Inside the State Capitol

Inside the State Capitol, CSMV01P09_07Inside the State Capitol, CSMV01P09_08Stained Glass, Round, Circular, Circle, Inside the State Capitol, CSMV01P09_09.1743Crescit Eundo, Inside the State Capitol, CSMV01P09_10Inside the State Capitol, CSMV01P09_11Inside the State Capitol, CSMV01P09_12Inside the State Capitol, CSMV01P09_13Inside the State Capitol, CSMV01P09_14Interior, inside, court, courtroom, legislative, legislature, government, CSOV02P04_01Interior, inside, court, courtroom, legislative, legislature, government, CSOV02P04_02CSOV02P04_03CSOV02P04_04dome, Interior, inside, CSOV02P04_05CSOV02P04_06Round, Circular, Circle, CSOV02P04_07Round, Circular, Circle, CSOV02P04_08Round, Circular, Circle, CSOV02P04_09Round, Circular, Circle, CSOV02P04_10Rotunda, dome, Round, Circular, Circle, CSOV02P04_11Oval, Floor, Opening, CSOV02P04_12Stairs, Steps, stair case, balcony, CSOV02P04_13Stairs, Steps, stair case, balcony, CSOV02P04_14CSOV02P04_15CSOV02P04_16CSOV02P04_17CSOV02P04_18Capitol Building, inside, interior, indoors, table, chairs, dark room, COVV01P15_02Utah State Capitol, Interior, columns, stairs, arc, July 1974, 1970s, CSUV02P01_13Stairs, steps, State Capitol building, CMOD01_083Indian Statue, rotunda, State Capitol building, CMOD01_084Lights, Walls, lobby, vaulted ceilings, State Capitol building, CMOD01_085State Capitol building, CMOD01_086circular lighting, reflection, State Capitol building, CMOD01_087State Capitol building, CMOD01_088State Capitol building, Round, Circular, Circle, CMOD01_089Rotunda, Round, Circular, Circle, dome, State Capitol building, CMOD01_090House of Representatives, door, doorway, State Capitol building, CMOD01_091State Capitol building, CMOD01_092arch, State Capitol building, CMOD01_093hall, hallway, lights, shiny, State Capitol building, CMOD01_094State Capitol building, CMOD01_095Rotunda, looking-straight-up, United States Capitol, Round, Circular, Circle, CONV02P15_19Rotunda, Dome, United States Capitol, Round, Circular, Circle, CONV03P02_07Inside the Rotunda, CONV04P14_09United States Capitol Rotunda, statues, CONV05P02_05Court inside the Capitol, interior, benches, chandelier, courtroom, fancy, empty room, COVV03P01_06Governors Council Chamber, Capitol, inside, interior, table, chandelier, chairs, fancy, empty room, COVV03P01_07Committee Room, Capitol, inside, interior, table, chairs, dark, COVV03P01_09Inside the Capitol Building, 1981, 1980s, WKLV03P09_10Inside the Capitol Building, 1981, 1980s, WKLV03P09_11Chairmen of the Bored, Inside the United States Capitol Building, 1981, 1980s, WKLV03P09_13
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