Hot Mama

Mother, Son, 1960s, SWFV01P10_03BBoys on a Raft, Ohio, 1958, 1950s, SWFV01P10_16Boys on a Raft, Mother, Sun, Hugs, Love, Ohio, 1958, 1950s, SWFV01P10_16BSwimming Pool, Bathingcap, Redhead, Smiles, Sunny, Summer, Summertime, 1958, 1950s, SWFV01P10_19Two Women, Schorched Earth, Kenya, Africa, 1950s, PBTV04P15_11Woman, Girl, Beach, Water, Pail, 1969, 1960s, SWFV01P13_01Beach, Wading, Woman, Girl, Water, Pail, 1969, 1960s, SWFV01P13_02Hot Mama, 1950s, PFAV09P02_04Beachball, Bathingcap, Summer, Summertime, 1950s, RVLV08P08_11Swimcap, Bathingcap, Summer, Summertime, 1950s, RVLV08P09_04Swimcap, Summertime, Redhead, Bathingcap, Summer, 1958, 1950s, SWFV01P10_19BMother and Daughter, 1960s, SWFV01P12_19B
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