Site of Scaffold Memorial to Anne Boleyn, one of Henery the Eigth wives, England, CEEV05P07_14Fresh Flowers, England, CEEV05P07_151950s, CEEV05P07_16St. Pauls, CEEV05P07_17Parliament Building, River Thames, Big Ben, CEEV05P07_18Parliament Building, River Thames, Big Ben, CEEV05P07_19River Thames, Bridges, CEEV05P08_01Path, Pathway, England, CEEV05P08_02Clock Tower, England, CEEV05P08_03Plymouth, England, Docks, Water, buildings, CEEV05P08_04Smeaton's Tower, a landmark on Plymouth Hoe, Plymouth, England, CEEV05P08_05Site of the settlers embarkation place, Mayflower, Plymouth, Plaque, CEEV05P08_06Gretna Green, England, CEEV05P08_07Gretna Green, England, CEEV05P08_08Gretna Green, Garden, England, CEEV05P08_09Gretna Green, England, CEEV05P08_10Gretna Green, England, CEEV05P08_11Gretna Green, England, CEEV05P08_12Gretna Green, England, CEEV05P08_13Gretna Green, England, CEEV05P08_14Father Forgive, alter, ruin, Gretna Green, England, CEEV05P08_15Gretna Green, England, CEEV05P08_16Gretna Green, England, CEEV05P08_17Old Mother Hubbard Cottage, Historic Building, town of Yealmpton, county of Devon, England, CEEV05P08_18Stonehenge, CEEV05P08_19cars, CEEV05P09_01Zodiac Clock, Turret, Tower, Castle, outdoor clock, outside, exterior, building, CEEV05P09_02Church, Cathedral, Christian, CEEV05P09_03CEEV05P09_04Suspension Bridge, River, CEEV05P09_05Buildings, cityscape, street, Edinburgh, Scotland, CEEV05P09_06Cannons, Land Rover, Edinburgh, Scotland, Artillery, gun, CEEV05P09_07Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland, Turret, Tower, CEEV05P09_09Tower Bridge, London, River Thames, CEEV05P09_10mansion, palace, building, CEEV05P09_11Parliament Building, Big Ben, CEEV05P09_12CEEV05P09_13CEEV05P09_14Piccadilly Circus, Roundabout, Angel Statue, Doubledecker Bus, CEEV05P09_15Doubledecker Bus, cars, buildings, garden, CEEV05P09_16Cars, Doubledecker Bus, Church, Cathedral, building, roundabout, 1950s, CEEV05P09_17Cars, Doubledecker Bus, building, roundabout, 1950s, CEEV05P09_18Scornaby, Scotland, CEEV05P09_19Edinburgh, Scotland, smog, haze, pollution, CEEV05P10_01Glasgow, Scotland, CEEV05P10_02Union Jack, Windy, Windblown, GFLV03P08_19Woman Mannequin, Dress, Waist, Kings Row, London, September 1967, 1960s, PFSV05P07_19Woman Mannequin, Dress, Waist, Kings Row, London, September 1967, 1960s, PFSV05P07_19BF-86 as Santa's Sleigh, Playhouse, Mailbox, Front Lawn, Retro, 1950s, PHCV03P07_05Santa's Workshop, storybook scene, picket fence, 1950s, PHCV03P07_06Santa's Workshop, storybook scene, picket fence, 1950s, PHCV03P07_07rowing needle, River Ouse, North Yorkshire, SRKV01P02_08TAZV01P03_17Ford Bus, Overseas Tourists, Sidewalk, Garden, Buildings, 1968, 1960s, VBSV04P02_03English Cocker Spaniel, ADSV03P11_06Edinburgh, Scotland, CEEV05P09_08Ruins, CEEV05P15_16Beefeater, Beef Eater, CEEV05P15_17CEEV05P15_18Clock Tower, landmark, CEEV05P15_19Monument, CEEV06P01_01CEEV06P01_02The Lonsdale, 9-10, CEEV06P01_03HMS Belfast (C35), Royal Navy light cruiser, Tower Bridge, London, River Thames, CEEV06P01_04CEEV06P01_05The Rosetta Stone, EPHV01P01_17Great Yarmouth Hippodrome, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, 1950s, PFFV03P04_01England, 1951, CEEV05P10_031951, CEEV05P10_04Buckingham Palace, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_05Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_06Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_07Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_08Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_09Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_10Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_11Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_12Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_13Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_14Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_15Buckingham Palace Guard, 1951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_161951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_171951, 1950s, CEEV05P10_18Winchester Cathedral, doubledecker buses, sidewalk, landmark, 1950s, 1951, CEEV05P10_19Tower Bridge, London, River Thames, CEEV05P11_01England, CEEV05P11_02England, CEEV05P11_03St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, England, landmark, Anglican Church, 1950s, CEEV05P11_04Red Telephone Booth, CEEV05P11_05Norfolk County, England, Beach, CEEV05P11_06Norfolk County, England, CEEV05P11_07Norfolk County, England, CEEV05P11_08Norfolk County, England, CEEV05P11_09Waves, Ocean, Water, Beach, Norfolk County, England, CEEV05P11_10Oxford, England, CEEV05P11_11Oxford, England, CEEV05P11_12Oxford, England, CEEV05P11_13Oxford, England, CEEV05P11_14Oxford, England, CEEV05P11_15Oxford, England, CEEV05P11_16Oxford, England, CEEV05P11_17Oxford, England, CEEV05P11_18Oxford, England, CEEV05P11_19Castle, Manor, Palace, CEEV05P13_01Oxford, England, CEEV05P12_02Edinburgh, England, CEEV05P12_03River, Scotland, CEEV05P12_04John Dewar & Sons LTD - Scotch Whisky, Scotland, outdoor clock, outside, exterior, building, CEEV05P12_05John Dewar & Sons LTD - Scotch Whisky, Scotland, CEEV05P12_06England, CEEV05P12_07Royal Botanic Gardens, Greenhouse, Conservatory, Women, Lawn, Roses, Gardens, Kew Gardens, Victorian, Conservancy of Flowers, CEGV05P06_03Norfolk County, England, VHCV01P01_16Sculthrope RAF Station, England, CEEV05P12_08Statue, Norwich, Lion, CEEV05P12_09Monument, Car, Convertible, Cabriolet, automobile, vehicles, England, 1950s, CEEV05P12_10Norwhich, England, CEEV05P12_11Red Lion Hotel, Pub in Frankinham, England, Brick Building, CEEV05P12_12Tents, England, CEEV05P12_13Curb, England, Woman, Home, Picket Fence, Sidewalk, House, Wndows, CEEV05P12_14England, CEEV05P12_16Garden, Path, CEEV05P13_05Doubledecker bus, minicar, BOAC billboard, CEEV05P13_12Double Decker, Norwich, England, 1950s, VBSV04P04_07Kings Arms Hotel, Berkhamsted, 1964, 1960s, VBSV04P04_13Scotland, Steps, Stairs, CEEV05P02_08Christian Church, Truck, England, CEEV05P12_15Hampton Court Palace, Richmond upon Thames, England, CEEV05P12_17Tower Bridge, River Thames, CEEV05P12_18Tower Bridge, CEEV05P12_19St. Pauls Cathedral, River Thames, CEEV05P13_02Hampton Court Palace, Richmond upon Thames, England, Turret, Tower, Castle, CEEV05P13_03CEEV05P13_04Warwick, England, CEEV05P13_06Warwick Castle, England, Turret, Tower, Castle, CEEV05P13_07Lord Nelson Monument, Trafalgar Square, London, England, United Kingdom, CEEV05P13_08Water Fountain, aquatics, Trafalgar Square, London, England, United Kingdom, CEEV05P13_09Water Fountain, aquatics, Trafalgar Square, London, England, United Kingdom, CEEV05P13_10Clock Tower, CEEV05P13_11Piccadilly Circus, woodstock, CEEV05P13_13World War One Monument near Buckingham Palace, CEEV05P13_14Reverand Wesley, CEEV05P13_15Greys' Elegy, CEEV06P01_06Greys' Elegy, CEEV06P01_07CEEV06P01_08Tower Bridge, London, River Thames, CEEV06P01_09Turret, Tower, Castle, CEEV06P01_10Beefeater, CEEV06P01_11Palace Guard, CEEV06P01_12Monument, Statue, CEEV06P01_13Thomas Jefferson, CEEV06P01_14Bobby, 1950s, PRLV04P05_18Graveyard, night, nighttime, PTGV01P02_18Dog in a Window, English Springer Spaniel, ADSV01P03_12Dog in a Window, English Springer Spaniel, ADSV01P03_13Two Dogs in a Window, English Springer Spaniel, ADSV01P03_15Stow Lake, English Springer Spaniel, Wet Dog, water, pond, lake, swimming, ADSV01P07_09Stow Lake, English Springer Spaniel, Wet Dog, water, pond, lake, ADSV01P07_12Stow Lake, English Springer Spaniel, Wet Dog, water, pond, lake, ADSV01P07_14Stow Lake, English Springer Spaniel, Wet Dog, water, pond, lake, ADSV01P07_17Stow Lake, English Springer Spaniel, Wet Dog, water, pond, lake, ADSV01P07_18English Bulldog, ADSV01P10_18English Bulldog, ADSV01P11_05English Bulldog, ADSV01P11_07English Bulldog, ADSV01P11_08English Bulldog, ADSV01P11_10English Bulldog, ADSV01P11_11English Bulldog, ADSV01P11_13English Bulldog, ADSV01P11_14English Bulldog, ADSV01P11_15English Bulldog, ADSV01P11_17English Bulldog, ADSV01P11_18English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_03English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_04English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_05English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_06English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_08English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_09English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_10English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_11English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_12English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_13English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_14English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_15English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_17English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_18English Bulldog, ADSV01P12_19English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_01English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_02English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_03English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_04English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_05English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_06English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_07English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_08English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_09English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_10English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_11English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_12English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_15English Bulldog, ADSV01P13_17
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