Pipes, Plumbing, Faucet, Parkfield Water Company, Water Fountain, aquatics, Park, Benches, Monument, Parkfield, Monterey County, CSCV02P09_14Water, Girl, Drinking Water, Faucet, FWWV01P11_18Water, Girl, Drinking Water, Faucet, FWWV01P11_19Girl, Drinking Water, Faucet, FWWV01P12_01Girl, Drinking Water, Faucet, FWWV01P12_02Girl, Drinking Water, Faucet, FWWV01P12_03Girl, Drinking Water, Faucet, FWWV01P12_04Faucet, well, FWWV01P13_09Wash Sink, water faucet, Tile, Bathroom, washroom, Orphanage, Tashkent, HHPV01P08_16Kitchen sink, sponge, faucet, counters, window, PDKV01P02_04Kitchen sink, sponge, faucet, drain, PDKV01P02_06Kitchen sink, sponge, faucet, drain, PDKV01P02_07Kitchen sink, sponge, faucet, drain, PDKV01P02_09Drying rack, dish, kitchen siink, faucet, tile, PDKV01P02_10kitchen sink, faucet, flowers, plants, PDKV01P03_13Dirty Dishes, Kitchen sink, knives, faucet, sieve, PDKV01P06_02Kitchen sink, knives, faucet, sieve, Dirty Dishes, PDKV01P06_08bathtub, mirror, marble, sink, faucets, towl hanger, counter top, PDRV01P02_12PDRV01P03_14PDRV01P03_15PDRV01P03_16PDRV01P03_17PDRV01P03_18PDRV01P03_19tub, faucet, fawcet, PDRV01P04_01sink, faucet, porcelain, soap, PDRV01P09_13sink, faucet, porcelain, PDRV01P09_14Sink, faucet, basket, tile, PDRV01P11_16water, faucet, pepsi, shirtless, smiles, wet, boy, fun, PLGV02P01_01Sink, Mirror, Faucet, Tower, Flower, PDRD01_003Tip-Toes, Socks, Feet, Legs, Sink, Washing Hands, PDRV02P01_08Girl, Washing Hands, Soap, Faucet, PDRV02P01_08BGirl, Drinking Water, Faucet, FWWV01P12_02BMother and Daughter washing dishes, girl, woman, glasses, 1940's, PDKV01P10_06Kitchen Sink, Faucet, Stainless Steel, 1986, 1980's, PDKV01P10_11
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