses, vehicles, automobiles,  Ketchikan, 1960s, CNAV02P03_02Calistoga, phone booths, brick building, CNCV09P01_01Public Phone, Booth, PDPD01_001Public Phone, Booth, PDPD01_002Phone, Booth, PDPD01_007Phone, Booth, PDPD01_008Phone, Booth, PDPD01_009Phone, Booth, PDPD01_010Phone, Booth, PDPD01_011Phone, Booth, PDPD01_012UAV, Missile, Phone Booth, Alamogordo, Spaceport, 1950s, MYFV23P05_13Phone Booth, PDPV01P06_12Glass Phone Booth, moderne, TMTV01P10_10Bucket of Blood Saloon, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, building, phone booth, rambler, sign, Virginia City, June 1967, 1960s, CSNV06P07_13Bucket of Blood Saloon, Virginia City, building, phone booth, rambler car, sign, June 1967, 1960s, CSNV06P07_13BCable Car Phone Booth, PDPV01P10_01BPhone From Your Car, roadside phone booth, Dodgee, Fredericksburg, June 1963, 1960s, PDPV01P11_02Phone From Your Car, roadside phone booth, Dodge, car, Fredericksburg, June 1963, 1960s, PDPV01P11_02B1959 Ford Galaxie, car, automobile, 1950s, VCRV22P06_03Telephone Booth, Becker's Bungalows, Highway, 1960s, PDPV01P11_04Fern's, Rio Vista, Sonoma County, building, CNCD05_288Chinese Woman with a huge load of Recyclables, Phone Booth, Parking Meter, PDCV01P10_01Chinese Woman with a huge load of Recyclables, Phone Booth, Parking Meter, PDCV01P10_02
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