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Decorations in Caffeteria for Junior High School Dance, Glen Rock, New Jersey, 1960, Grandmother Ritchie, 1960s, KEDV01P01_06Grandmother with Grandaughter, newborn, PBTPCD2927_002Grandmother with Grandaughter, newborn, PBTPCD2927_003Grandmother with Grandaughter, newborn, PBTPCD2927_006Grandmother with Grandaughter, newborn, PBTPCD2927_006BGrandmother, Grandson, colors, PBTV02P04_02Grandmother, Grandson, colors, PBTV02P04_03Grandmother, Grandson, colors, PBTV02P04_04Mumbai, Mumbai (Bombay), India, PBTV02P04_05Women, Girls, praying, PBTV02P04_10PBTV02P13_02PBTV02P13_03PBTV02P13_04PBTV02P13_05PBTV02P13_06PBTV02P13_07PBTV02P13_08PBTV02P13_09PBTV02P13_10PBTV02P13_11PBTV02P13_12PBTV02P13_13PBTV02P13_14PBTV02P13_15PBTV02P13_16PBTV02P13_17PBTV02P13_18PBTV02P13_19grandmother, granddaughter, mother, child, Children, young, baby, infant, 1940s, PBTV02P14_11Ottawa, PFSV05P15_09Ottawa, PFSV05P15_10RCMP, Ottawa, PFSV05P15_10BGrandmother, Mother, Daughter, San Anselmo, California, PMCV01P01_02.0216Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, San Anselmo, California, PMCV01P01_02BGrandmother, Mother, Daughter, San Anselmo, California, PMCV01P01_03Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, San Anselmo, California, PMCV01P01_03.0216Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, San Anselmo, California, PMCV01P01_03B1950s, PORV11P09_06Woman, Man, Hat, Fur Coat, overcoat, 1940s, PORV11P09_13Grandma, Grandmother, 1950s, PORV11P11_13PORV16P12_05PORV17P05_03PORV17P05_05PORV17P05_08Grandma, Grandmother, PORV21P04_17Girl, Dress, First Holy Communion, Roman Catholic Church, formal, RCTV06P08_08Grand daughter and Grandmother in Sochi Russia, 1950s, RVLV01P06_13Women, children, grandmother, boat people, harbor, SRKV01P02_15Grandmother, Mother, Son, Love, Kiss, Bottle Feeding, newborn, PABV02P07_04Grandmother, Mother, Love, Kiss, Bottle Feeding, newborn, PABV02P07_05Grandmother, Mother, Love, Kiss, Bottle Feeding, newborn, PABV02P07_07Grandmother, Mother, Love, Kiss, Bottle Feeding, newborn, PABV02P07_08near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, PORV08P06_05near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, PORV08P06_06near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, PORV08P06_07near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, PORV08P06_08near Ahmedabad, Woman, Female, Girl, PORV08P07_18near Ahmedabad, Woman, Female, Girl, PORV08P07_19near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_01Woman in a Village near Ahmedabad, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_02near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_03near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_04near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_05PORV10P05_01PORV10P05_02PORV10P05_05FRBV06P02_10PORV23P05_16Grandma, Grandmother, Smiles, Granddaughter, Glasses, 1960s, PORV24P12_10PORV24P13_13Friends, 1950s, PORV25P01_18Family, Mother, Father, Dad, Mom, daughter, child, grandma, grandmother, Dachshund, small dog breed, September 1976, 1970s, PORV25P03_09Grandma, Grandmother, baby, daughter, Granddaughter, Feeding, Spoon, 1950s, FDNV03P01_07Grandma, Grandmother, baby, Granddaughter, 1950s, FDNV03P01_08Garden, Grandmother, Grandson, Toddler, Boy, Male, Female, 1950s, OFFV19P06_12Palmer Pass, Women, Continental Divide Sign, Signage, 1950s, NNWV02P05_11Vacuum Cleaner, girl, grandma, grandmother, PDGV01P08_01Grandma, Grandmother, Grandaughter, Cake, February 1962, 1960s, PHBV03P06_11Grandma, Grandmother, Grandaughter, Cake, February 1962, 1960s, PHBV03P06_12Grandmother, Grandma, Presents, lamp, wrapping, ribbons, books, vase, curtain, 1950s, PHBV03P07_04Cake, Candles, Boy, Grandmother, Grandson, Table, curtains, tablecloth, cups, 1960s, PHBV03P07_06Opening Presents, Gifts, tinsel, baby, grandma, grandmother, mother,  1950s, 1950s, PHCV03P14_11Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, San Anselmo, California, PMCV01P01_04PMCV02P09_01Mom, Grandmother, Newborn, Infant, Swaddeled, Arms, Smiles, Pride, Couch, Doting, June 1966, 1960s, PMCV03P15_04Grandmother with grandson, mature, senior citizen, face, female, woman, lady, octogenarian, grandma, Women, PORV03P10_19Grandmother, Grandfather, grandchildren, girls, boys, smiles, PORV17P04_14Grandmother, Grandfather, grandchildren, girls, boys, smiles, PORV17P04_15Grandmother, Grandfather, grandchildren, girls, boys, smiles, PORV17P04_16Female, woman, lady, sofa, lamp, 1940s, PORV25P05_06Grandma, Grandmother, Granny, child, girl, father, dad, chair, PORV25P06_11Grandmother, Grandaughter, PORV25P06_19Flower Wallpaper, sofa, chair, lamp, table, 1940s, PORV25P11_191950s, PORV25P15_12Mother, Daughter, Grandmother, Son, Grandson, Boy, 1950s, PORV26P09_13Women, Party, smiles, 1950s, PORV26P09_19Car, purse, Grandmother, granddaughter, 1970s, PORV26P11_11Grandma in the Gardens, 1960s, PORV26P15_15Grandma, Tree, Lights, Fireplace, sofa, couch, mantle, 1960s, PHCV04P03_05Grandma, Tree, Lights, 1950s, PHCV04P03_06Grandma, Tree, Lights, 1950s, PHCV04P03_07Woman, Sofa, Grandma, Smiles, Tree, 1950s, PORV27P11_11Grandmother, Grandaughter, Reading, Coffee Table, Sofa, 1940s, EBCV01P03_14Grandma, grandmother, purse, dress, 1940s, PORV28P14_03BPBTV05P06_17Women, woman, lamp, PORV28P14_14Smiling Lady, woman, jacket, necklace, June 1986, 1980s, PORV29P06_18Smiling Woman, 1950s, PORV29P07_081950s, PORV29P07_101950s, PORV29P07_12grandma, grandaughter, grandmother, 1950s, RVLV08P15_09Bboy, gramdma, grandmother, backyard, 1971, 1970s, RVLV09P02_15Woman with a Purse, Garden, OFFV20P15_15Christmas morning, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, piano, woman, man, boy, Tree, Presents, Gifts, Decorations, Ornaments, 1950s, PHCV04P07_05Grandmother, Lawn, Trees, Swing, Grandfather, Baby, Grandchild, 1960s, PLGV01P01_18Grandma, grandmother, grandaughter, child, toddler, cute, PORV29P08_19Grandma, grandmother, grandaughter, child, toddler, cute, PORV29P09_03Grandma, Grandpa, Mother, Son, Grandson, Backyard, Arizona, PORV29P09_13Ford Fairlane, car, automobile, 1950s, PORV29P10_15Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, Grandaughter, 1960s, PORV29P11_05Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, Grandaughter, June 1980, 1980s, PORV29P11_05BCars, girl, boy, grandma, grandpa, grandparents, grandmother, vehicles, September 1959, 1950s, WEDV26P04_18Woman, Grandaughter, Grandmother, Smiles, Couch, Coffee Table, Lamp, 1940s, PORV22P04_10Grandma, Grandmother, Backyard, Woman, Man, Male, Female, Fairbanks Alaska, July 12 1947, 1940s, PORV29P13_15Grandma, grandmother, woman, female, standing, 1950s, PORV29P14_08Grandma, Grandmother, Present, Wrapping Paper, Chair, Glasses, January 1986, 1980s, PHBV03P12_07Little Red Riding Hood at Grandmothers Door, String Puppet, Diorama, 1950s, PCDV02P03_06Birthday Girl, Hats, Cake, Table, Baby, Toddler, Grandma, Grandmother, August 1964, 1960s, PHBV03P13_03Cake, Balloons, Girl, Father, August 1975, 1970s, PHBV03P13_04Backyard, lunch, women, Hot dogs, chairs, 1960s, FDNV02P15_06Grandma, grandmother, woman, slicing meat, roast, cooked, plate, cutting, 1940s, FDNV03P03_05Grandmother, grandaughter, PKFV02P06_05Girl and Grandmother cleaning strawberries, table, FDNV03P04_01Boys, Girls, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother, Santa Claus, 1950s, PHCV04P13_02Grandmother and Mother with Child, Grandaughter, ducks, ABWV03P11_05Grandmother and Mother with Child, Grandaughter, ducks, ABWV03P11_06Family playing cards, card table, girls, women, grandma, 1950s, PFGV01P10_08Grandmother, Woman, shadow, 1940s, PORV30P01_01Grandmother, Grandfather, 1950s, PORV30P01_18Octogenarians, Grandmother, women, cane, brick wall, 1940s, PORV30P01_19Grandmother, Grandfather, 1950s, PORV30P02_02Octogenarians, Grandmother, women, cane, man, flowers, front yard, 1940s, PORV30P02_03Family Group, girls, mom, dad, grandmother, grandaughter, 1950s, PORV30P02_06Woman wearing a corsage, flower, smiles, hat, Grandmother, grandma, 1950s, PORV30P02_10Group Portrait, Mother, son, daughter, corsage, flower, hats, 1950s, PORV30P03_01Women, dress, grandmother, PORV30P03_14Grandmother, Grandaughter, 1940s, PORV30P04_12Octogenarians, Women, Man, 1940s, PORV30P05_16Woman with Glasses, necklace, PORV30P08_06Group Family Portrait, formal dress, hats, smiles, 1950s, PORV30P08_07Group Family Portrait, formal dress, hats, smiles, 1950s, PORV30P08_08Grandmother with Baby Boy, father, woman, man, cuddler, Rocking Chair, 1950s, PORV30P10_03Western Garb, Grandmother, father, mother, daughter, dress, smiles, PORV30P13_08Grandmother and Decorated Tree, 1950s, PHCV05P04_03Grandmother, Television, girl, sled, Manger Scene, table, 1950s, PHCV05P04_19Bernice Sitting and Waiting for her Flight, 1950s, TAAV16P03_12Native American Women, Grandmother, Oldsmobile, 1953, 1950s, VCRV24P05_09Mother and Daughter playing Solitaire, Grandmother, PFGV01P10_10
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