Observatory Dome

Path, Domes, CLAV03P02_01Path, Domes, CLAV03P02_02.1726Path, Domes, Astronomers Monument, landmark building, CLAV03P02_03.1726Griffith Park Observatory, dome, building, CLAV04P08_09.1727domes, building, sky, CLAV04P09_06Griffith Park Observatory, domes, landmark, CLAV05P06_12buildings, domes, CLAV05P06_13buildings, domes, CLAV05P06_14Telescope Dome, ICCV02P13_15Pulkova Observatory, Dome Building, UORV01P03_05Dome Buildings, UORV01P03_17Dome Buildings, UORV01P03_19Dome Buildings, UORV01P04_02Observatory Dome, building, UORV01P04_16Observatory Dome, building, UORV01P04_17Observatory Dome, building, interior, inside, Telescope, UORV01P05_01Observatory Dome, building, UORV01P05_02Observatory Dome, building, UORV01P05_03Observatory Dome, building, UORV01P05_0464-Inch Refractor, James Lick Observatory Dome, building, UORV01P05_05Telescope on top of the Island of Hawaii, UORV02P07_18National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak, NSO, Cloudcroft, UORV02P08_02National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak, NSO, Cloudcroft, UORV02P08_05National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak, NSO, Cloudcroft, UORV02P08_06Caltech Submillimeter Observatory, UORV02P12_02Rifle, Shooting, buildings, dome, PRGV01P06_08Observatory Dome, New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science, Albuquerque, CSMD01_117Observatory Dome, building, trees, November 1964, 1960s, CTXV04P10_02Telescope, Dome, Switzerland, CESV02P04_05BDome, Mount Wilson Observatory, San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California, UORV02P10_19Palomar Observatory, June 1962, 1960s, UORV02P15_04Palomar Observatory, June 1962, 1960s, UORV02P15_05Palomar Observatory, June 1962, 1960s, UORV02P15_05B
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