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Quadriga, Brandenberg Gate, Berlin, chariot, CEGV02P07_12Quadriga, Brandenberg Gate, Berlin, chariot, CEGV02P07_13.2588Quadriga, Brandenberg Gate, Berlin, chariot, CEGV02P07_14.2588Quadriga, Brandenberg Gate, Berlin, chariot, CEGV02P07_15.2588Quadriga, sculpture, Brandenberg Gate, Berlin, chariot, CEGV02P07_15B.2588Quadriga, sculpture, Brandenberg Gate, Berlin, chariot, CEGV02P07_16.2588Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, CEGV03P07_09.2589Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, CEGV03P07_10.2589Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, sculpture, CEGV03P07_12.2589Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, Berlin, CEGV03P07_15.0148Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, Berlin, CEGV03P07_15.2589Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, Berlin, CEGV03P07_16Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, Berlin, CEGV03P07_18.2589the Wall, Berlin, Germany, CEGV03P08_06.2589Barbed Wire, Brick, the Wall, Berlin, CEGV03P08_07Barbed Wire, Brick, the Wall, Berlin, CEGV03P08_08.2589Berlin, Hammer & Sickle, Communism, CEGV03P08_12.2589Berlin, Hammer & Sickle, Communism, CEGV03P08_12B.2589Berlin, Hammer & Sickle, Communism, CEGV03P08_13.0149Berlin, Hammer & Sickle, Communism, CEGV03P08_13.2589Berlin, Hammer & Sickle, Communism, CEGV03P08_14.2589Berlin, Hammer & Sickle, Communism, CEGV03P08_14B.2589Berlin, Hammer & Sickle, Communism, CEGV03P08_14C.2589the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P08_16.2589the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P08_17.2589Dove, Prison, Chain, the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P08_19.2589the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_03.2589the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_05.2589the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_06.2589the Berlin Wall, Crack, Break, CEGV03P09_08.2589Star of David, German Flag, the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_10.2589Gorbachev, the Berlin Wall, Hammer & Sickle, CEGV03P09_12.0148Gorbachev, the Berlin Wall, Hammer & Sickle, CEGV03P09_12.2589Gorbachev, the Berlin Wall, Hammer & Sickle, CEGV03P09_14.2589the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_15.2589the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_16.2589the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_17.2589the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_19.2589Times Square Celebrates the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin Wall Collapses, 1989, 1980s, Berliner Mauer, CNYV02P12_09.1734Let Freedom Ring, Times Square, Berliner Mauer, 1989, 1980s, CNYV02P12_10.1734guard tower, Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P03_13Crack in the Wall, Dagger, Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P03_15Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P03_19Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P04_07Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P04_07BBrandenburg Gate, Berlin, Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P04_08Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P04_09Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P04_09BBrandenburg Gate, Berlin, Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P04_09CBerlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P04_14Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P05_03Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P05_10Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P05_10BBerlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P05_13Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P05_15Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P05_15BBerlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P05_17Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P06_02Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P06_03Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P06_03BBerlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P06_04Hammer, Hammering, Knocking down the Wall, Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P06_05Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P06_05BBerlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P06_06Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P06_07Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain, PRSV03P06_07BWatchtower, Guardtower, PRSV03P03_14PRSV03P03_16Guard Tower, Berlin Wall, PRSV03P03_17Guard Tower, Berlin Wall, PRSV03P03_18Wall Street Gallery, PRSV03P04_01Wall Street Gallery, PRSV03P04_02Christian Cross, PRSV03P04_03PRSV03P04_04Build Bridges, Not Walls, PRSV03P04_05PRSV03P04_06Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P04_10Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P04_11PRSV03P04_12PRSV03P04_13PRSV03P04_15PRSV03P04_16Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P04_17Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P04_18Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P04_19Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P05_01Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P05_02Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P05_04Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P05_05PRSV03P05_06Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P05_07PRSV03P05_08Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, PRSV03P05_09PRSV03P05_11PRSV03P05_12PRSV03P05_14PRSV03P05_16PRSV03P05_18PRSV03P05_19Walls are not Everlasting, PRSV03P06_01Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, sculpture, CEGV03P07_11Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, sculpture, CEGV03P07_13Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, Berlin, CEGV03P07_19Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, Berlin, CEGV03P08_01Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, Berlin, CEGV03P08_02Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, cars, Berlin, CEGV03P08_03the Wall Berlin, barbed wire, brick, CEGV03P08_04the Wall Berlin, barbed wire, brick, CEGV03P08_05the Wall, Berlin, barbed wire, brick, shoe, boot, CEGV03P08_09Berlin, Hammer & Sickle, communism, symbol, logo, CEGV03P08_15the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P08_18the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_01the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_02the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_04Crack in the Wall, the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_07the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_09Gorbachev, the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_11Gorbachev, the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_13dragon, giraffe, foot, leg, whimsical, the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P09_18the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P10_01the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P10_02Statue of Liberty, the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P10_03the Berlin Wall, CEGV03P10_04Berlin, Brandenburg Gate, CEGV05P03_18T-34 tank, Barbed Wire, Soviet War Memorial, sculpture, statue, (Tiergarten), Berlin, CEGV05P03_19Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 1950s, CEGV07P05_01Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, CEGV07P06_06soldier, guard, guarding, MYAV05P01_09Checkpoint Charlie, Sandbags, Guard House, Berlin, Germany, MYAV05P01_10
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